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Table of contents
About the role👩‍💻
Salary and Perks🤑
Salary of System Engineer at Infosys
Perks of System Engineer at Infosys
Other Campus Benefits include:
Skills and Experience Required🎓
Job Responsibilities
How to Become a System Engineer at Infosys⚡
Recruitment Process
Difference Between the Role of Test Engineer and System Engineer
Levels of Engineers at Infosys💯
Career Map📈
Resources For Preparation
Interview Resources
Coding Resources
Aptitude Resources
Other Technical Resources
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Infosys?
What is the role of a system engineer at Infosys?
What sort of company is Infosys?
What is the package of system engineers in Infosys?
Does System Engineer need coding?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

System Engineer at Infosys

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A global IT company Infosys Limited is based in India and specializes in business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing. The company was founded in Pune, although Bangalore serves as its corporate headquarters. Infosys is the 602nd largest public company globally and the second-largest Indian IT company by 2020 sales, according to the Forbes Global 2000 ranking.

System Engineer at Infosys

In this blog, we will discuss the system engineer at Infosys. So, without any further ado, let's get started!

About the role👩‍💻

🗞️A system engineer is a specialist who examines a system's behavior and determines how to correct it, occasionally creating brand-new solutions from scratch. Additionally, they are in charge of offering guidance on the proper hardware and software to make sure a client's computer system meets their requirements.

🗞️This role is assigned to new hires regardless of the team they work for (support team, functional team, development team, etc.). Therefore, role definitions may differ from trainee to trainee.

🗞️They are essential to the SDLC(The Software Development Life Cycle) implementation and collaborate with the management, engineering, and project management teams to produce high-quality software.

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Salary and Perks🤑

Salary of System Engineer at Infosys


Base pay

System Engineer

Rs 4,00,000

Senior System Engineer

Rs. 4,50,000

Specialist System Engineer

Rs. 5,00,000

**The salary figures mentioned above are subject to change.

Perks of System Engineer at Infosys

💰You will get a friendly environment, new projects, and continuous motivation at Infosys.

💰Work from home option is available in some teams.

💰You only need to work five days a week.

💰You will get flexible working hours.

💰You get maternity & paternity leave at Infosys

💰Get health care and insurance to protect your and your family's future.

💰You get job training and tuition for your role at Infosys.

Other Campus Benefits include:


**The perks mentioned above are subject to change.

Skills and Experience Required🎓

A system engineer at Infosys must have:

💡Bachelor's degree in engineering.

💡Minimum of two years experience in system engineering.

💡In-depth knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms to analyze data to solve problems.

💡Skills and knowledge in using Software Engineering techniques to build projects.

💡coding expertise in at least one language, such as   CC++, or Python.

💡an understanding of database management and operating systems.

💡the ability to create the software as per requirements and to create test cases to guarantee the highest quality output.

Job Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a System Engineer at Infosys are:-

  • System engineers at Infosys are responsible for developing, testing, implementing, verifying, and supporting programs. 
  • Interact with customers to understand their needs, describe their demands, and offer the necessary technical functionalities. 
  • Develop complex embedded systems that require knowledge of electrical, architectural models, schematic design, product design, and prototype testing.
  • Think outside of the box.
  • Adjust quickly to obstacles and changing needs.
  • Evaluate systems and offer ideas for improvements and solutions.
  • Work with a team to develop projects effectively and quickly.

How to Become a System Engineer at Infosys⚡

How to Become a System Engineer at Infosys

The preparation strategy for systems engineers at Infosys is:-

Recruitment Process

There are two or three rounds in the Infosys System Engineer interview. 

1️⃣The first round is the InfyTQ test

⭐Overview of InfyTQ Test

The InfyTQ test is the first step of the Infosys System Engineer interview process. It consists of a qualifying round, a final round, and an advantage round(optional).

➡️Qualification Round:

The following subjects will be tested in this round:

  • Database management aptitude.
  • Basics of SQL.
  • OOPs programming abilities.


You will have 60 minutes to answer 40 questions with multiple choices. The questions are broken out as follows:

  • 20 questions in Java/Python.
  • 10 questions about database management.
  • 10 aptitude questions.


A question will be worth 1 mark if you answer it correctly, and it will be worth 0.25 marks if you answer it incorrectly.

➡️Last Round -

You will take the Infosys Certification exam after passing the Qualifying Round.

 This round takes three hours. It contains:

  • (Hands-on) Java/Python - 2 questions
  • Ten multiple-choice questions in Java/Python
  • 10 questions about database management (multiple choice).
  • This round will not include any negative marks.


You must pass the round with a score of 65% or higher. After passing the technical and behavioral rounds, you will get Infosys Certified Software Programmer status and be qualified to apply for the System Engineer position.

Learn about the InfyTQ test in detail.

After this, The technical interview is the second step of the procedure, and the HR round is the third. 

2️⃣Technical Interview: The interview includes programming questions about c, c++, python, java, data systems, and other operating systems. If you come from a non-IT background, you can also expect questions about your specific subject. You can also be asked to find the output of a given program, write syntax, and provide details about the projects mentioned in your resume.

3️⃣HR Interview: This is the last/final round of the Infosys System Engineer interview process. It depends entirely on the recruiter if this interview round is conducted or not. In this round, you will generally be asked behavioral and scenario-based questions. You may also be asked to discuss experiences from your resume.

Difference Between the Role of Test Engineer and System Engineer

Difference Between the Role of Test Engineer and System Engineer

Levels of Engineers at Infosys💯

According to Infosys hierarchy, a system engineer will grow like the following:

Levels of Engineers at Infosys

Career Map📈

Jobs in software development testing have different growth paths but also share Jobs in software development and testing have different growth paths but also share some similarities. According to the company's organizational structure, developers become module leads, team leads, project leads, and project managers.

The system engineer positions take a similar route:

System Engineer → Senior System Engineer → Technology Analyst → Technology Lead → Project Manager → Senior Project Manager → And so on….

📝Senior System Engineer
At Infosys, a senior systems engineer is in charge of planning, executing, and maintaining software to satisfy client requirements. A senior role is accountable for every stage of the Software Development Life Cycle, unlike a non-senior systems engineer who could be assigned daily maintenance tasks.

📝Technology Analyst
The technology analyst role at Infosys is similar to that of senior software developers at other service-based organizations. 
They should have strong technical knowledge as well as problem-solving abilities.
They will participate in customer discussions, understand the varied needs, implement solutions, suggest work improvements, and mentor junior resources for technical support.

📝Technology Lead
In this role, you will interact with important stakeholders and put your technical expertise to use during various phases of the software development life cycle, such as requirements elicitation and application architecture definition and design.

📝Project Manager/ Senior Project Manager
As a Project manager, you'll take overall project accountability. You will assemble the project team, evaluate progress, reduce risk, and guarantee effective delivery and implementation. You'll be responsible for your team's output.

Check out Infosys Interview Experience to learn about their hiring process.

Resources For Preparation

Here are the resources to help you prepare for your recruitment exam and interview.

Interview Resources

Coding Resources

Aptitude Resources

Other Technical Resources


For more information, check this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Infosys?

Infosys Limited is an Indian I.T. company that provides I.T. services and global business consulting.

What is the role of a system engineer at Infosys?

The task of a systems engineer is to find problems within systems. In addition to creating new systems, their job includes updating hardware and maintaining an existing system.

What sort of company is Infosys?

Infosys was founded in 1981. It is an NYSE-listed worldwide consulting and IT services firm with about 335k workers.

What is the package of system engineers in Infosys?

The annual salary range for System Engineers at Infosys is between 3.4 and 4.5 lakhs rupees.

Does System Engineer need coding?

System engineers often undertake tasks that software engineers do. Hence they must learn to code to carry out software-based functions in the systems.


In this article, we learned about the role of the system engineer at Infosys, their salary and perks, skills, job expectations, and career roadmap; if you would like to learn more, check out our articles on:


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