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Last updated: Feb 28, 2022

Text Classification

Text classification is the process of categorising text, primarily words and sentences, based on the category and sub-category to which they belong. This can be useful for analysing a collection of content that falls into a specific category. Understanding the sentiment of tweets, for example, by analysing them. Learn more about different classification methods.
Text Classification in NLP EASY
This article will learn about NLP with its applications; later, we will see the steps involved in Text Classification with its implementation.
Maximum Entropy Model
In this article, we will look into MaxEnt and its approach. Later we will study MEMM.
Conditional Random Fields HARD
In this blog, we will learn about conditional random fields in machine learning and their implementation.
Pragmatics in NLP EASY
This article covers the concept of Pragmatics in NLP, its working, aspects, importance, and application.
Conditional Random Fields EASY
In this article, we will discuss the concept of Conditional Random Fields (CRF). Also, will see the maths behind it along with its use cases.
Named Entity Recognition
In this article, we will talk about NER and its various applications that can be used to detect named entities in texts.
NER with KERAS and Tensorflow EASY
In this article, we will see the implementation of the name entity recognition model using keras and tensorflow.