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Table of contents
Who a System Architect is🤔
Roles and Responsibilities🌐
Key Responsibilities🕸
Salary and Perks💰
Skills and Experience Required🦾
Preparation Strategy⚡
Career Path of a System Architect🎓
System Architect🏄🏻
Senior System Architect🏄🏻‍♂️
Senior Architect🏂🏻
Project Manager👨‍✈️
How To Apply❓
Resources For Preparation🧑🏻‍💻
Interview Resources🛒
Technical Resources🛒
Aptitude Resources🛒
Other Resources🛒
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Disney+ Hotstar?
What role does a system architect play?
What are the various responsibilities of a system architect at Disney+ Hotstar?
What is the ideal growth path for a system architect at Disney+ Hotstar?
How can one apply for a specific job profile at Disney+ Hotstar?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

System Architect at Disney+ Hotstar

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Do you want a job as a system architect at Disney+ Hotstar? Cool! You are at the right place.😎

Disney+ Hotstar, owned by Novi Digital Entertainment of Disney Star, is an Indian brand of subscription video-on-demand over-the-top streaming service.

Now get ready to unfold various aspects related to the system architect at Disney+ Hotstar.

system architect at disney+ hotstar

Alright! Let us first see who a system architect is, what roles a system architect performs and what responsibilities the system architect takes care of in general.🏌🏻

Who a System Architect is🤔

A systems architect is an information and communications technology professional who designs, develops, configures, operates and manages the creation of computer systems (i.e., the system composed of software and hardware) and networking systems for organisations.

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Roles and Responsibilities🌐

roles and responsibilities


A system architect devises, configures, operates and maintains computer and networking systems. They objectively analyse desired outcomes and processes and advise on the right combination of IT components and systems to achieve specific business, team, department, or functional goals.😇

Key Responsibilities🕸

System architects are responsible for the following.

⛏Design, deploy and support Hotstar's IT operations and infrastructure, including managing corp and hub offices.

⛏Deploy and design new applications and enhancements to existing software, applications, and operating systems.

⛏Liaison with compliance, networking, and IT-support teams in ensuring the infra is highly available, supported and in line with the organisation's requirements.

⛏Own technical projects and initiatives related to the corp office across hub offices.

⛏Responsible for setting up and running the industry's best end-user computing solutions.

⛏Define standards and baselines for corp OS fleet, configuration and systems management.

⛏Write and enhance corp IT policies in collaboration with other departments under the supervision of the IT manager.

⛏Responsible for supporting and deploying enterprise collaboration, conference and content management platforms.

⛏Monitor maintenance and performance systems according to requirements.

Now let us see the salary and perks of the system architect at Disney+ Hotstar💸.

Salary and Perks💰

salary and perks


Average Annual Salary ₹ 22,00,000.
Estimated In-hand Salary ₹ 1,42,256 - ₹ 1,47,552 per month.

**The salary figures mentioned in the above table are subject to change.



🔥Flexibility with WFH policy.

🔥Unlimited leave policy.

🔥Complimentary Disneyland passes.

🔥Free premium subscription.

🔥6+6 months of maternity.

🔥Insurance for your family.

🔥WFH set up assistance.

🔥Career development.

Skills and Experience Required🦾


All you need is ➼.

📌Earn a bachelor's degree in CS/IT or other related disciplines or earn an associate degree or technical certification.

📌Proven experience overseeing software systems, applications, product design, development, and implementation.

📌Excellent understanding of the organisation's goals and objectives.

📌Experience with scripting and automation skills (for example, shell scripts, Perl, RubyPython, etc.).

📌Familiar with API. Proven experience with security principles, systems planning, and general software management best practices.

📌Proven creative and analytical problem-solving abilities and a reasonable understanding of OS platforms like Linuxwindows, and macOS.

📌Deep knowledge in managing/running DHCP, DNS, and standard TCP/IP services and applications in an enterprise environment.

📌Experience working in a fast-paced environment with multiple projects.

📌Proven ability to identify research and resolve systems problems promptly.

📌Write and maintain custom scripts to reduce human intervention time on tasks and increase system efficiency.

📌Ability to communicate ideas in technical and user-friendly language and good project management skills. Good understanding of identity and access management and SSO(for example, Azure AD, Okta). Good understanding of MDM solutions like Intune, Airwatch, or Jamf.

📌Strong communication skills, presentation skills and experience. Must be able to develop strategies, evaluate technologies, and deliver presentations to IT management.

📌Self-motivated, a team player, proactive, and well-spoken.

📌Self-starter able to manage multiple tasks efficiently for on-time delivery.

📌Good to have skills and knowledge of cloud platforms and network topologies.

Preparation Strategy⚡


🪢To start preparing to become a system architect, first, you must fulfil the skills and experience required in the previous section. After acquiring the required skills, knowledge and experience, you should start developing a professional network to learn about open system architect positions and the market for IT jobs in your area. Now build your resume and apply to system architect jobs.

🔥Alright! Now comes the next phase, the Disney+ Hotstar selection process. It starts with resume shortlisting. After getting shortlisted then, you are called for an interview.

Now lets us see how the interview process works at Disney+ Hotstar.


Interview at Disney+ Hotstar🔔


1️⃣Disney+ Hotstar will reach out to you to discuss your interest and career goals in the role you have applied for. This call allows you to ask questions and learn more about the role.

2️⃣You'll be invited to do subsequent video screens if you pass the phone screen. These may involve a peer of the same level as your role or a hiring manager who will ask in-depth questions related to your resume and behaviour-based questions.

3️⃣They could give you assignments based on the role you are applying for. Usually, these are take-home assignments, and in some cases, they will do a quick activity in the technical round. You will be allowed to showcase the results in front of the panel.

4️⃣They will evaluate you not just on the role you are applying for but the fitment in terms of the company culture and values. The idea is to make sure you are not just being hired for a specific role but the company as a whole.

5️⃣After you clear all the rounds, there is a green signal from most of the interviewers. You will be invited for a discussion with HR. They will evaluate you on the behavioural aspects, career goals, and organisational culture point of view.

Career Path of a System Architect🎓

career path

There can be various career paths for a system architect. Following is the most common career ladder of the system architect.🏄🏻‍♀️

System Architect🏄🏻

System architect is the starting position. It is regarded as the entry-level where a candidate joins after completing the selection process.

Senior System Architect🏄🏻‍♂️

Senior system architect level is achieved after one gets experienced in designing, assessing, deploying, and developing large applications, with a thorough understanding and experience with the SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle).

You can also read about: Spring Boot Architecture

Senior Architect🏂🏻

After a senior system architect acquires the required knowledge and experience, one may become a senior architect or a senior solution architect. But the senior architect is the next most common level after senior system architect.

Project Manager👨‍✈️

After the senior architect level, one becomes a project manager or manager. After this level, one becomes an IT director and many more. All the following possible levels vary from company to company.

Note⚠️ - The career path of a system architect may vary a little from company to company.

How To Apply❓

First, go to the career page of Disney+ Hotstar and click on "Jobs".

career page

Scroll down, click "By Department", and select "01. Engineering".


Scroll down and click on "IT".


Click on "View More" and read various information regarding the system architect profile. After reading, click on "APPLY FOR THIS JOB".


On the redirected page, you need to submit the application.


Fill in all the required information, attach your resume, scroll down and click on "SUBMIT APPLICATION".


Resources For Preparation🧑🏻‍💻


Alright! Here are the resources to help you prepare for your recruitment exam and interview.

Interview Resources🛒

Technical Resources🛒

Aptitude Resources🛒

Other Resources🛒

  • System Design Concepts.

Cool! Check the video given below for some more help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Disney+ Hotstar?

Disney+ Hotstar, owned by Novi Digital Entertainment of Disney Star, is an Indian brand of subscription video-on-demand over-the-top streaming service.

What role does a system architect play?

The role of the system architect is to devise, configure, operate, and maintain both computer and networking systems.

What are the various responsibilities of a system architect at Disney+ Hotstar?

A system architect is responsible for designing, deploying and supporting Hotstar's IT infrastructure and operations. Also responsible for setting up and running the industry, monitoring performance and maintaining systems according to requirements.

What is the ideal growth path for a system architect at Disney+ Hotstar?

A system architect at Disney+ Hotstar will grow as a senior principal engineer in the career ladder of the engineering team.

How can one apply for a specific job profile at Disney+ Hotstar?

One can apply for a specific job profile through the career page of the official website of Disney+ Hotstar.


This article explored various things related to the system architect at Disney+ Hotstar, leaving no stone unturned. We explored the roles and responsibilities, salary and perks, skills and experience required for the role, preparation strategy to become a system architect at Disney+ Hotstar, and career path of a system architect at Disney+ Hotstar.

We believe this article on the system architect at Disney+ Hotstar was helpful. To learn more about Disney+ Hotstar, check out our articles on

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Happy Learning Ninja! 🥷

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