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Last updated: Feb 7, 2022

System Structure

Operating Systems divide into various subsystems that defined task, input, output, and performance characteristics. Arrangement of these subsystems is called OS structure which determines the performance and implementation of Operating systems.
This article incorporates a detailed discussion about the Microkernel in operating systems, its architecture, advantages, disadvantages, and many more in detail.
Kernel I/O Subsystem
In this blog, we'll learn what Kernel I/O Subsystems are. We will learn I/O scheduling, caching, buffering, spooling, I/O protection, and error handling.
Monolithic Kernel and Key differences from Microkernel
This blog will discuss monolithic kernel - a vital Operating System topic. We will also learn about the critical differences between monolithic kernels and microkernels.
Introduction to System Calls
The purpose of this article is to teach you about system calls in the operating system and their types, among other things as well.
Characteristics of Distributed System
Distributed System, also known as Distributed Computing is a cluster of independent components on different machines connected by a centralised network.
Author Nitika
Fork() System Call MEDIUM
The fork() system call in operating system creates a new process that is a copy of the calling process. This allows programmers to implement parallel processing, multitasking, and other important features.
Get/Set Process Resource Limits In C
In this blog, we'll learn about Get/Set Process Resource limits in C that is how the getrlimit() and setrlimit() system calls can be used to get and set the resource limits associated with a process.
Dual Mode Operations in OS MEDIUM
This article incorporates the dual mode in Operating systems along with how the switches take place and when, along with the difference between their modes.
Author Alisha
Privileged and Non-Privileged Instructions
This article will discuss privileged and non-privileged instructions in the operating system and the difference between them in detail.