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Role of a Technical Program Manager
Basic Qualifications
Preferred Qualifications
How to Prepare for the Role
Salary Bracket
Tips from Coding Ninjas
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between a program manager and a technical program manager?
Is a technical program manager a promising career?
What is the difference between the program manager, product manager, and project manager?
What makes an excellent technical program manager?
Who is a technical program manager at Amazon?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Technical Program Manager at Amazon

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Being a Technical Program Manager(TPM) at Amazon is significant for those with a solid technical and product understanding. TPMs are business professionals who oversee one or many projects for a company. The job is technical and requires a technical degree or background. At Amazon, you'll be working at one of the most impactful companies of the century, with a product that impacts billions of people worldwide.

Amazon hires TPMs most often from experienced professionals. While the e-commerce arm of Amazon is open to those from any background, AWS prefers those with an even stronger tech background. Let's find out how you can make your way into it! 😎

Role of a Technical Program Manager

Technical Program managers typically oversee a group of projects (and in some cases, a team of project managers) connected by a common aspect, such as a single company target. They are in charge of strategy, ensuring that everything moves in the right direction and on the correct timelines. An efficient technical program manager will help create a more cohesive and successful team. Hence, when organizations are looking for applicants to lead various projects & teams, they go through a rigorous screening process to ensure the candidate positively affects others and the company.

In this role, you will work closely with software development and product teams to deliver high-quality, scalable products worldwide. You will collaborate with product teams to provide the best product with the most efficient use of resources & technologies. You will also work with all the stakeholders to assemble project teams, assign responsibilities, identify appropriate resources needed, and develop schedules to ensure the timely completion of projects by meeting project milestones. You will also evaluate risks, anticipate bottlenecks, provide escalation management, make tradeoffs, balance the business requirements versus technical constraints and promote risk-taking behavior to maximize business profits.

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Here are the responsibilities of the Technical Program Manager at Amazon.

  • Accountable for the overall development life cycle of the solution and managing complex projects with significant bottom-line impact.
  • Work with product managers to develop a strategy and road map to provide compelling capabilities for the seller community on the Amazon marketplace that helps them succeed in their business goals.
  • Work closely with the senior engineers to develop the best technical design and approach for new product development.
  • Instill best software development and documentation practices, assure designs meet requirements, and deliver high-quality work on tight schedules.
  • Project management: prioritization, planning of projects and features, Stakeholder management, and tracking of external commitments.

Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or equivalent combination of technical education & work experience.
  • 6+ years experience in Software Development; 5+ years of experience building and leading strong engineering teams.
  • In-depth, hands-on technical expertise.
  • Concrete software development background, including design patterns, data structures, and test-driven development.
  • Software development experience in Java, Linux, RDBMS, building web services and highly scalable applications.
  • Knowledge of Big-data technologies and ML algorithms.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master's degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or related technical discipline.
  • Strong business and technical vision.
  • Ability to handle multiple alike priorities in a fast-paced environment.
  • Profound understanding of software development in a team & a track record of shipping software on time.
  • Outstanding customer relationship skills include discovering the proper requirements underlying feature requests, recommending alternative technical and business approaches, and leading engineering efforts to meet aggressive timelines with optimal solutions.

How to Prepare for the Role

Being a Technical Program Manager at Amazon is considerably complex. However, some measures can help you ace this role. Have a look! 

  1. Learn about Amazon - Before you start preparing how to answer Amazon TPM interview questions, you need to be sure that Amazon is the right place for you. To get an idea of how a typical day of an Amazon TPM goes, you can talk to someone who is an ex- or present Amazon TPM. Moreover, Amazon Strategy Teardown, Amazon Vision and Mission Analysis, etc., are also reliable sources of information.

  1. Read the 14 Leadership Principles thoroughly - Go through examples to understand their interpretations. It is even better if you can recite the principles. Multiple resources talk about recruiters asking questions regarding these different principles. For each principle, prepare an example from your work experience. Back it up with details and numbers. Amazon recruiters can drill the details. So, be prepared.

  1. Prepare for architectural design questions - Do not only focus on design and performance. Recruiters also look for your understanding of APIs and their implementation.

  1. Prepare and practice extensively - before going for the interview. Prepare different examples for the questions, especially for behavioral questions. Ensure there are no repetitions.

  1. Practice with ex-interviewers - It is beneficial if you can get professional feedback on your interview performance. This can help you identify specific areas where you need to improve.

You can also practice important Amazon Interview Questions for your complete interview preparation on Code Studio Problem Lists.

Salary Bracket

Amazon is willing to pay a Technical Program Manager in India a salary of around ₹30,65,102 per year. This information is based on the jobs submitted by Amazon.

Experience in years

Annual Salary Range

7 - 9 Years ₹80.0 - ₹84.0 LPA
9 - 11 Years ₹88.0 - ₹92.0 LPA
11 - 13 Years ₹96.0 - ₹100.0 LPA

Tips from Coding Ninjas

To get into a company like Amazon, you will not only have to do hard work but some smart work also. So for you, here are some of the resources we think you will find helpful in your journey! 🐱‍👤

Watch our Youtube video on 4 Proven Ways to Get Interview Calls | Software Developer Interview Tips.

Also, check out our blogs on Crack Technical InterviewsAce the Interview: top 11 dos and don'ts for freshers and professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a program manager and a technical program manager?

Technical Program Managers(TPM) focus on the work of program managers from a technical viewpoint, usually playing a more hands-on role than conventional Program Managers. TPMs spend time analyzing the infrastructure of the organization and developing new technical products to meet user needs.

Is a technical program manager a promising career?

Given the increased demand for the role, a Technical Program Manager is an excellent career choice for candidates with a technical aptitude to bring advancements to organizations and those who like managing teams and taking ideas to completion.

What is the difference between the program manager, product manager, and project manager?

Project managers mainly have an internal focus, while Product and Program managers focus on what is happening externally with their users and the market. Ideally, select and hire for the roles and skills you need and reinforce the differences between those roles.

What makes an excellent technical program manager?

Three critical technical project manager skills are: 

  • Have foundational knowledge of the IT infrastructure and architecture. 
  • Sense of balance between the roles of project manager and technical advisor. 
  • Ability to communicate effectively in both technical and non-technical terms.

Who is a technical program manager at Amazon?

Technical Program Managers(TPMs) are the guiding force on the Amazon Devices team, working with the cross-functional teams across hardware & software to bring a product or feature from concept to launch.


This article gives information about a technical program manager at Amazon and preparing for it. Being a technical program manager at Amazon is not an easy job, but you will solve real-world problems, bringing enthusiasm to many.

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