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Table of contents
About Dell🏆
Ways to join Dell
Job opportunities at Dell
System Development Engineer at Dell
About the Role 🧑‍💻
Salary and Perks with the job🤑
Benefits and Perks💸
Skills and Experience required 🤹
Responsibilities with job 🏋️
Preparation Strategy 📒
Interview Process 🤵💻
Career Map📈
Frequently Asked Questions 
Why should I join Dell?
What are the other benefits that are provided at Dell?
How many rounds are there in the Dell System development engineer interview?
What does the System development engineer do at Dell?
Are interviews by Dell tough to clear?
Do Dell offers remote jobs?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

System Development Engineer at Dell

Author Anshit Kumar
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This article will discuss the company, including the responsibilities and required skill set for the role of System Development Engineer at Dell.

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By the end of the article, you will have a clear idea of who❓ a System Development Engineer is, their job responsibilities, and all you need to have to grab this fantastic position at Dell.

You will also get enough reference materials to kickstart your preparation for System Development Engineer.


Before discussing the role, let's briefly discuss the company "Dell."


About Dell🏆

Dell is a technology company founded in 1984; it is an American technology company based in Texas , United States. It is owned by its parent company Dell Technologies.

They are among the world's leading technology companies helping to transform people's lives with extraordinary capabilities.


about dell

From high-performance computing, remote cloud solutions, ambitious social impact, and sustainability projects.

Dell has products like smartphones, servers, personal computers, computer software, information security, and computer security services.



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Ways to join Dell

There are multiple ways to join Dell & Dell has various Programs for hiring.

How to join dell


✴️University hiring Program at Dell

✴️Dell has domain-wise programs as well:-

          ➡️HR Rotation Program

          ➡️IT Development Program

          ➡️Marketing Development Program

          ➡️Sales Program

          ➡️Finance Development Program

          ➡️Supply Chain Development Program(SCDP)


You can look on their site to know more about ways to join & hiring programs at Dell.



Job opportunities at Dell


👉🏻Start Your Search

    Search the opportunities by location area, job keyword, or function; start your search here.

👉🏻 Create Your Profile

     You need to create an account here, which is secured by username & password.

Job Opportunities

👉🏻 Apply to the job

     When you spot a job that matches your search criteria & skills, Click on the "Apply Now."

    Then enter your credentials(username & password) to log in & if you have not created an  account, then you have to make an account first.

 👉🏻Resume Tips

    You have to highlight the most important aspects of your skills & Experience. Be very sure to show community services/volunteer work in your profile. Include your LinkedIn profile & some optimized keywords in your profile.


System Development Engineer at Dell

About the Role 🧑‍💻

Systems Development Engineers are going to work in the IT industry.

They will be involved in different activities.  

Role of System Development Engineerr

And these activities include the development & design of systems and networks.

And they will be finalizing the process of System Development, like testing and programming.  

Salary and Perks with the job🤑

The average salary for the System Development Engineer at Dell is below.


Average Annual Salary  ₹ 7,30,000
Estimated Take-Home Salary ₹ 54,000 - ₹ 55,000


However, the salary figures which are mentioned above are subject to change.

Let's discuss some benefits and perks the company provides for the System Developer Engineer at Dell.

Benefits and Perks💸


🌟Following are the benefits that the company provides.

Perks & Benefits


💠Annual leave

💠Public Holidays 


💠Life Insurance 

💠Long-term Disability Scheme

💠Maternity leave

💠Additional leave days

💠Subsidized Canteen 

💠Free Car Parking

💠Further Education Assistance Policy

💠Sports & Social Club

💠Discounted Employee Purchase Program

Skills and Experience required 🤹


🚀Must have a degree in Computer Sciences or any other technical degree with the same job experience.

🚀Should have knowledge of Networking Protocols like HTTP, DNS, TCP/IP.

🚀Should have deep knowledge of the internals of Linux Systems.


Skills & Experience Required

🚀Have a mastery of Shell scripting & Bash scripting

🚀Must have experience with any modern programming language(such as  CPython, or C++ ).

🚀Must have experience with any modern programming language.

🚀Good communication skills

🚀Leadership & Team management skills.

You can learn the concepts like the OSI model and TCP/IP model. Learn Computer Networks fundamentals.

Responsibilities with job 🏋️

🎯They must be confident in designing, planning, and estimating the work.
🎯They should have quality knowledge of System Development Life Cycle and agile practices.

Job responsibility

🎯They will work closely with multidisciplinary teams of product managers & engineers.

🎯They will modify the software in such a way that holds the overall system architecture.

🎯They are going to fix bugs 

🎯They will be responsible for migrations & software deployments

Preparation Strategy 📒

Let us discuss the process and what preparation strategies we can follow to fetch a job at Dell.

First of all, look at some necessary documents that an individual is asked for in an interview: 

➡Recent Updates to Resume.

➡Photocopies in both black and white and in colour.

Preparation Strategy

➡Academic certificates from the 10th grade till graduation and post-graduation.

➡Identity proofs (voter id, Aadhaar card, Pan card, ration card). Keep these documents handy!!

 For this, you can refer to the links given below:

 Your Ultimate Job Interview Preparation Guide for Dell India

You can also check out the Preparation Guides of other companies.





Interview Process 🤵💻

The interview process for System Development Engineer at Dell consists of various types of questions from technical subjects.

Make a list of important things you need to study.

interview ready


🔔 Round 1 includes resume based shortlisting, for having a good resume is the first and vital step for selection.


🔔 Round 2 includes a Technical Interview (which includes Computer Science fundamentals like OS, Computer Networks, and DBMS)

For this, you can refer to the links given below:-

Dell Technologies Interview Experience

Have a thorough read of the interview experiences of different candidates:

Interview Experiences of top tech companies for practice


For computer core subjects, you can refer to the link given below:


👉🏻 Operating Systems

👉🏻 Computer Networks

can visit Coding ninjas site for multiple courses

Career Map📈

With the increase in automated infrastructure tools & systems to give a highly available and strong platform for our customers.

career graph

With this demand, also pay increases. Researchers show that a good hike can be seen in the salaries of System Development Engineer at dell. Also, you can be promoted to System Development Engineer II & then Senior System Development Engineer.


career map for System Development engineers


Frequently Asked Questions 

Why should I join Dell?

There are multiple reasons to join Dell the most important factor is better work-life balance. Employees are treated as the most crucial resource at Dell. Employees are very supportive/helpful to each other. 

What are the other benefits that are provided at Dell?

You will be given 26 weeks of paid leave, Study Leave, Paternity Leave, and Wedding Leave.

How many rounds are there in the Dell System development engineer interview?

Dell usually has two rounds &  Resume Shortlisting, and Technical rounds are the most frequent.

What does the System development engineer do at Dell?

They develop and design electro-mechanical and electronic-orientated products.

Are interviews by Dell tough to clear?

Dell is among the most sought-after employers. This makes the hiring process for it reasonably tricky.

Do Dell offers remote jobs?

Yes, they offer remote jobs. 


Congratulations, as you gain the basic knowledge about the System Development Engineer at Dell. Since we have discussed the responsibilities, required Skills, Salary, etc., for the System Development Engineer at Dell.

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If you want to learn/know more about Dell, visit their website.

Refer to our guided paths on Coding Ninjas Studio to learn more about DSA, Competitive Programming, JavaScript, System Design, etc. Enroll in our courses and refer to the mock test and problems available; look at the Top 150 Interview Puzzlesinterview experiences, and interview bundle for placement preparations.

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