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About Salesforce
Systems Engineer at Salesforce
About the Role
Roles and Responsibilities
Skills and Requirements
Salary and Perks 
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Preparation Strategy
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Frequently Asked Questions
How hard is it to get employed at Salesforce?
What is the average salary for a systems engineer at Salesforce?
What is the role of a system engineer?
Does Salesforce hire freshers?
How to prepare for technical interviews?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Systems Engineer at Salesforce

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Hello Ninjas! Are you willing to become a Systems Engineer at Salesforce? Great, then you have reached the right place. Coding Ninjas will help you understand the job profile better. We will help you choose the right approach to prepare and crack this position. Sounds interesting, right?


So, let's get started.

About Salesforce

Salesforce Inc. is an American cloud-based IT company. It was founded in 1999 by Marc Benioff and headquartered in San Francisco, California. It grew fast and became one of the largest companies in the world. It got ranked 136th in the Fortune 500 list of 2022. The company focuses on producing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. 


Salesforce's CRM software and services help businesses maintain good relations with their clients. It provides marketing automation, sales, analytics, customer, and application development services. It is a great company to start your career and work as a fresher. 

So, without further delay, let’s start with the Systems engineer profile at Salesforce.

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Systems Engineer at Salesforce

What exactly is a Systems Engineer at Salesforce? Let's find out.

The task of a systems engineer is to identify issues with certain systems. In addition to creating new systems, updating hardware, and maintaining an existing system, they offer ideas to solve the problems they come across during the process.

Systems Engineer at Salesforce

Now, we will discuss the profile of a Systems Engineer at Salesforce. We will discuss the roles and responsibilities, skills and requirements, salary and perks, preparation guide, and career path for the position. 

Great. Let’s begin. 

About the Role

A Systems Engineer role at Salesforce is very crucial. These are noted down in the following points:

  • A system engineer is responsible for managing and monitoring systems and configurations in the company. 
  • They are responsible for the smooth working of other teams. 
  • They ensure that the installed system and infrastructure are up-to-date and functional. 
About the role

Roles and Responsibilities

You must be wondering what the responsibilities of a systems engineer at Salesforce are. Is it not? If yes, don’t worry; the next thing we will discuss is the roles performed by a systems engineer at Salesforce. We will discuss the day-to-day responsibilities of this job profile. 

Roles and responsibilities

Following are the roles of a Systems Engineer at Salesforce:- 

📑  Resolve the technical and functional issues of different salesforce teams and ensure the teams' smooth working. 

📑  Identifying enhancements to reduce recurring requests and problems. 

📑  Develop, manage, administer, configure and monitor the Mulesoft enterprise applications. Mulesoft helps in integrating software, data, and devices.

📑  Maintain the updated system documentation and salesforce policies and procedures. 

📑  Organize sessions for knowledge transfer throughout the organization. Help and mentor the junior staff and new hires in setting up and getting started with the work. 

📑  Encourage the Agile method and collaborate with different teams to implement new functionality.

📑  Manage a fast-paced environment and find efficient ways to resolve issues related to tasks and projects with stakeholder satisfaction. 

Skills and Requirements

It's time to discuss the skills and requirements to crack this position at Salesforce. Salesforce checks the skills very seriously before hiring, so it is good to go through the list of required skills and be prepared. 

Skills and experience

The following are the required skills for becoming a Systems Engineer at Salesforce. 

📌  Experience of 3+ years in Mulesoft Development and administration. 

📌  Working experience in developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining Mulesoft applications using MuleSoft Anypoint Studio, DataWeave 2.x, YAML/Swagger/RAML, and Munit Testing.

📌  Practical knowledge of various Mulesoft design patterns like Scatter-Gather.

📌  Familiar with Restful, SOAP and web services

📌  Familiar with exception control and handling in Mulesoft.

📌  Practical knowledge of developing MUnit/Mountebank test cases.

📌  Capable of converting business requirements into understandable and well-formed technical designs. 

📌  Expertise in working with business users and helping them understand the various options. Help them in making critical decisions to produce efficient solutions.

📌  Knowledge of RAML (RESTful API Modeling Language).

📌  Strong knowledge of Java programming and familiarity with JSON and XML

📌  Good understanding of deployment with the help of MuleSoft CloudHub.

📌  Experience with Open source and agile development tools like GitHub and SVN.

📌  Mulesoft Developer certificate is preferred. 

Salary and Perks 

We all know what you are waiting for. Let's discuss the salary and perks of working as a Systems Engineer at Salesforce. 

Salary and Perks

The table below shows a Systems Engineer's average salary at Salesforce. We have mentioned the average salary based on experience levels. 

Experience Level Salary (per annum)
1 - 2 years ₹ 18.9 Lakhs
5 - 7 years ₹ 24.05 Lakhs
7 - 9 years ₹ 30.35 Lakhs
9 - 10 years  ₹ 35 Lakhs

** Salaries that are mentioned above are only estimates. Actual salary may vary.**

But wait. Salary is not the only thing you get from working with Salesforce. Salesforce offers many benefits and perks that make life easier for employees. Check below the list of benefits offered by Salesforce. 

🌟 Office Perks include - Free Food for employees, Pet-Friendly offices, Company Social Outings, and Unique Office Space.

🌟 Work from Home policy is also applicable for employees who wish to work from the comfort of their homes.

🌟 Health & Wellness perks are also provided. It includes dental, vision, health, and life insurance. Gym Membership / Reimbursement is also given to the employees. 

🌟 Paid Time off is provided to employees. Employees can take vacation holidays, paternity, and maternity leaves.


Now, you have enough knowledge about the role and the benefits offered by Salesforce; It's time to get geared up for interviews and online assessments.


Coding Resources

Interview Resources

Aptitude Resources

Other Technical Resources

Preparation Strategy

Prep strategy

Now, we will learn how to prepare to crack the role of Systems Engineer at Salesforce. Check out the Salesforce Preparation Guide article for a detailed discussion.

Career Map

System Engineer is an all-consuming role. A system engineer should be sound with technical skills as well as soft skills. To be a system engineer, you should understand system architecture and configuration well. You should be familiar with system infrastructure configurations. 

Career Map

The job is in high demand, and you can get suitable pay when associated with a reputed company. Salesforce offers an average of ₹ 21,37,778 per annum for employees of experience 1 to 8 years. 

There are also three levels: 

  • Entry, 
  • Middle, and 
  • Experienced. 

The salary rise can also be seen in the three levels. In Salesforce, you can find the associate and system engineer roles. There is no limit to your growth when working as a system engineer at Salesforce. You can also check out our interview to increase productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is it to get employed at Salesforce?

It is not that difficult to get employed at Salesforce. You can crack any position at Salesforce with proper guidance and preparation path. You can go through the list of required skills and work on them to get employed at Salesforce.

What is the average salary for a systems engineer at Salesforce?

Salesforce offers an average of ₹ 21,37,778 per annum, For employees of experience 1 to 8 years the salary ranges from 18 to 35 lakhs per annum, depending upon the experience level.

What is the role of a system engineer?

A system engineer is responsible for managing and monitoring systems and configurations in the company. They are responsible for the smooth working of other teams. They ensure that the installed system and infrastructure are up-to-date and functional. 

Does Salesforce hire freshers?

Yes, you can apply at Salesforce even if you are a fresher. Salesforce hires both freshers as well as experienced developers and engineers. 

How to prepare for technical interviews?

You can prepare for technical interviews by going through the job application. It is essential to note the required skills and then work on them. You can take quick courses or read common interviews question before your interview to be prepared. 


This article discussed the Systems Engineer profile at Salesforce. We discussed the required skill sets along with the approximate salary. 

Want to learn more about the Salesforce process, follow the link given below:

Also, check out Your Ultimate Job Interview Preparation Guide for Salesforce.

Refer to our guided paths on Coding Ninjas Studio to learn about Data Structure and Algorithms, Competitive Programming, JavaScript, etc. Enroll in our courses and refer to our mock test available. Have a look at the interview experiences and interview bundle for placement preparations.

Happy Learning!

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