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Table of contents
What is Web Development?
Uses of Web Development
Top Web Development Projects for Beginners
1. Product Landing Page
2. Netflix Home Page Clone / Cloning
3. Restaurant Website
4. Online Code Editor
5. Build an Online Word-Counter App
6. Student Result Management System
Top Web Development Projects for Intermediate
7. Quiz App/ Q&A Game
8. Countdown Timer
9. Build your own Portfolio Website
10. Browser Extensions
11. E-Commerce Site or Online Shopping Website
12. Weather Forecast Website
Top Web Development Projects for Advanced
13. Tic-Tac-Toe
14. Covid Tracker App
15. Transcript Summarizer for Youtube
16. To-Do List
17. DSA Tracker
18. Resume Builder 
Frequently Asked Questions
What projects do web developers work on?
How do I get my first web development project?
What is a web development project?
How to do a project in web development?
Last Updated: Jun 6, 2024

15+ Web Development Projects (2024)

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web development projects

Web development is one of the most promising and rewarding fields right now.

Web development is a field that requires practical knowledge rather than theoretical one. It is important to start building web development projects while learning web development because you would not be able to absorb the concepts you learn until you apply them to various projects. You could start with beginner-level web development projects and move onto intermediate projects and projects with higher complexity as you proceed in your learning journey of web development projects.

What is Web Development?

Web development is building websites and web pages using different technologies and tools behind the scenes to make the website look great. It involves design principles, programming skills, and technologies to build functional and visually appealing online platforms. Web developers utilize programming languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to construct the front end of a website, focusing on the user experience and user interface. They also work on the back end, implementing Database integration, server-side functionality and ensuring the responsiveness and security of the website.

Furthermore, web development generally involves using libraries, frameworks, and content management systems to streamline development. Web development is the science and art of transforming designs and ideas into functional and accessible websites that serve various purposes, from e-commerce to social networking.

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Uses of Web Development

Here are some uses of web development:

  1. Online Presence: In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Web development allows them to create websites that serve as online identities, providing information about their products, services, or personal portfolios.
  2.  E-commerce: Web development plays a vital role in facilitating online business transactions. E-commerce websites enable businesses to sell products or services directly to customers online. These websites typically include features like shopping carts,  product catalogs, and secure payment gateways.
  3. Entertainment and Media: Web development plays a significant role in the entertainment and media industry. Websites and web applications deliver multimedia content, like streaming videos, games, music, and interactive experiences. Platforms like video-sharing platforms and social media sites provide engaging and interactive experiences to their users.
  4. Personalization Customization: Web development enables the creation of customized, personalized web experiences through techniques like preferences and cookies. Websites can remember user choices, provide recommendations, and offer personalized content based on individual preferences and browsing history.
  5. Information Sharing and Communication: Websites effectively share information and facilitate communication. Web development allows organizations to create websites that provide valuable resources, articles, tutorials, news, and other content to educate and inform their audience.
  6. Productivity and Collaboration: Web development enables the creation of web-based applications that facilitate collaboration and enhance productivity. These applications generally include project management tools, real-time editing, and communication channels. It allows individuals and teams to work together efficiently.

Top Web Development Projects for Beginners

If you're new to web development, it's important to focus on projects that allow you to test your understanding of basic concepts while providing insight into the field. 

To help you get started, here are some simple web development project ideas that you can work on as a beginner.

1. Product Landing Page

A product landing page is a web development project where you can create a dedicated web page to showcase and promote the product or service. The landing page visuals, engaging content, and a clear call to action to encourage visitors to take action. For example, making a purchase or signing up for a trial. The goal is to communicate the product's value and benefits to the visitors.

2. Netflix Home Page Clone / Cloning

If you are not good at designing a website, you can look for any website of your choice and replicate it with all its functionality. Replicating or cloning a website ensures you build an industry-standard website with currently in-demand features.
Cloning a website will help you level your development skills to the industry level. Cloning a website can be a good idea because you can solely focus on development rather than thinking of content and features for your website.

Netflix cloning works on creating a website or application that closely relates to the features and functionality of the popular streaming platform, Netflix. Essentially, it involves developing a platform offering a streaming experience similar to Netflix. It allows users to access various movies, TV shows, and other content.

3. Restaurant Website

A restaurant website is a project that involves designing and developing a website for a restaurant. It commonly includes features such as an attractive homepage,  an online reservation system, contact information, a menu with food items and prices, and online ordering capabilities. The website showcase the restaurant's items and services, providing visitors with a pleasant browsing experience and attracting them to visit or order.

4. Online Code Editor

 An online code editor is a web-based application that allows users to write, edit, and execute code directly in a web browser. It provides an interactive environment where developers can experiment with different programming languages without needing a dedicated integrated development environment (IDE). The code editor often includes syntax highlighting, code completion, error checking, and the ability to save and share code snippets. It's a convenient tool for learning, practicing, and collaborating on coding projects.

5. Build an Online Word-Counter App

Word count is the number of words in a document or passage of text. A word counter is a useful tool for writers to see the count of the total number of words in their article. Some pointers to keep in mind while building a word counter app are:

  • It requires you to build an app that can parse texts and show the number of words.
  • The user will enter the text of their article. The number of words in that text should be displayed.
  • Additionally, try adding the following features to take it up to the next level-
  • Display the number of characters, sentences, paragraphs, and top keywords (based on word repetition).
  • Also, try displaying the reading time by using APIs.

Example Project:

Word Counter

6. Student Result Management System

 A student result management system is a web application that helps to automate and streamline the process. It manages and organizes student academic records and results. It commonly includes student registration, result entry, grade calculation, report generation, and performance analysis. 

Top Web Development Projects for Intermediate

Here are some intermediate-level web development project ideas that can help you further develop your skills. 

7. Quiz App/ Q&A Game

Build a quiz app in which the user can choose one out of four options for a question. At the end display the result. You can use JavaScript for this project. While learning JS is not that difficult, applying that knowledge in real-world scenarios is quite challenging. You can experiment with your skills by working on a small JavaScript-based quiz game. Through this project, you will learn about DOM manipulation and data management. Remember that, depending on your JS skills and ability to handle complex logic, you can make this game as simple or complicated as you want it to be.

Additionally, you can try adding the following features to your quiz app to make it more interesting:

  • Add multiple quizzes to the app so that the user can select which quiz he wants to take. (There will be a different page for each quiz.)
  • Add social media buttons so that the user can share their results.
  • Users can reset and retake the quiz.
  • Save and display the previous scores of the user on the dashboard.

To get started, you can begin by referring to this example project:

Quiz App

8. Countdown Timer

The simplest project on this list is the countdown timer. A countdown timer is a virtual clock that counts down from a certain date to indicate the beginning or end of an event. It is a webpage that basically has to update the time every second. The objective is to show a continuously decrementing display of the days, hours, minutes, and seconds to a particular date or time. You can use JS for this project.

After you have created a basic countdown timer, try adding the following features to your webpage:

  • Add pause, start and stop buttons.
  • Display an alert notification when the event time is reached.
  • Users can input more than one event with a timer initialized for each of those events.

You can refer to these sample projects to get started:

Countdown Timer
Sample Countdown Timer

9. Build your own Portfolio Website

This is the project almost every web developer must have come across in their career and there’s a reason for it. It is a great way to show off your skills and strengths through your own portfolio website. You can keep adding different features and experiment with new technologies. If you are a beginner, then you could start with a simple static page and as you learn more and more concepts you could add it to your portfolio page.
Some points to keep in mind are:

  • The essential elements in any portfolio website are – a concise bio to let people know you as well as your work, your best skills, background, experience, and accomplishments.
  • You can try including a logo to brand yourself and work on the favicon.
  • Make sure to add social media buttons to link to your social profiles like GitHub, LinkedIn, etc.
  • It is essential to include a contact form on your website so that potential clients can contact you.
  • Add navigation to other pages, like a contact page.
  • Experiment with Flexbox and CSS Grid for creating beautiful layouts.
  • Focus on designing and pay attention to the colours you will use to make your portfolio stand out.
  • Try to use new measurement units like VW and VH to make your website more responsive and flexible on devices with different screen sizes.
  • You could look through the CSS documentation to know about the latest features being added to the CSS language and keep updating your portfolio website.
  • Consider adding a blog page to your website wherein you can include your own blogs and articles.
  • Display your best projects, and for a more organized look, you can divide them into categories.

10. Browser Extensions

You have been using some browser extensions for a long time, but do you know that browser extension are made using JavaScript! 

Building an extension for the browser test out your skills and understanding of javascript. You can make extensions that can make day-to-day tasks easier and well-organised. For example, you can make a note extension that would let users make a note directly in the browser without opening any other application. You can also build extensions like finding the meaning of any word that the user enters, it would help the user to read online.

You can host these extensions on the chrome web store or the Mozilla web store.

11. E-Commerce Site or Online Shopping Website

Most web developers work for a company that sells online or provides customer services through an online interface. Nowadays, there are so many food delivery sites, online stores etc. So, there is a huge demand for web developers in this arena. It is great if you have something similar to your portfolio to get you hired. Try building an interface for an online shop. You can add many features to it as you want.

12. Weather Forecast Website

 A weather forecast website provides users with up-to-date and accurate weather information for specific locations. It includes weather conditions, daily and hourly forecasts, and interactive maps. The website aims to help users plan activities, make informed decisions, and stay prepared for changing weather conditions.

Top Web Development Projects for Advanced

Now that you've gained some experience with basic web development projects, you can move forward to more challenging ones. Here are some advanced-level web development projects that will push your knowledge and skills to the limit.

13. Tic-Tac-Toe

Building games is the most fun way to learn to code. When it comes to games, what’s better than the classic game of tic-tac-toe. First, you could try out the basic two-player (X and O) game. After that, you could take it up a notch higher by using AI to make it a user vs a computer game by using the necessary algorithm and logic.

Sample project to get started:


14. Covid Tracker App

Covid has impacted our life very badly, a service or website that can alert us to covid cases nearby or about the vaccination slots and centre availability would be a great help to the people. there are a bunch of APIs that are available, you can use these APIs and could use these data for your need and present it in a systematic manner. For example, you use the data to build an app that shows the severity and  Covid cases on the maps, and users could find the details about covid cases using the map and could plan their travel accordingly. You can find APIs related to Covid 19 at rapid API.

15. Transcript Summarizer for Youtube

A transcript summarizer for YouTube is a project that involves creating a web applicationfor analysing the transcript of YouTube videos. It generates summaries of the video content. The application utilizes natural language processing techniques to extract key information from the video transcript and convert it into a shorter summary. This project can be useful for users who want to quickly grasp a video's main points or key insights without watching the entire content.


16. To-Do List

Make a to-do list app in which the user can add daily tasks to be accomplished. Some pointers to keep in mind while building a to-do list app are:

  • The user should be able to add a new item to the list.
  • The items added should be visible to the user in the to-do list.
  • The user should be able to mark a task in the list as ‘completed’. The completed tasks can appear under a separate category for a more organized layout.
  • Users should be able to edit or delete a task from a list.
  • After you have made a basic app, try adding the following features to take it up to the next level.
  • Display the date and time when a particular task item was added to the to-do list.
  • Use local storage so that when the user closes the browser window, the data is stored, and when the user opens the app again, the data can be retrieved.

Example Project:

To-do List in javascript
Sample To-do List

17. DSA Tracker

A Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) tracker is a web-based tool that helps individuals or teams to track their progress in learning various data structures and algorithms. It provides a user-friendly interface to log completed exercises, track performance metrics, and set goals for improving DSA skills. The tracker can include features like exercise categorization, performance statistics, and reminders for regular practice. It helps learners stay organized and motivated and monitor their growth in mastering fundamental concepts in computer science.

18. Resume Builder 

A resume builder is a web application that helps creating professional resumes. The project involves developing a user-friendly interface where individuals can input their personal information, work experience, education details, and skills. The application provides predefined resume templates, formatting options, and suggestions to help users create an impressive and well-structured resume. The resume builder saves time and effort by automating the layout and design aspects. It lets users focus on content and customize their resumes for specific job opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What projects do web developers work on?

Web developers work on various projects, such as creating websites, web applications, e-commerce platforms, blogs, forums, and content management systems. They also maintain and update existing websites, ensuring functionality and user experience.

How do I get my first web development project?

To get your first web development project, start by building a portfolio showcasing your skills. Network, use freelancing platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, and reach out to local businesses or non-profits for small projects to gain experience and build credibility.

What is a web development project?

A web development project is a specific task or assignment where a web developer creates or enhances a website or web application. It involves planning, coding, design, and testing to achieve the desired online functionality or appearance.

How to do a project in web development?

Working on web development projects involves understanding client requirements, planning scope and timeline, designing and coding the website, integrating functionality, and conducting thorough testing. Effective communication, attention to detail, and continuous learning are key to providing high-quality websites that meet clients' expectations and standards.


In this article, we have discussed the top 15+ web development projects. We discussed beginner-intermediate-advanced-level projects in web development. 
If you want to learn web development from scratch, then you can look out for this course.

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