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Table of contents
Eligibility criteria
Important dates and venue
Benefits of TCS NQT
The Pattern of the Examination
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the last date to apply for the TCS NQT examination?
What are the companies that consider this examination?
How many attempts can we have for the TCS NQT examination?
What is the frequency of this examination?
What is the eligibility criteria for this examination?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

TCS NQT 2023

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The Tata consultancy services, one of the leading IT companies in India, conducts TCS NQT (National Qualifier Test) in online mode quarterly every year. The foremost prerequisite for appearing in any examination is to check whether you are eligible for it not. Don't worry, folks!. We got you covered in every aspect and will share the eligibility criteria for this test in the upcoming section. The details will follow the critical dates, like applying dates and exam commencement dates. And then, we will see the benefits of the examination and know more about the companies which consider this exam.

Let us begin with the eligibility criteria for this examination. 

Eligibility criteria

The TCS NQT is specially designed for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, or diploma students.

Anyone in their pre-final year, in the final year or have successfully passed out of their respective Undergraduate, Postgraduate, or diploma from any discipline or specialization can register for this superb examination.

Freshers with less than two years of experience in their respective fields can also benefit from applying for the TCS NQT examination.

What are you waiting for if you found yourself eligible to appear in the examination? Tie up your shoelaces and start preparing for your exam. You can also prepare with TCS Interview Questions for the TCS interview and crack it in the first go.

Let us now look at some of the dates you cannot miss.

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Important dates and venue

Did you wish for something great from Santa Claus this Christmas? I think Santa has listened and granted your wish and sent TCS NQT on behalf of him to send you the gifts.                                                

  • The last date to apply for the exam is 4 July 2023.
  • TCS NQT exam dates are 15 July 2023.
  • Exams will be held online(at home) and also at TCS iON authorized exam centers.

Benefits of TCS NQT

As we all know that Tata consultancy services are a leading IT sector company that provides massive employment opportunities in our country to graduates of multiple domains. The TCS NQT is a multi-level assessment that assesses your essential competencies and skills for various job roles in the IT industry. With the brand of TCS, there comes trust and different hiring partners.

Various information technology companies hire freshers for various job opportunities, and they consider this TCS NQT examination a prerequisite.

The TCS NQT(Cognitive skills) is an elementary condition or a prerequisite for any other variant of NQT.

The eligible candidates who appeared for the TCS NQT test and successfully qualified with a valid test score can apply to different companies for different job roles. The list of companies considering the TCS NQT is available in the TCS iON job Listing portal.


If you wish to kick off your journey for your dream job, then eventually, you landed on the right page, and here are the critical advantages of appearing in the TCS NQT examination.

  • In this world full of competition, the TCS NQT is the thing that can provide you with a vital edge over others.
  • Various corporations across the industry recognize it.
  • It improves your employability quotient.
  • Unlimited attempts can give you a chance to increase your scores continually.
  • It is aligned with the industry's expectations.
  • Well-organized and structured test.

So to kick start your fairy tale journey towards a dream job, you should apply for this very vital examination held quarterly and used in various companies.

Note: You need to apply to each company separately on their job portals.

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The Pattern of the Examination

The TCS NQT is an objective (Multiple choice question) and Fill in the blanks type test.

The test will have five sections and will altogether comprise Ninety two questions, and you need to complete it within the given time frame, i.e., of three hours.

Note:- There is no negative marking in the TCS NQT.

The Five sections of the TCS NQT are following

  1. Section 1. English(Verbal ability)
  2. Section 2. Reasoning ability
  3. Section 3. Numerical ability
  4. Section 4. Programming logic
  5. Section 5. Coding

For details of the Pattern of examination and the variety of questions on the above sections asked in the TCS NQT, you can refer to these blogs:

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I hope you have received all the essential details about the TCS NQT examination. Let us look at some of the frequently asked questions about the test.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the last date to apply for the TCS NQT examination?

The last date to apply for the TCS NQT July exam is 4th July 2023.

What are the companies that consider this examination?

Many companies, such as Titan, Data Patterns, Jump start ninjas, etc., consider this examination.

How many attempts can we have for the TCS NQT examination?

You will have unlimited attempts for this examination.

What is the frequency of this examination?

TCS conducts NQT quarterly, which means NQT will be scheduled four times a year.

What is the eligibility criteria for this examination?

Anyone who is in the pre-final year, final year or have successfully passed out from undergraduate, post-graduate or diploma from any discipline is eligible to appear for the TCS NQT.


This write-up was all about the importance of the TCS NQT exam. We saw its eligibility criteria and also looked up the critical dates. The exam will be conducted only in online mode, and you can appear in it either from your home or at the respective exam centers authorized by the TCS iON. We also saw the benefits and advantages of the assessment and how it will help the freshers to get a dream job.

To prepare yourself for TCS NQT refer to these amazing articles 30 Days Roadmap for TCS NQT, Examination Pattern of TCS NQT for top-notch performance in the exam. Also, Coding Ninjas provides you with a Crash course for preparing you for the same.

Get ready for the TCS NQT exam by accessing different study materials through Coding Ninjas Studio.

Check out TCS Interview Experience to learn about TCS’s hiring process.

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