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About Comviva 
About the role 
Salary and Perk 
Roles and Responsibilities
Skills and Experience Required 
Preparation Strategy
Programming in Java and C#
Software Development
Databases and Cloud Technologies
Interview Preparation
Resources for Preparation 
Frequently Asked Questions
What do you understand by a Techops Engineer?
What does a TechOps engineer do?
What are the Technologies required for Technical operations at Comviva?
What are the soft skills that should be in a TechOps engineer?
How to prepare for an HR Round?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

TechOps Engineer at Comviva

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Dreaming of becoming a TechOps Engineer at Comviva and looking forward to working with tech giants but confused about the role and strategy of preparation? 

We have got you covered!

Techops Engineer at Comviva

This blog will guide you with a complete roadmap for the job you aspire for. We will also look at the perks of joining as a TechOps Engineer at Comviva and the resources required to be prepared for assessments and interviews.

So, let’s get started.

About Comviva 

Company logo

Comviva is among the leaders of mobility solutions providers and caters to over two billion platform users globally. Comviva technology products enable its customers to increase revenue, operate profitably and make a difference. With a global network of these customers, partners, employees, and thought leaders, Comviva helps the world to run in a better way.

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About the role 

In this section, we will discuss the job of a TechOps Engineer at Comviva.

About the role
  • Accurate and prompt research, diagnosis, troubleshooting, and resolution of customer concerns are the responsibilities of a TechOps engineer. You will utilize various hardware, software, and system configurations while adhering to established protocols to escalate unresolved issues to the relevant internal departments.
  • IT Operations are challenging. Hours of patience, accuracy, and time management are required, frequently without pauses. It will be tricky for you if you cannot work under pressure. 
  • says technical Operation experts are among the ten most sought-after tech professionals for 2022. Even though these are entry-level positions, they often offer a living wage compensation, regular daytime work hours, and a pleasant and professional workplace.

Salary and Perk 

For experience ranging from 0 to 2 years, the average Software Engineer at Comviva salary in India is 4.33 Lakhs.

salary and perks
Average Salary ₹ 4,33,235/- per annum
Estimated Take-Home Salary ₹ 32,201 - ₹ 33,482/-month

Being a TechOps Engineer at Comviva provides you with plenty of perks and benefits, which are listed below:

Health And Wellness

  • Parental Benefits
  • Vacation And Time Off
  • Professional Development
  • Savings and investments
  • Giving programs
  • Educational resources
  • Opportunities to network and connect
  • Discounts on products, and services

Roles and Responsibilities

As a TechOps Engineer at Comviva, you will be responsible for 

Roles and Responsiblites

The main responsibilities of a Software Engineer at Comviva are:

  • Provide software support to products and services, including web-based software platforms and backends. 
  • Collaborate with several development teams to resolve client issues.
  • Provide in-depth technical and business knowledge to multiple teams. 
  • Gain knowledge and experience working with traditional relational and the latest NoSQL databases. 
  • Become a subject matter expert who provides various teams with an in-depth understanding of a product's business and technical aspects.
  • Respond to customer inquiries, log bugs, and, when required, reproduce, troubleshoot, resolve, and escalate issues

Skills and Experience Required 

If you are interested in the position of TechOps engineer at Comviva, then you should have mentioned the qualifications and skills.

Skills and experience required
  • BS/ BTech in Computer Science, Information Systems, or equivalent required.
  • Software development experience of 1-3 years in Java, C#, ASP.NET, or any object-oriented programming language.
  • Good understanding of relational databases and SDLC.
  • Solid problem-solving and analytical skills. Ability to learn new technologies.
  • You should know about version control systems, online service APIs, and software deployment.
  • Outstanding abilities in both writing and oral communication.
  • You should always be open to learning new things.
  • Build strong relationships with international teams.
  • Perseverance in the face of difficulty and maintaining composure.
  • Strong desire and capacity to learn new techniques, procedures, technologies, and product knowledge. 
  • Possessing the ability to solve problems and provide excellent customer service.
  • Ability to take charge of and see through client issues to completion.

Preparation Strategy

We all know the power of preparation and planning. You require preparation if you want to work at Comviva. But don’t worry, and Coding Ninjas has got you covered. We have several articles and courses on our platform that you can use to gain skills and be job-ready.

Preparation Strategy

Programming in Java and C#

As you can see in the skills required section, Java and C# are one of the requirements. So, you should learn the basics of programming through Java and C#. You should know the basic concepts of programming, including object-oriented programming.

Preparation Strategy

You can follow the links below to access our Java and C# Programming and Object-oriented programming tutorials. 

Software Development

As a Techops Engineer at Comviva, you should be familiar with software development. You should know how software development works.

Preparation Strategy

Also, you should be aware of APIs and the working of APIs in web technology. You should also be familiar with Agile methodology. Follow the below links to get an idea. 

Databases and Cloud Technologies

You should also be familiar with databases and cloud technologies. You should have a good grasp of relational and non-relational databases. You should know how the data is stored, managed, and manipulated. Also, you should know about the most common cloud computing software, including AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure.

Preparation Strategy

Follow the below links to understand these topics and be prepared. 

Interview Preparation

You must undergo several interview experiences to be employed at Comviva. Hence, it would help if you prepared yourself well for the interviews. You can read the interview experiences of candidates who appeared for the Comviva process and have shared their experiences.  

Preparation Strategy


You can boost your interview preparation by practicing interview questions.

Where to find them? Are you confused about this? Don't worry. Coding Ninjas will help you with this. Check out our coding interview questions bundle here.

Resources for Preparation 

Resources for Preparation

Follow the following resources to sharpen your skills to grab the position of TechOps at Comviva.

To prepare for interviews at Comviva, follow the given links:

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you understand by a Techops Engineer?

A Techops Engineer is a person who resolves the problems of customers as well as troubleshoots the problems that are occurring in the company’s web application.

What does a TechOps engineer do?

A TechOps engineer is responsible for identifying customer needs, creating and testing software, and assisting the sales team with presentations and product prototypes.

What are the Technologies required for Technical operations at Comviva?

Technologies required are Linux, PLSQL, Production Support, Unix, and Application support.

What are the soft skills that should be in a TechOps engineer?

Some skills are communicating technical information, Time management, 

Collaboration with the team, Time Management, Active Listening, Critical Thinking, Management of Resources, and Complex Problem Solving.

How to prepare for an HR Round?

The interviewer asks questions about your hobbies, team behavior, approach towards life, how to deal with problems and stress, etc. It is good practice to rehearse these answers beforehand.


In this article, we have discussed the Techops Engineer at Comviva. We hope this article has cleared your doubts and helped you enhance your knowledge of the Software Engineer role and its interview preparation and process. If you want to learn more about Comviva and opportunities at Comviva, do visit the following articles:

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You can refer to our guided paths on Coding Ninjas Studio to learn more about DSA, Competitive Programming, JavaScript, System Design, etc. Enroll in our courses and refer to the mock test and problems available. Take a look at the interview experiences and interview bundle for placement preparations.

Happy Learning!

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