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About Cisco
Technical Project Specialist
About Role
Roles and Responsibilities
Salary and Perks
Additional Perks
Career Map
How to apply
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a project specialist's job description?
How do project specialists and technical project specialists differ from one another?
Is technical project manager a rewarding profession?
Is having good communication skills a requirement for technical project specialists?
Do we need an engineering bachelor's degree?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Technical Project Specialist at Cisco

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Interested in finding out how to become a Technical Project Specialist and work for a major organization like Cisco. Then you are in the correct place, as this blog will undoubtedly assist you in resolving any questions you may have about how to work as a Technical Project Specialist at Cisco.

But before that, let's first give a quick overview of Cisco as a firm.

About Cisco

cisco logo

One of the top networking and information technology firms in the world is Cisco Systems. With a market valuation of $194.94 billion as of June 2020, Cisco was the biggest firm in the networking and communications devices sector. In order to obtain an advantage in market expansion, market accretion, and new market entry, Cisco has a habit of acquiring businesses.

Technical Project Specialist

Technical Project Specialist

About Role

A project specialist with a focus on excellent delivery is accountable for the efficient and successful management of their projects. The project specialist must excel at effective project setup, project tracking and reporting, risk and issue analysis, and quality assurance in order to do this. Knowing the fundamentals of project management as well as the proper techniques and processes is crucial in light of this.

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Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Create and put in place training procedures and plans for all technical workers.
  • Analyse, plan, and create norms and requirements in relation to projects that are scheduled.
  • Assign and monitor the technical staff's daily responsibilities while ensuring that every employee is actively pursuing the set goals.
  • Hold regular technical team meetings to assess progress and discuss any project-related queries or difficulties.
  • Establish and specify the precise deliverables, roles, and duties for the personnel needed for a project or program..
  • Working on network, server, or software implementation and upgrade projects are frequent in Cisco.


  • A bachelor's degree of Engineering in Computer Science or Information Science.
  • Understanding of the techniques, strategies, and processes used in project management.
  • Knowledge of fostering young talent in the technological field by mentoring, coaching, and other means.
  • Excellent organisational and time management skills, as well as experience setting standards in these areas for others.
  • Strong feeling of personal responsibility for decisions and managing departmental teams.
  • Worked in a very collaborative atmosphere and encouraged a collaboration approach.

If you're unsure of how to boost your GPA and be hired by prestigious firms like Cisco, keep reading. Without a doubt, you should see the video below.

Salary and Perks

Salary and Perks

The annual compensation for a Cisco Systems Project Specialist is ₹16,94,750. The annual salary range for project specialists at Cisco Systems is between ₹10,16,064 and ₹17,50,316. A Project Specialist at Cisco Systems can expect an average salary of ₹18,30,562 a year after tax, tip, and other compensation.

Salary at Cisco

Range - ₹10,16,064 and ₹17,50,316
Average- ₹16,94,750
Monthly - ₹1,41,229 (based on average)

The figures presented above are subjected to change by Cisco.

Additional Perks

🏠Work From Home

💊Health Insurance



🚀Team Outings

👨‍⚕️Job Training

🧒Child care

🏫Education Assistance

✈️International Relocation

These are the additional benefits that you will get if you work at Cisco.

Career Map

Career map

You will have a thorough understanding of the Technical Project Specialist job description, including its duties, pay, and general viability, after reading the material provided above. But allow me to remind you that becoming a project manager will allow you to advance your career even farther.

technical project manager is a person who possesses both technical expertise and inspiring leadership qualities. Those who want to work as technical project managers must possess a high level of technical expertise as well as organisational, leadership, and communication skills because they play a key role in the planning and management of IT and IT-related projects.

Responsibilities as Technical Project Manager

  • Analysing, organising, and creating initiatives that are scheduled.
  • Establishing and putting into practise training procedures for all technical staff.
  • Establishing and defining for each employee precise deliverables, roles, and responsibilities.
  • Monthly technical team meetings to discuss any issues or difficulties with planned projects.
  • Choosing the best hardware and software technologies for each project through research and evaluation.
  • Updating and maintaining all production technologies, assisting in achieving effective installation and maintenance.



If you want to succeed in your interview at Cisco, you need more than that because it is a technical role, and your fundamental knowledge of networking, operating systems, or aptitude should be completely clear because only then will you be able to. If you want to work as a Technical Project Specialist at Cisco, your general knowledge about the technical subject should be clear to ace your interview because the skills that we have mentioned above are specific for this role.


  • Check out this series on Aptitude to get ready for general aptitude.
  • Operating system:: You can check out the above link if you have general questions about operating systems.


  • Computer network: Please visit the link provided at the beginning for any information about computer networking.


  • Python:  if you're seeking for resources to learn about python, check out the python article linked at the beginning.

If you are sufficiently confident in your talents and want to put them to the test, take a look at the challenges and test series that will allow you to evaluate your knowledge.

  • Test-series: These series include various questions on various crucial issues that will undoubtedly assist you overcome any difficulty you may experience during the interview.


  • Problems: You can check out the link at the beginning for DSA issues.


  • Interview bundle: The questions asked during the interviews at different companies are all listed in the link for the interview package. People who are aware that these could assist you should be consulted.

  • Contests: Participate in a coding competition the Coding Ninjas offers if you wish to practise more.


Check out this link for the curated articles and videos and prepare for the interview you are looking forward to.

Curated video and article

How to apply

How to apply

Step 1: You can go on their official website of Cisco Careers.

Step 2: Search for a job. 


cisco careers

Step 3: click on the link below. 

cisco careers


Step 4: Fill out the application form

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a project specialist's job description?

Project managers handle given tasks at a company alongside other employees. They must be able to recognize and address potential issues within particular projects, and some may also be in charge of developing staff members to carry out specific tasks.

How do project specialists and technical project specialists differ from one another?

Technical project specialists and standard project specialists differ primarily in that the TPM also has a technical background and expertise, whereas the non-technical PS may merely have project management experience. Usually, this area of expertise is in engineering or information technology.

Is technical project manager a rewarding profession?

You can make a nice living. Technical project specialists frequently have significant earning potential since they are knowledgeable in both the management and technical parts of their industry.

Is having good communication skills a requirement for technical project specialists?

Yes, communication is one of the most important skills you'll need if you're applying for this position because you'll need to manage various project sectors and talk to lots of people.

Do we need an engineering bachelor's degree?

Yes, it is required if you are seeking the technical project specialist position.


In this post, we discovered what Technical Project Specialists do, who they are, what their duties are, and what requirements there are to become one. The blogs and other tools required to find work have also been addressed.

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