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Dell Preparation Guide
Ways to Join Dell
Written Test Round
Technical Round
HR Round
Job Opportunities at Dell
Technical Support Engineer at Dell
Salary and Perks
How to become a Technical Support Engineer 
Technical Support Engineer Responsibilities:
Technical Support Engineer Requirements:
Job Expectations
Roadmap and Carrier Map for the Job 
Career Steps
Frequently Asked Questions
What is meant by technical support engineer?
What is the salary for freshers in Dell?
Is technical support an IT job?
Does Dell pay well?
How is the work atmosphere at Dell?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Technical Support Engineer at Dell

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Accurate and prompt research, diagnosis, troubleshooting, and resolution of customer concerns are the responsibilities of a technical support engineer. You will be in charge of utilizing various hardware, software, and system configurations while adhering to established protocols to escalate unresolved issues to the relevant internal departments.

IT assistance is challenging. Hours of patience, accuracy, and time management are required, frequently without pauses. It will be tricky for you if you cannot work under pressure. says technical support experts are among the ten most sought-after tech professionals for 2022. Even though these are entry-level positions, they often offer a living wage compensation, regular daytime work hours, and a pleasant and professional workplace.

We'll discuss the Technical Support Engineer position at Dell in this blog.


Dell Preparation Guide

The world-class support provided by Dell Technologies doesn't end when a customer buys one of their cutting-edge products. Customers can contact Technical Support staff by phone, email, online, or on social media whenever they need assistance. 

No matter how difficult the task, they are up to it. Technical engineers respond to Dell Technologies product setup, usage, configuration, customization, and operation inquiries. They deploy technology to offer remote diagnostic technical support in urgent situations. 

Suppose there is a problem with a customer's product. In that case, they will investigate it, pinpoint the root cause, recommend a fix, and record the issue.


What you'll accomplish by working at Dell:

As a technical support engineer, you will handle complicated technical problems while improving procedures, standards, and tactics to enhance our support services.


When a technically complex customer issue is reported via the web, phone, chat, or email, you will: 

• Take ownership of it and work closely with the customer until it is fully resolved 

• Document pertinent information

• Ensure that the customer is promptly informed about their issue's overall status. 

• Resolve customer issues by closely collaborating with engineering, SE, and other multi-functional teams.

• Provide Engineering with accurate information so they may increase the quality and dependability of their products.

• Ensure that clients are given the utmost respect and promote operational excellence by using quality closures

Prep Guide

For practice questions, follow this link.

Ways to Join Dell

Three rounds of the Dell interview process will be used to determine a candidate's core competencies:

Written Test Round

There are three main sections in this round:

  • Mathematical, logical, and verbal reasoning tests make up the general aptitude test.
  • The technical ability test includes inquiries about Operating SystemsAlgorithmsData StructuresProgramming Languages, and Networking-related topics.
  • There are three coding questions in this test.

Here is one of the experiences you can read to get an overview.

Written Test

Technical Round

For the second written stage of the interview at the business, candidates must optimise the code they developed. Questions about Data structuresalgorithms, and SQL were posed by the interviewers. The technical skills listed on a candidate's CV may change as a result of the interview questions. Puzzles are frequently included in the Dell interview process.

HR Round

Behavioral and scenario-based questions in the HR round. The recruiter inquires about the candidate's goals and anticipated results from work to decide if they have the skills for the job and the organization.

hr and technical round

Job Opportunities at Dell

Jobs like Software Senior EngineerTechnical Support EngineerLab Support Engineer, and Software Engineer 2 - Java, Microservices are available at Dell, with an average salary of 1 million per year (INR) and an Average Bonus of ₹104k rupees.


Technical Support Engineer at Dell

Dot Net Engineer at Nagarro

Requirements -

  • Apply high-level technical expertise at the systems level to clients' problems in their data protection environment. Identify, record, and escalate customer complaints to senior resources when necessary.
  • suitable hardware, networkingRAID, NAS, SAN, LAN, and Linux knowledge and experience of any flavor
  • It would be advantageous to know virtualization technologies like VMware vSphereHyper-V, etc., as well as experience with backup programs like Commvault, NetBackup, and others.
  • Two years or more of prior Avamar experience, Networker, or Data Domain technical support role
  • Must have prior technical and customer service experience.
  • Creating information for the knowledge database to share all knowledge learned about solving problems. Good cloud support knowledge
  • Works well in a group setting. Excellent corporate communication abilities; knows how to interact with clients. 
  • Can work under pressure Support is a 24/7/365 operation. Therefore shift Work, holidays, and on-call duties will be necessary.

Salary and Perks


The average salary for Dell Software employees is below.


For those with less than one year of experience and those with more than eight years, the average Dell Technical Support Engineer salary in India is 5.2 Lakhs per year. The annual salary range for technical support engineers at Dell is from 3.4 to 8.2 lakhs rupees. Salary projections are based on 370 salaries from different Dell workers.

**The salaries as mentioned above are subject to change.**

Salary stats constantly change.In addition to a competitive wage, the corporation offers several benefits, including:

  • Flexible scheduling and Strategic Planning
  • Relaxed Attitude and attire
  • Paid Vacations/Holidays
  • Discretionary Work from home, telecommute or receive training, instruction, or Certification Reimbursement.
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How to become a Technical Support Engineer 

Technical support engineers, also referred to as IT support engineers, offer direct technical assistance to customers with desktop and IT-related problems. They are responsible for setting up new computers, repairing hardware problems, updating software, analyzing network setups, and giving general IT support.

Technical Support Engineer Responsibilities:

  • Answering tickets for technical support.
  • Contacting clients to obtain more information about technical or IT issues
  • Connecting remotely to clients' computers.
  • Visit a client's workplace or server's location.
  • Installing new networking, software, and hardware.
  • Identifying and resolving software, networking, and hardware problems.
  • Putting up practical, straightforward solutions.
  • Provide instructions for simple software.
  • Preserving positive client relationships.
  • Filling out job reports.

Technical Support Engineer Requirements:

Technical Support Engineer Requirements:
  • computer science or information technology bachelor's degree.
  • Prior employment as a desktop support engineer or technical support engineer.
  • Comprehensive understanding of networking and hardware.
  • Understanding of web services, operating systems, and APIs.
  • Understanding remote access programs like TeamViewer.
  • Ability to troubleshoot complex hardware and software problems.
  • Outstanding communication abilities.
  • Analytical mindset.
  • Strong interpersonal abilities.

Job Expectations

An extensive spectrum of internal and external clients from various industries, including telecom, healthcare, and financial services, are served by technical support engineers' debugging and tech support services.

Almost every large organization has an IT department that primarily offers technical support. Large and medium-sized businesses frequently divide their technical help into two categories:

  • Engineers that support internal staff and departments.
  • Customer-facing personnel converse with clients who have called in or launched a live chat to ask for assistance.

The technical support engineer role is typically a mid-career one that offers high levels of job satisfaction. Before transitioning into other tech professions outside of support, most technical support engineers spend about 20 years in the field. Depending on the kind of organization they want to work for, those interested in a career in tech assistance should pursue a degree in computer engineering, computer science, engineering, or a technical subject.

The following skill set is needed for this position:

  • Technical expertise
  • Communication, adaptability, patience, and problem-solving are examples of soft skills.

Roadmap and Carrier Map for the Job 

A bachelor's degree in computer science, electrical engineering, or a similar discipline is necessary to work as a technical support engineer. For most professions, 3-5 years of experience are needed, and optional certifications are available. Interpersonal abilities, problem-solving abilities, listening abilities, familiarity with operating systems, backup software, and database software, as well as knowledge of and proficiency with equipment like mainframe computers, computer toolkits, and network analyzers, are essential for this position. Now, look at the steps for a technical support engineer's career.

Career Steps

Step 1: Finish your postsecondary education

Computer support specialists generally require a bachelor's degree, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, while other employers may recruit someone with an associate's degree.

Standard programs are computer science, computer engineering, information systems, or a similar field. The program's basic requirements also cover operating systems and database management subjects in addition to programming languages like C and C++. They also study computer architecture design, performance analysis of systems, and the application of algorithms in programming. Additionally, programs might provide Java development, Internet applications, and Web design electives.

Additionally, you might desire to finish an internship. A person might participate in an internship program run by another company or a nearby telecom company. Through internships, students can obtain hands-on experience with technical support, networking, and computer programs in a professional context. These possibilities can also be used to earn college credit toward a degree.


Step 2: Earn Voluntary Credentials

Several certifications are available in installing and troubleshooting computer hardware, software, and systems from the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA)

The CompTIA A+ certification, which attests to a person's experience with computer systems and may increase job opportunities, is something aspirational technical support engineers should think about earning. 

For certification, passing a prerequisite exam is necessary.


Step 3: Find Employment

Technical support engineers may work with software developers, product designers, and technical support teams in businesses, academic institutions, and other organizations. 

Beginner technical engineers usually assist new hires by installing hardware, doing routine system maintenance, and modifying computer systems. 

Recruiters may start returning emails from external clients or taking calls from internal computer users as they gain experience. 

These professionals might also monitor computer systems' efficiency to ensure that the hardware, software, and applications are working at their best.


Step 4: Gain Continuing Education

According to CompTIA, those who have earned their certifications are required to recertify every three years. Recertifying and passing the certification exam is possible, as is finishing continuing education requirements approved by CompTIA. The CompTIA A+ certification holder needs to complete 20 units. Credits are awarded for finishing authorized coursework, participating in seminars, and writing papers, among other things. People are also required to pay an annual fee. Candidates may have a competitive advantage when pursuing growth possibilities by maintaining certification.

Roadmap and Carrier Map for the Job



To have mastery over the dot net, read the blogs on why it can be beneficial to attend online boot camps where professionals share their knowledge and why javascript is so essential? Also, check out the Free Javascript tutorial by Coding Ninjas.

You can also visit multiple courses to help you in your journey to becoming a Technical Support Engineer at Dell. Check out the links below for reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by technical support engineer?

An IT support engineer, also referred to as a technical support engineer, aids in addressing technical issues with various computer system components, including software, hardware, and other network-related IT issues.

What is the salary for freshers in Dell?

The starting salary at Dell is between 3.6 and 5.8 lakhs.

Is technical support an IT job?

Yes, Technical support is a requirement for IT jobs. A technical support person's job is to handle issues with hardware, software, or other technological technology that facilitates effective communication.

Does Dell pay well?

From roughly 1.1 lakhs per year for a laptop service engineer to 78.4 lakhs per year for a director of software engineering, this is the average Dell wage range. Salary projections are based on 20.4k Dell salaries from various Dell workers.

How is the work atmosphere at Dell?

A highly positive and impartial work atmosphere with a wide range of coworkers who support one another's learning and professional development. Dell is a results-oriented business. Its workplace culture is centered on innovation and productivity.


Finally, you have reached the article's conclusion. Congratulations!! You gained knowledge of the Technical Support Engineer position at Dell in this blog. You now have mastery over Technical Support Engineer.

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