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Why learn Aptitude tips and tricks?
Everything that you will learn through this course:
Why would a tech company test your aptitude skills?
How to enroll?
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I start preparing for aptitude?
Where do you prepare aptitude for placements?
How can I learn aptitude quickly?
Is the aptitude test hard?
What is basic aptitude?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Tips & Strategy to Crack Aptitude Test Online For Free

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Coding Ninjas Aptitude Preparation Course provides the best tips and tricks to crack any aptitude test online for free. This course is a master resource for any kind of aptitude testing exam and helps you with the best concepts and tricks to solve problems efficiently.

aptitude test

It comprises 100+ videos taught by well-experienced teachers with 50+ most popular interview-specific aptitude problems with their comprehensive solutions. Although more tilted to more rigorous aptitude problems used in programming and logic building, this course is the best resource in terms of any aptitude test is concerned. 

An aptitude test is the most common test that is taken by any company or national level examinations for shortlisting the best candidates. A higher aptitude score also denotes a higher problem-solving skill and hence loved by most companies to get them the best-suited candidates. This course helps you to score higher than average, rather the best and you can ace your aptitude test as easily as possible. 

This free course consists of five sections of the most popular topics from where the questions are asked. After completion of this course, you will also be given a course completion certificate that will increase the value of your resume.

The sections include:

  • Video lectures with important concepts
  • Practice section to implement your understandings
  • Solutions and hints to solve popularly asked problems

Why learn Aptitude tips and tricks?

Aptitude test is the most common test that is taken by any company or examination to shortlist the best candidates thus it becomes necessary to have a stronghold on the concepts that are required to perform well in this text.

Most aptitude tests are bounded by strict time constraints, this is where you will need tricks to solve the problems much easier and in less time. Time factors play an important role in this test. Solving questions in less time is the key to score high in this section. E.g., the most common type of problem is like find 77% of 64. Now, most often you will do 77/100*64 and try to cut the even number and factorise but this will take a huge time.

We know 100% of 64 = 64, 50% of 64 = 32, 25% of 64 = 16, so we can say 75% of 64 = 32+16 = 48. Now, we are left with 2%, 0.02*64 = 1.28 is much easier to calculate hence our answer becomes 48+1.28 = 49.28! Isn’t that faster? Ah! Do this with few questions and you will get the hang of it.

  • Enhances your chances to stand out in the interview process
  • Efficient and faster-thinking ability
  • More logical approach towards problem-solving
  • Ability to learn new skillset as soon as possible
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Everything that you will learn through this course:

In this course, you will be provided with the most popular concepts that are asked in the interview rounds along with the tricks that will need to ace the aptitude round. Some of the most important topics that will be taught are –

  • Introduction to aptitude problem-solving intuitions: Few intuitions will be taught to help you understand and categorise questions according to concepts.
  • HCF & LCM: One of the most important topics of any aptitude test that creates a lot of confusion as students do not understand how to apply them and which problems will require this concept. Proper intuitions along with several problems are solved through the lectures to help you with this section.
  • Averages: They are easier to comprehend, but complex calculations require a lot of time when it comes to a large number of elements in the set. This is where Coding Ninjas will help you accomplish the same in less time using smart tricks.
  • Alligations: Alligations and mixtures are always quite intimidating but a proper understanding of the concept will help you ease through this chapter.
  • Percentages: Here the calculation part is quite hectic although as I have given a small example in the previous section, a lot of more such tricks are discussed to make it easier for you.
  • Basic Test: After completion of all the sections, you will be given a section of the test where you can test your understandings and it also contains the hints and solutions that will help you solve any problem that you will be stuck with.

We have created IBM Assessment Test & Hiring Process 2021 guide for you.

Each of the sections contains more than 25 problems and around 10 conceptual tricks that you can apply to increase your speed in aptitude tests. If you are stuck in any problem, hints are there to help you out. Still, stuck at a problem?

Check out the detailed solution and understand the intuition and concept used, so that next time you see the problem it becomes a piece of cake to solve it. In the free course, a total of 30 MCQ questions will be solved.

This course also provides a course completion certificate once you complete the course. The best thing is if you are stuck in a situation that requires you to pause the course for a few days, you can pause it for up to seven days without incurring any charges.

You can check out the sections which have Doubts, mentor inquiry and course pause option.

course pause


Each of these sections has problems that you will be able to solve with help of the tricks and concepts learned from the lecture. These follow-up problems will help you to apply the concepts as well if you are stuck you can opt for the ask doubt to resolve your errors through constant TA support. You will also be provided with lecture notes to learn from for complete understanding.

course curriculum


This is a course built according to the needs of a beginner along with that sufficiently helps intermediate and advanced students too. No prior knowledge is required although you are expected to have some basic understanding of mathematics fundamentals.

  • Basic Mathematics
  • Logical Reasoning fundamentals

Companies that typically hire candidates with these characteristics

Most of the companies with handsome packages hire candidates with capable intellect and high problem-solving skills. The companies shortlist those candidates based on their aptitude as it can be, quantitative, logical, or a mix of both.

Companies like Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Samsung, Zoho, Reliance, Tata Digital, Slice, Facebook, etc. every such large company have some initial aptitude rounds to test the problem-solving and logical abilities of a candidate. 

The faster you can solve the problems the better you have the chance to crack that interview round. Aptitude tests are not limited to only companies but also national level government examinations have aptitude tests to shortlist the best candidates. This is also required in examinations for higher studies like GRE, TOEFL, ILETS, etc. These also include some advanced topics like time and work, profit and loss, ratio proportion, probability, permutation combination, vocabulary, etc that are covered in the paid course.

You might be thinking where can I get all the resources that you will ever need to prepare for any of these. Do not worry, this is also where Coding Ninjas paid course comes into the picture. With strong doubt support and comprehensive video lectures over several very important concepts in the domain of aptitude tests will be taught by industry experts.

Why would a tech company test your aptitude skills?

Well, companies in their freshers or entry-level roles require candidates who can learn and improvise with solutions. This is where a person’s aptitude plays an important role. The higher the candidate’s thinking ability the better approach to a solution is expected. Aptitude training thus helps you bring the best of you to the table for these companies and it also helps you to promote to the technical interview round.

course information

How to enroll?

All you would need to do is to go to the official site and get yourself enrolled for free. You can access the free trial as soon as you complete the registration. Then you will have seven days to complete the free trial version and once you are comfortable and want to pursue the comprehensive course, you can opt for the full paid course. You will also have opportunities for scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start preparing for aptitude?

Start by making your mathematics fundamentals strong and start maintaining a schedule for practicing every day. Aptitude is that section that can only be improved with practice. All you then need to do is to follow the Coding Ninjas course and it will bring the best out of you for the aptitude tests.

Where do you prepare aptitude for placements?

Aptitude for placements are company-specific but the topics of the most popular problems are the same. These are also provided inside the course with detailed explanations. Topics like HCF, LCM, averages are given in the free course and are considered the most important topics for even placements.

How can I learn aptitude quickly?

You can learn the tricks and tips from this course but you have to practice a lot to apply those tricks to problems. Learning will be quick but the practice with consistency will take time. The more you practice the better you get at it.

Is the aptitude test hard?

Some companies like Amazon, Accenture, Wipro, TCs, etc have easy to medium level of aptitude rounds whereas companies like Amex, Goldman Sachs have a higher difficulty level when it comes to aptitude tests.

What is basic aptitude?

Basic aptitude involves solving simple quantitative or logical problems faster like simple percentages, missing number detection, etc. It does not involve much thinking and helps you solve complex problems faster.


Aptitude tests are the most popular way to judge a candidate’s ability to think and to come up with a solution. Most of the large companies organize an initial aptitude test to shortlist candidates from a large pool of candidates.

This not only saves the company’s time to shortlist but also selects for them the best candidates for their company. Giant tech companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft have initial aptitude screening tests. 

If you are someone who wants to work with the best companies in the world, you should also be thinking about strengthening your aptitude. This Coding NInjas course brings you the best comprehensive organized course to help you achieve your dream company.

No matter if you are searching for a new job or switching or even thinking of higher studies, having a strong aptitude is always necessary. So, what are you waiting for? Jump right in and ace your dream companies and master the tricks and tips to outperform your aptitude test right now!

You can also consider our Aptitude Course to give your career an edge over others.

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