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Last updated: Feb 12, 2023

System Design

Although coding is still the main focus of technical interviews, top product-based companies now include at least one system design question to assess the candidate's proficiency in creating complex and scalable systems. So, how can you become ready to answer such challenging interview questions? This comprehensive guide by Codestudio-Library is primarily created to help candidates in preparing for the system design interviews. This massive guide will be your one-stop solution for everything required to crack System Design Interviews. Let's dive in!

Low Level Design (LLD)

Low-Level Design is part of system design where each component is analyzed & designed by considering data flow between different objects, types of classes needed, what abstractions to use. It refines the definitions of the database, the major classes, and the internal and external interfaces.
What is Low Level Design? MEDIUM
Low-Level Design LLD) refers to the process of specifying and defining the detailed design of a software system.
System Design: Horizontal and Vertical Scaling
This blog will discuss scalability and its types - horizontal and vertical scaling along with their advantages, and disadvantages.
What are Design Patterns in System Design? MEDIUM
Our guide provides a comprehensive overview of what are Design Patterns, including their benefits, types, and how to use them effectively in software development.
What are Anti-Patterns in System Design? MEDIUM
In this article, we'll learn about anti-patterns in system design. Categories and effects of Anti-Patterns. How one can identify Anti-Patterns.