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Last updated: Feb 7, 2022


Tensorflow should not be overlooked when learning and implementing deep learning models. One of the most important tools, with numerous built-in libraries and packages, that allows you to build models more quickly and efficiently.
In this blog, we will learn about a powerful library primarily used in problem-solving in Machine Learning called TensorFlow. Let's begin.
Author Rajkeshav
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Applications of Tensorflow
In this blog post, we’ll see the applications of Tensorflow and how companies are using Tensorflow in real-world systems. We’ll also see a practical demonstration of a classification-based task on the IMDB dataset.
TensorFlow Ecosystem EASY
This article highlight the whole TensorFlow Ecosystem. TensorFlow is an open-source, free library for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
Author Shiva
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TensorFlow Functions to make Deep Learning Easier
In this blog post, we’ll see how some TensorFlow Functions can make some Deep Learning and ML tasks easier.
Neural Style Transfer with TensorFlow MEDIUM
This blog will discuss the topic of Neural Style Transfer with TensorFlow, along with definition, components, working, formulas and implementation.
TensorBoard EASY
This article will learn about tensorboard with its applications, covering all its basics from its installation to its implementation.
Confusion Matrix with Tensorboard EASY
In this article, we will learn to plot a confusion matrix using a tensorboard. To do, so we will be implementing a small neural network and plotting the results in a confusion matrix.
MobileNet EASY
This article talks about MobileNet and its implementation
Learning Variables in Tensorflow with tf.variable EASY
This article incorporates the variable in TensorFlow in Python.
Finding Gradient in Tensorflow using tf.GradientTape MEDIUM
In this blog, we will discuss the introduction to automatic differentiation and then will discuss about the tf.gradientTape, and what are the various methods in tf.gradientTape.
Introduction to Tensorflow Cloud EASY
This article will discuss Tensorflow and Tensorflow cloud in detail.
Tensorflow Advanced: Tensor Slicing MEDIUM
This article will discuss Tensor Slicing in Tensorflow along with its applications.
Tensorflow Advanced: Sparse and Ragged Tensors EASY
This article will discuss the Sparse and Ragged Tensors in Tensorflow.