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What is Android?
Student communication Application
Texting Android Application
Calendar Application 
Surveillance Camera 
Bluetooth Chat 
Food for Train App 
Battery Indicator
Privacy Alert Application
Login Divert Application
Home Appliances Controller
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Android?
What are the basic steps to build an android app?
Name some android projects for beginners.
Last Updated: Jul 4, 2024

10 Best Android Projects for Beginners

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Android application developer sounds like a fascinating profession, doesn’t it? According to a report by Statista, over 88% of the world uses Android-enabled devices.

 Android projects for beginners.

What if we tell you that you can develop applications that you use on your mobile and millions of others. Here are some of the most enthralling Android-based projects focused on beginners that could help you work on and become a leading Android developer one day. Before we get into the list, let’s have a quick tour of Android and why it is used by the majority of the human population.

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What is Android?

Android is a software stack including an operating system, middleware, and key applications. It uses Linux to provide core system services like security, memory management, process management, power management, and hardware drives.

The Android Story
Android was unveiled in 2007, along with the founding of Open Handset Alliance – a consortium of hardware, software, and telecommunication companies. The reason behind naming each android version after a dessert is because these devices make our life easy.

Basic steps to follow for building an application for beginners:

  • Design basic images for the app
  • Verify that the device can support your app.
  • Write code to make the app work using java or the language of your choice.
  • Create an app icon
  • Review the final code.

Eliminate the possibility of misinterpretation and hoax:

Student communication Application

Through this application, students can communicate with each other on a single platform and share necessary information through the chat facility and an overall common notice pinned where important news can be shared. Security and integrity are promised through a login page for the users and a code to join the group.

The development process requires knowledge of Android Studio, Java, and XML. Java can even be replaced by Kotlin, and the same can be done with XML replaced with JSON. This app is specifically targeting a group chat and not one-to-one communication. After registering on the signup page, users can log into their accounts and enter the chat room with a code. A notice board, common to all students despite the code is also present on the home screen.

Building communication reliable and secure with your friends and family:

Texting Android Application

 Do you remember when mobile phones were used to call a person?
Slowly, sending and receiving text became the primary mode of communication, along with voice calls. In this project, you will help you learn ways to develop an Android application to send SMS from your smartphone. While developing this app, you will understand how to work with background services.

In this application, you can enter a desired mobile number and a text message to be sent to that number. Upon clicking the “Send SMS” button, the content in the text field will be sent to your mobile number.

Requirements to build the application:

  • Latest Android Studio
  • Knowledge of XML and JAVA
  • Android Emulator (or) Android mobile

Never miss an appointment or event with this app:

Calendar Application 

If you are someone looking to learn Kotlin, then this Kotlin-based calendar application is the right one to get started with. Since the main goal of this app is quite simple, it makes it a perfect choice to explore and put your hands completely into learning a new language for developing Android apps.

This application is a simple calendar with an optional CalDAV synchronization that can be added. With this application, you’ll be able to create recurring events and set up reminders in a day, week, or month. It consists of a monthly view and an event list widget where you can customize the color of the text, as well as the alpha and the color of the background. If this isn’t enough, you also learn how to make custom desktop widgets for Android from this project.

Have a third eye anywhere you go:

Surveillance Camera 

Not all Android apps are used for fun and entertainment. This application is a basic surveillance camera application that is mostly used as a babysitter/child care application. The way these applications work is that two Android mobiles need to have this app installed on their phone and logged in with the same Gmail address. You can access the camera on the other phone from yours. This application also has a track viewing advantage in which you can track the other person’s location just by logging in to the application in both apps with the same Gmail address.

Apart from all these features, it also has an emergency call icon on it which you can use to alert another person when you don’t feel safe. Upon a press of an icon, the other person will receive a call/message.

Low on data again? Our friend in Bluetooth might help:

Bluetooth Chat 

Text communication usually involves the internet or mobile number to send it offline. This project enables the user to chat and create a profile even without the use of the internet. This can be achieved by connecting two devices through Bluetooth. A beneficial feature of this system is that it can maintain a chat history and can be viewed by the users whenever needed. The users can also transfer files,
audios and videos from one junction to another.

Satisfy your taste buds on the move:

Food for Train App 

Through this application, users will be able to enable the delivery of food to the passengers of trains. They’ll be able to order food of their choice during their journey and enjoy their pleasant ride. It is based on the Location services options of Android, as it will also have live tracking of the passengers. The three modules this application requires are the restaurant module, the passenger module, and the delivery module.

Login credentials are needed for all three stakeholders to carry out the process securely. The user will be
able to place an order from a restaurant through this app, and the nearest delivery person available would be assigned to deliver the food pack.

The lifesaver you need in extremities:

Battery Indicator

 What if you are in a crisis, and you’re running out of battery on your phone to make that emergency call? With this battery level indicator application, you need not fret in such unpleasant situations. It suggests you charge your mobile phone whenever the battery level is below 15% or use a battery-saver option to extend the life of your phone.
 The battery saver will force stop all the battery-drowning applications at the moment and aids you in using your android at a low battery stage. It will also lower your screen brightness and close applications that are running in the background to save energy consumption so that the next time you’re out, you’ll never have to worry about your battery level again.

The mobile locker you can trust every time:

Privacy Alert Application

Are you a person who doesn’t always have their phone in hand but got things to keep in private on the device? Through the privacy alert application, you will be able to keep track of your phone with a sensor over it. This app scans all the necessary details about you and saves them on the phone. Additionally, you can add two more people’s details to give access to your phone.

If anyone accesses your mobile apart from these people, the application will send an alert message to your email address and sounds a beep when someone else tries to unlock your device. This application ensures no one else takes the private details you have in this device.

Preserve security while pulling a prank:

Login Divert Application

Any user would set up a password or fingerprint access for their device so that not everyone can use a mobile. But what if you don’t want a person trying to gain control over your mobile to not just be sent away with a password wrong warning message and instead fool them a little? That is what you’ll be building through this application.

Whenever someone enters a wrong password, the mobile phone unlocks and shows the guest home screen with a few unwanted photographs and some applications chosen by you to make sure the user end believes this is the original home screen. The integrity of your original data is saved, as it isn’t displayed on this fake home page. This application keeps your content in the device safe and also helps you pull off a great prank on your friends.

Lost your remote controller again? No problem:

Home Appliances Controller

Are you someone who is constantly losing track of their air conditioner and television remote operators? Install this appliances controller application to connect every home appliance to your mobile phone. This application will have different home appliances such as AC, Fan,
Television, etc., and links it to your device. The Arduino Uno is used to create the application connected to DC voltage.

You can turn on the device, switch between channels and modes, raise or reduce volume, increase or decrease brightness, and a lot more. You don’t ever need to search for remote controllers when you have this application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Android?

Android is a software stack including an operating system, middleware, and key applications. It uses Linux to provide core system services like security, memory management, process management, power management, and hardware drives.

What are the basic steps to build an android app?

The basic steps to follow for building an application for beginners are to Design basic images for the app, Verify that the device can support your app, Write code to make the app work using java or the language of your choice, Create an app icon, and Review the final code.

Name some android projects for beginners.

Beginners can start doing projects on Calendar Application, Privacy Alert Application, Battery Indicator, Bluetooth Chat, Food for Train App, and many more. 

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Winding up, these are the top 10 amazing android projects for beginners. Android Studio is favored with an enriched community of Android Developers and an effective marketplace, making it the perfect choice to learn for a beginner. If you are about to develop your first Android application, get your tools involved in one of these projects.

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