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Table of contents
Information on TCS iBegin
Eligibility Criteria
Required Skills
Aptitude Solving Skills
Technical Skills
Soft Skills
Communication Skills
Language Skills
Exam Pattern
TCS IBegin Registration Process
Resources to Prepare for TCS iBegin Interviews
Preparation Tips
Frequently Asked Questions
What is TCS iBegin?
What are the TCS criteria for experienced?
What is the highest package in TCS?
What are the 3 rounds in TCS interview?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

TCS iBegin: Careers For Experienced Professionals

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TCS iBegin


The TCS iBegin platform allows job seekers to find employment with TCS. Although the qualifying requirements differ correspondingly, the portal was specifically created for applicants in the science and engineering sectors.

TCS has been immensely popular in India owing to the charitable and growth-promoting tasks that the organisation on the whole carries out. Thus, many young graduates plan to associate themselves with the TATA brand, owing to its glorious history of contributing to India’s development.

Every year TCS recruits young B.Tech/BCA/M.Tech/MCA graduates through its National Qualifiers Test for the positions of Assistant System Engineer and System Engineer. However, some of the graduates are not able to make it through and are left with the wish to join TCS someday.

So, if you too have ever dreamt of joining TCSbut somehow you were not able to and, now that you are working in another company but still live on with that dream, then here is an opportunity for you. TCS has introduced its iBEGIN portal for experienced professionals who are looking for a job change or planning to work with TCS. 

So now the question lies, who all can apply and what is the process of registering at TCS iBegin, so let us know them all.

Information on TCS iBegin

Company Name Tata Consultancy Services
Relevant Experience Experienced Professionals
Job Post Titles AWS Solution Engineer, GCP Cloud Developer, Azure Solution Developer, SAP Consultant, PLM Drive, RTR COE, TearnCentre Developer, React JS, Automation Testing & Other
Category Private Jobs
Industry Classification Banking & Financial, IT, HI-Tech, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail & Other
Services Offered Cloud, Consulting, IoT, Cognitive Business Operations, Cyber Security & Other
Official Website
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User rating 4.7/5
1:1 doubt support
95% placement record
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Programmer Analyst
32 LPA After Job Bootcamp
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Eligibility Criteria

TCS accepts job applications from experienced professionals through the iBegin portal. Only those who have experience in the industry for at least two-three years are eligible to apply. You can specify your choice of location and the job profile to which you want to apply.

The work domains include Finance, IT Services, Marketing, etc. Let us see at a glance the eligibility criterion to apply for the TCS iBegin platform.

  • Must have a score of a minimum of 60% or above in 10th,12th and UG/PG.
  • must be a graduate of B.Tech/M.Tech/B.E/M.E in the following specialisation: Information Technology, Computer Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Communications, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication, Instrumental Engineering.
  • Or a graduate of MCA, B.Sc, BCA,B.Com, B.A, but must have Statistics/Maths as a subject.
  • Those who have an M.Sc degree in Information Technology or Computer Science can also apply.
  • Must have experience of three years and relevant skills, in the domain you are applying for.
  • Candidates who have appeared in a TCS interview in the last 6 months are not eligible to apply.

Although I have mentioned that a minimum of two years of experience is required, if you go to TCS iBegin portal, then you will find that there are fewer job offers for professionals who have experience of two years. Careers at TCS mostly require professionals who have an experience of 3yrs and above in their selected domain.

Apart from this, TCS organizes lots of competitions like TCS NQT, Codevita, Inframind, TCS Digital, TCS CBO, TCS NextStep, TCS HackQuest, and so on.

Required Skills

  • Aptitude Solving Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Language Skills

Aptitude Solving Skills

Employers can obtain a comprehensive applicant profile, outlining their strengths and potential improvement areas, by giving them a computer science aptitude test. These tests make it exceedingly simple to pick out top talent from a wide range of applicants during campus hiring drives or walk-ins.

Technical Skills

Technical skills are the specialized knowledge and proficiency needed to carry out particular activities and make use of particular equipment and programs in practical settings. Almost every sector and industry, from IT and business administration to health care and education, needs a wide range of technical abilities.

Soft Skills

Your working style and soft skills are related. Among other things, soft talents include leadership, time management, problem-solving, communication, empathy, and interpersonal (people) abilities. Because soft skills are essential for almost every job, they are among the top abilities hiring managers look for in applicants.

Because they increase one's chances of success at work, hiring managers frequently seek out applicants who possess soft talents.

Even if a person has exceptional technical, job-specific talents, they may still struggle at work if they are unable to manage their time or collaborate with others.

Communication Skills

Your ability to give and receive various types of information depends on your communication skills. Examples include sharing fresh perspectives, emotions, or even project updates. Speaking, listening, observing, and empathizing are all essential communication skills. Understanding the variations in communication styles for in-person contacts, phone calls, and digital communications like email and social media is also useful.

Language Skills

An essential ability for a student of computer science is programming language. You must comprehend and use the fundamental principles of programming if you wish to pursue a career in Website Development, Machine Learning, or any other sector. You can choose to learn the programming languages based on your domain and area of specialization, even though you are not expected to be fluent in all of them.

Exam Pattern

Now that you know the eligibility criteria to be able to apply for TCS iBegin, let us see the exam pattern for the same. 

After you have successfully registered and applied for a particular job role at the TCS iBegin portal you will be informed on your registered mail id. If you qualify under the eligibility criteria then, when your application will be shortlisted you will be notified. Following this there are two phases in the TCS iBegin selection procedure.

  • Phase-1: Profile Screening: This is basically a profile screening phase, where your submitted application is checked for your relevant experience and skills. And if your profile gets shortlisted then you reach phase-2 of the selection procedure.
  • Phase-2: Walk-In-Interview/ Online Interview: This is the next step of the selection procedure after the Profile Screening phase. This phase consists of 3 rounds-:
  • Round-1: Written Test
  • Round-2: Technical Interview
  • Round-3: HR Interview

One who qualifies all the above-mentioned rounds is selected for the role and given an offer letter.


Before you apply for a job profile in the TCS iBegin portal, you need to keep in mind some points of importance-:

  • Candidates must have practical knowledge of various programming languages like C, C++, Java, etc
  • Should be flexible in working in rotational shifts.
  • Candidates should have an understanding of the nature of the Business Culture.
  • Should have excellent communication skills, Analytical and logical thinking ability.
  • Those who have more than three years of work experience are willing to be a part of TCS iBegin.
  • Able to do work in a team and solve any basic technical problems.
  • Since only experienced professionals can apply through TCS iBegin, it is a must to have the necessary skills and experience in the applying domain.
  • You need to have good work experience in the domain you are applying to.
  • Having certifications in the applying domain is an added advantage.

TCS IBegin Registration Process

So now, you must be wondering how you can apply for your desired job role at the TCS iBegin portal. Let us see how you can do that-:

  • Step-1: Go to the link.
  • Step-2: click on the ‘Register with us’ option, in the top-right corner and enter the required details and upload your resume and complete your account setup.
  • Step-3: Then Login with your registered email id and password.
  • Step-4: Now go to the Job search box, and enter your desired Job Location, Select your experience (in years) from the drop-down menu, Enter your Skills in which you have experience or in which you are searching for a job. After filling in all the blanks, click on Enter.
  • Step-5: Now apply for the Job role by filling in your experience and past job details. You may also mention any other necessary skills if you have one.

Resources to Prepare for TCS iBegin Interviews

TCS iBegin requires you to have some specific set of skills, for e.g. Communication Skills, Aptitude Solving Skills, Technical skills, Language Skills and Soft Skills. Here is a curated list of resources to assist you during the interview preparation process:

Preparation Tips

Before you appear for your Phase-2 which contains your written test and the interviews, make sure you prepare well for it. Some of the important things you need to make a note of are:

  • Since this job profile is for experienced candidates, you need to be sure of your skills. Have a good command over them, practice whenever possible.
  • Read about the current updates in the skills you have learnt. This basically includes the projects made using those platforms or languages, or any new release of its version.
  • Make sure you are aware of the current market trends, tools, technologies.
  • Make sure you have enough content to showcase when you are asked about your work experiences. Tell them about your projects and your roles in them.
  • You might need this in your HR interview- with the help of situations you tackled tell, make them feel that you are a team player as well as you have some leadership qualities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TCS iBegin?

TCS iBegin is an online job portal where experienced professionals can search for specific job roles in TCS and apply for the same. You may customize the job search by entering your desired job role, location, and years of experience.

What are the TCS criteria for experienced?

The TCS iBegin Freshers applications sent through the TCS iBegin site will not be accepted by Tata Consultancy Services. As per instructions by TCS, only applicants with at least two years of experience and the qualifications listed for the position can register.

What is the highest package in TCS?

A CEO, MD, or Director at TCS makes the most money, earning an annual compensation of ₹116.2 lakhs. 10% of workers in the top bracket make more than ₹15.16 lakhs annually. The top 1% make an astounding ₹29.54 lakhs or more annually.

What are the 3 rounds in TCS interview?

For a professional who has been selected for their skills and competencies. In TCS, a 3-round interview is frequently held. An HR round, followed by a technical round, and a final discussion round may be included in this style of interview.


This was all you might need for how to apply for job roles through TCS iBegin and how to prepare for your interviews and written tests. Stick to the syllabus and revise all your technical subjects thoroughly. Practise competitive coding questions and MCQs. Make a good and crisp resume and add a pinch of confidence to nail the rounds and crack the job!

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