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Table of contents
Learning Web Development And Its Importance
Front-end Web Development
Back-end Web Development
Contents of the tutorial for beginners, intermediate and professionals
Prerequisites for learning Web development
Types of companies that hire web developers
Trial Course vs Paid Course
Applications and projects
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I become a full stack developer for free?
Is 3 months enough for full stack developer?
Is full stack need coding?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Start Learning Full-Stack Web Development For Free

Author Urwashi Priya
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Are you someone passionate about Full Stack Web Development and do you want to get a job as a web developer?

Coding Ninjas is committed to fulfilling your dreams and is offering a course on Free Full Stack web development. This course covers front-end and back-end web development and is guaranteed to give you all the knowledge you require to excel in it.

The free full-stack web development course will take about 4-6 months and you will get a certificate of completion upon successfully completing the course. Read below to know more about this course and its significance in today’s world. 

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Learning Web Development And Its Importance

Web Development is a market in itself. It’s a skill worth learning and, has a wide opportunity in almost every company around the globe. From Google, Facebook, and to what not, to the web pages you are looking at right now are all connected to Web Development.

Web development is an ever-growing field, with innovative ideas coming out every year to make the web pages faster, interactive and dynamic.

According to past trends, an individual can specialise in either Front-end or Back-end, but nowadays companies prefer people having multiple skills. Companies want full-stack web developers. As a developer, you can specialise in any domain, but ideally one should have basic knowledge in the other domains connected with web development as well.

Web Development can be divided into two – Front-end Web Development and Back-end Web Development. 

Front-end Web Development

Front-end Web Development consists of three languages:- HTML, CSS, and Javascript. These three are the backbones of Web-development.

  • HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, which allows gaining access to other texts through links, and moreover, HTML defines the basic structure of the web of what should be displayed in it. Using HTML just displays the content as it is, without any design, this is where CSS comes in.
  • CSS which stands for Cascading Style Sheets. This is what pulls the users to the web page. The designs of web pages, the background, the styling of headings given in the header tags of HTML, the hover effect created when the cursor moves over a body, all this is done by CSS.

    This gives it a look, but what about the functionality like search boxes, pop-ups, etc.?

    This is where JavaScript comes in.
    • Bootstrap is a framework of CSS which makes the front-end web developer’s task much simpler.
    • Javascript is a language that makes a website come to life. This is where the user interaction comes in, which makes the website interactive and responsive.

Learn Core Java Programming For Free With Coding Ninjas.

Back-end Web Development

 Back-end development is where the information gets stored in servers/databases. For example, once registered to a site, your information gets stored in the database and next time you enter the site you need not register again, and your contents are loaded as it is, when you previously left the site.

  • Back-end development consists of many languages ranging from C++, C# to Python, Java, PHP etc.

If you are a Beginner the free Full-Stack web development offered by Coding Ninjas is a must.

If you are an Intermediate in Web Development and want to take your skills to the next level, first try out the free Full-Stack web development course offered by Coding Ninjas.

But I recommend taking the Full paid course of Web Development offered by Coding Ninjas, as it comes with add-on benefits, which are discussed below.

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Contents of the tutorial for beginners, intermediate and professionals

In this tutorial on free full stack Web Development, you learn all basics of front-end like HTML, Forms creation, CSS, and an introduction to Flex. API’s and introduction to react are covered in the back-end of the free course. Moreover, a total of 50 MCQ’s will be covered during this free trial course and a test will be also conducted to test your skill and identify your weak areas for further improvement.

Under the HTML free trial course you will learn:

  • To create the structure of a web page.
  • Basic tags of HTML.

Under the Form trial course you will learn:

  • To make forms.
  • About form attributes.
  • To make Radio Buttons.
  • To make Checkbox and media tags.

Under the CSS trial course you will learn:

  • What is CSS?
  • How to use it along with HTML.
  • To use CSS to add styles to your web page.

Under the Flex trial course you will learn about:

  • Introduction to Flex
  • Flex direction
  • Flex wrap
  • Flex grow and shrink
  • Flex justify-content
  • Align-content.

If you get doubts during the course, why wait?. Ask it right away to the supportive and dedicated mentors of Coding Ninjas and solve your doubts in real-time!

Prerequisites for learning Web development

If you are interested in beginning your web development career make sure know the below mentioned –

  • Good knowledge of programming fundamentals
  • Implementation of Data Structures

 An individual must be thorough with the fundamentals of programming like variables, the scope of variables used, the flow of execution of the program, and how loops and conditional statements work, and much more.

  • Data-Structure

 Only knowing the programming fundamentals is not enough, you should also know data structure like arrays, stacks, queues, trees, graphs, etc. Studying Data-Structure does not only help you in web development but also in a wide variety of other fields as well.

New to programming?

Don’t know where to develop your programming fundamentals.

Check out the course offered by Coding Ninjas about Python and Data Structures.

Types of companies that hire web developers

When it comes to companies that hire web developers, you are in for luck. Top companies like Google, IBM, Costco, Apple, etc. are always looking out for web developers.

Most of these companies have also dropped their requirement for a four-year degree, to widen their pool of talents.

To get into these companies you should have a very good foundation in Web Development. 

Get your foundation strong in Web Development by joining the free Full-Stack web development trial course offered by Coding Ninjas.

Trial Course vs Paid Course

The difference between both the courses are mentioned in detail in the below table:

Features  Free course Paid Course
Access to videos, assignments and problems
Doubt Support
Concepts Basic and intermediate covered Advanced Topic Covered.
Certificates Free Trial Completion Certificate Course Completion and Excellence Certificate.
Peer learning x
Placement Assistance x

Applications and projects

After completing this course you can use the knowledge to build basic websites to meet various purposes. If you are serious about the projects you can try the premium full-stack web development course which has various projects like Music player, movies app, shopping cart, chatting engines, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I become a full stack developer for free?

Yes, you can become a full-stack developer for free by utilizing free online resources, tutorials, and open-source tools. However, formal education or paid courses may expedite your learning.

Is 3 months enough for full stack developer?

Three months can provide a foundation in full-stack development, but becoming proficient often requires more time and practical experience. Ongoing learning and real-world projects are essential.

Is full stack need coding?

Yes, a full-stack developer typically needs coding skills. Full-stack developers work on both the front-end (user interface) and back-end (server, database) of applications, requiring expertise in programming languages, web development, and database management.


Web Development is an ever-growing technical field with many technologies coming out every year. Being fluent in both Front-End and Back-end Development gives you a higher chance to land a job as a Web Developer. So be sure to master languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python, etc., and enhance your skills.

So what are you waiting for?

You can also consider our Mern Stack Course to give your career an edge over others.

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