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Last updated: May 3, 2022

Syntax Analysis

Syntax Analysis is a second phase of the compiler design process. We'll learn the basic concepts used in the construction of a parser. The syntax analysis phase gets its input from the lexical analyzer which is a string of tokens. It verifies whether the provided string of tokens is grammatically correct or not. Later the syntax analyzer forwards this parse tree to the next front end for processing. We also refer to the syntax analyzer as the parser.
Context-free Grammars
This blog discusses Context-free grammar, its representation and production rules in detail.
Syntax Trees MEDIUM
In a syntax tree, each leaf node stands in for an operand and each inside node for an operator. Read on to learn more about syntax tree with examples.
Syntax Analysis
In this article, we will study syntax analysis in compiler design. We will see why it is necessary and how a compiler performs syntax analysis. We will learn several aspects related to syntax analysis, such as derivations, parse trees, etc.
Top Down Parsing MEDIUM
This blog covers the concept of top-down parsing and its classification.
LL Parser in Compiler Design MEDIUM
This blog will discuss LL parser in compiler design along with LL(1) parsing, its prime requirements, and the algorithm to construct the parsing table.
Specification of Tokens in Compiler Design
In this article, we will learn about the specifications of tokens in compiler design and why specifications of tokens in compiler design are essential.
Recursive Descent Parser MEDIUM
Recursive descent parser is a top-down parser that is implemented as a set of mutually recursive procedures. Read on to learn more!
Left Factoring in Compiler Design EASY
Left factoring is used to remove uncertainty from the grammar that can arise while parsing. In this article, we will learn about left factoring and how it is done.
What is Predictive Parsing? MEDIUM
Predictive parsing is a technique used in compiler construction and syntax analysis. In this article we will discuss the theory of Predictive Parsing along with the example with full explanation. click to read more!
LR (0) Parser EASY
This article will talk about the main concepts of LR(0) parsing, its operation, & how it applies to compiler construction.
Bottom-up Parsing EASY
Bottom-up parsing begins at the terminal symbols (leaf nodes) of a parse tree and ascends towards the root node.
Operator Precedence Parsing MEDIUM
This article will discuss operator precedence parsing in detail, which is one of the type of shift reduce parsing.
LR Parsing EASY
LR Parser is a type of bottom-up parsing. It is used to parse context-free grammar, primarily used by compilers.
Leading and Trailing in Compiler Design
Leading and Trailing are important parts of Compiler Design. In this article, we will learn about leading and trailing, their uses, and their algorithms.
Polish Notation in Compiler Design EASY
In this article, you’ll learn about polish notation in compiler design, its conversion, and its advantages and disadvantages.
SLR Parser in Compiler Design
This article covers the concepts of SLR parsers in compiler design, along with some frequently asked questions related to them.