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Roadmap for newbie organizations
Roadmap for experienced organizations
General Tips
Frequently Asked Questions
How do you create a roadmap?
What is an example of big data?
What is a big data strategy?
How do businesses use big data?
How does Netflix use big data?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Starting Your Big Data Road Map

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Every successful company has a road map to increase gains and reduce negatives. Risk management is beneficial for growth opportunities and profits and reduces negatives. Every company is willing to bear some risk management according to its culture. Companies may be forced to take more innovative risks than companies with lesser competition in a highly competitive trade. But, we need to be on our toes before taking any risk, be it in competitive trade or not. We need to have a good grasp of the dynamics of our company before going on a big data journey.

Roadmap for newbie organizations

If your organization is a bit new to introducing Big data in your company, then this section is for you! This approach assumes little or no setup of big data technologies to meet your requirements. The goal is to drive the project at an appreciable pace. 

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Roadmap for experienced organizations

If your organization has experience with Business Intelligence, has relatively decent data management practices in place, has high capacity infrastructure, etc., then this section is for you! This does not imply a sure-shot way of reducing the risk or greater success. These practices depict maturity in the company and willingness to learn new tools, technologies, and information.


As you may notice, many of these activities can be done in parallel based on the maturity of your organization. A diligent person will make sure that they incorporate and learn from previous project's mistakes and take care of them in the current project, thereby reducing design, development, implementation, and testing time. Getting started is simpler if you have experienced people. Below are some general tips to help you frame your roadmap to success!

General Tips

  • It is OK to seek help.
    Be open to seeking help from others. You can hire people for consultation. Don’t be adamant about hiring expert people in the field. Instead, look for people capable of mentoring and who have a knack for the area.
  • Put on your study cap
    A better grounding can take you to heights. It is beneficial to read books, research, search online, etc., to grasp the idea.
  • Keep experimenting
    Don’t be afraid of failures. The best lessons are often learned from failures. Be open to experiments and a faster cycle of losses.
  • Set realistic goals
    Setting reasonable and realistic deadlines and goals is very important as you get motivated to complete the plan.
  • Be holistic
    It is crucial to consider all the dimensions of the work. A trained model is a waste if it cannot be imported. The people, workflow, and technology is our biggest asset.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a roadmap?

A roadmap involves your data sources and a workflow for interpreting the data.

What is an example of big data?

Big data includes social media posts, call records, stock market exchanges, etc.

What is a big data strategy?

A big data strategy involves understanding what kind of data will be needed to reach your goals and what will be the strategy required to achieve your goals.

How do businesses use big data?

Businesses use big data for improved customer satisfaction, greater profits by making better-informed decisions using previous analysis, etc.

How does Netflix use big data?

Netflix uses big data to give personalized recommendation options.


This article discussed how we could create a roadmap to adopt big data practices in our organization.

We hope this blog has helped you enhance your knowledge regarding Big data and if you would like to learn more, check out our free content on Big datatop 100 SQL problems, and more unique courses. You can also consider our Competitive Programming Course to give your career an edge over others!

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Happy Coding!

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