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Visual Studio Code
Test Provider Extension
How Can We Perform API Testing in VS Code? 
Frequently Asked Question
How do we run code tests in Visual Studio Code?
How do we add an extension in VS code?
How do we perform a load test in Visual Studio?
How many extensions are there in Visual Studio Code?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Test Provider Extension for VS Code

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Hello Ninjas, we frequently use compilers and editors as coders or developers. Visual Studio Code helps us to write code in different languages on one platform. VS code is also a streamlined code editor as it provides a user-friendly interface, offers features like error identification, and provides a flexible coding environment for developers.

Test Provider Extension for VS Code

In this article, we will look into the test provider extension VS Code enables you to run and debug tests for this extension.

Before going forward, let's know a brief about VS code.

Visual Studio Code

It is a source-code editor created by Microsoft using the Electron Framework and is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. It supports debugging, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion( reduces typos and other common errors. It is a context-aware code completion feature that speeds up the process of creating applications.), snippets, code refactoring, and embedded Git.

Visual Studio Code

Users can change the theme of the workplace, keyboard shortcuts, and preferences, as well as download extensions that add extra functionality.

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Test Provider Extension

As we know, VS Code allows you to run and debug tests in an extension, which names as a test provider extension. These tests will run within a particular instance of VS Code known as the Extension Development Host, with full access to the VS Code API(Application Programming Interface).

There are 2 test providers that VS Code team maintains. The sample test extension and the self-host test extension.

The sample test extension provides tests in Markdown files (which use inline text symbols and are saved in plain text format using the MD language). We use the self-host test extension for running tests in VS Code itself.

Let's now see how we can perform API testing in VS code, and you can also see how to perform API Testing in Various IDE?

How Can We Perform API Testing in VS Code?

Step 1: Suppose we want to fetch data from the open source or any organization-built APIs; then we need,

  • JSON URL. 
  • Auth.
  • Private key.
 	"nat": "NL",
		"gender": "male"
		"name": {
		"title": "Mr"
		"first": “Dárcio",
		"last": "Melo"
			"number": 3305,
			“name”: "Avenida Brasil "
		"city": "Ponta Grossa”,
		"state": "Ceará"
		"country": “Brazil",
		"postcode": 29150,
		"description": "Ekaterinburg, Islamabad, Karachi, Tashkent"
 	"email": "",
		"uuid": "49650a33-4130-40a3-652f-a297170b6dec”,
		"username": "blackwolf707",
		"password": “fantasia",
		"salt": “tgmcbNmE”,
		"md5": "38efe16890f115a1d95463421d3978ca",
		"shal": “5b969f156db221a3cbe865d9fdde15d9a91c0591",
		"sha256": "bf702568767c4bbe859031e131283900309f69defe9996369c4efedb824c704"
		"date": "1951-08-22710:12:53.2217",
		"age": 69
	"registered": {
	"date": "2012-08-2717:10:00.894Z”,

Step 2: We require the above three things to fetch API data with Axios.



Axios is an HTTP client library based on promises( then() is for a response, and catch() is for error). It facilitates CRUD activities and the delivery of asynchronous HTTP requests to REST endpoints.

componentDidMount () {
	let Linkur1 = "
	Axios.get (Linkur1). then( (response) => {
		let employId=;
		let totalData=;
		let selectedEmploy= totalData.find (underData=>underData. login.uuid===employId);
		this.setstate({ ...this.state, selectedEmploy: selectedemploy });
	 }). catch((error)  => {
 		errorMessage: error

Step 3: Now, as we have to fetch the data, we must store it in an array depending on the API data type. Here we have stored it in user Data.

Step 4: Now, try to print every individual object with the help of UI.

<React .Fragment>
 { =› {
    	return (<tr key={userinfo.login.uuid}>
    	<td>Link to={' employes/${userinfo.login.uuid}’}>{} 
    	{ first} {userinfo. name.last}</Li    
		<td><img src={userinfo.picture.medium}/></td>
</React .Fragment> : null}





As we can see in the above image, several data samples are present with categories like name, location, email, phone, and pictures, which are the same as mentioned in the above API image in the first step, which signifies that we have fetched the API successfully.

If you want to have a look at the entire code, please find the entire code here.

Frequently Asked Question

How do we run code tests in Visual Studio Code?

Tests can be executed or run from Test Explorer by right-clicking a test in the code editor, selecting a Run test, or using Visual Studio's default Test Explorer shortcuts.

How do we add an extension in VS code?

Using the Extensions view, locate extensions to install. Install a VS Code Extension Marketplace extension. Check the Features Contributions tab or the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P) to see the added features. 

How do we perform a load test in Visual Studio?

Select the Individual components tab in Visual Studio Installer, then scroll down to the Debugging and testing section. Choose Web performance and load testing software.

How many extensions are there in Visual Studio Code?

The number of extensions known in the Marketplace makes VS Code popular. With over 30,000 extensions available, the possibilities seem almost limitless and overwhelming.


We have discussed Test Provider Extension for VS Code in this article. We have covered API testing in this article. We hope this article helps you enhance your knowledge of VS code. We suggest you check out our other articles to learn more about VS code, like Test Provider Extension for VS Code.

You may refer to our Guided Path on Code Studios to enhance your skill set on DSA and many more. Check out essential interview questions, practice our available mock tests, and so much more!

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