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Accountants and Auditors
Administrative Assistants, Office Clerks, and Information Staff
Analysts in Business, Management, and Markets
Estimators of Costs
Educators, Teaching Assistants, and Instructors
Financial Analysts, Investment Bankers, and Loan Officers
Analysts of Market Research and Digital Marketers
Construction Managers, Project Managers, and Project Coordinators
Managers of Sales, Marketing, Training, and Administration
Excel Jobs From Home
Key Takeaways
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Top Careers in MS Excel

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Whether you're an Excel genius or have a long way to go, the modest spreadsheet might be the key to the job you've always wanted. Baseline computing abilities in middle-skill positions have seen a significant increase in demand over the last two years, according to 27 million job advertisements on various recruiting platforms. This includes top-tier skills such as word processing and, of course, excel spreadsheet prowess.

According to a survey conducted by Capital One and Burning Glass Technologies, such skills are essential for most middle-skill occupations (82%). Still, they also provide a road to high-paying professions for employees without a college diploma.

On the other hand, Certified Excel abilities have been proven to improve the chance of promotions and raise earnings by 12% on average compared to non-certified users' salaries.

It's easy to understand why.

Microsoft Excel, which just celebrated its 30th year on the market, has been used to map just about everything in the universe into those familiar rows and columns. The classic spreadsheet software has been transformed into an agile tool you can use to design a planetary model, perfect your programming abilities, and build your résumé after three decades of development, intense competition from cloud-based upstarts, and user abuse ranging from creative to mad.

Suppose you don't like being caged inside tables. In that case, you may get off the grid (deactivate grid lines) and have such boundless flexibility that you can even utilise Excel's Autoshape tool to create magnificent artwork. 

Excel's deceptively primary and widely recognisable interface hides strength and sophistication that remains unrivalled even 30 years later. As a result, everyone who wishes to advance in their careers in MS excel should be proficient with Excel.

Indeed, according to hundreds of job advertisements, many positions need Excel. This thorough list may contain the ideal option for you which you can look for careers in MS excel:

Accountants and Auditors

The standard accounting ledger, which serves as the template for spreadsheets, may have been designed with these people in mind. These specialists generate and scrutinise cash flows, income statements, balance sheets, and tax filings to keep firms successful. Without a college diploma, landing this career would be a long shot — if not downright impossible, possessing strong Excel abilities for accounting and certifications will put you in a good position for leadership roles and promotions.

According to the records, median pay is $70500 per year, and the job outlook in 2018-28 is 6% which is as fast as average.

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Administrative Assistants, Office Clerks, and Information Staff

Secretaries and other general office clerks are administrative assistants that help firms function efficiently by doing everyday chores. They write reports, arrange paperwork, keep track of data, make appointments, and assist employees, customers, and visitors.

Different classifications for similar roles may be found in the US Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook. The median yearly income for general office clerks is $32,730, with a -4% outlook, indicating a modest decrease in the number of predicted positions in the future. Information clerks earn $34 520 per year and have a significantly better outlook at 0%. While this indicates a gradual increase in the predicted number of employment, it is still slower than the overall job outlook (or growth rate) of +7%.

Analysts in Business, Management, and Markets

The PowerPivot tool in Excel was created to assist business analysts in extracting more helpful information from enormous amounts of data. These experts assist their companies in making well-informed business decisions, particularly regarding competitive landscapes, market trends, and long-term profitability. They look at historical and current data to develop projections and discover strengths, weaknesses, and other trends, so it’s one of the top careers in MS excel.

The statistics in the preceding paragraphs pertain to market research experts. Management analysts, sometimes known as management consultants, look for methods to enhance company and operational efficiencies by implementing cost-cutting or revenue-generating solutions. They take home a more significant slice of the pie ($83,610) and have a 14% quicker job outlook than the norm.


Estimators of Costs

Cost estimators are the individuals to see if you want to get the most bang for your buck. Cost estimators frequently collaborate with project managers and engineers to determine the amount of money, time, and labour required for a specific project. They enter all necessary data into Excel and utilise auto-compute for benchmark numbers. With a faster-than-average job outlook of 9%, the future looks bright for this profession.

Educators, Teaching Assistants, and Instructors

Educators must be skilled in organising courses, keeping track of students, planning lesson outlines, and their topic expertise. Many professors utilise Excel in their courses, graduate/postgraduate research, and to keep track of their student's contact information, so it’s one of the top careers in MS excel.

The statistics provided are for middle school teachers. Teaching assistants earn $26,970 per year, whereas postsecondary instructors, such as college professors, make $78,470.

Financial Analysts, Investment Bankers, and Loan Officers

Since Excel is likely the most extensively used office programme for monitoring currency, the Excel logo - which prominently contains the letter "X" - virtually depicts the dollar symbol ($). Excel's knowledge of money is responsible for its popularity among financial analysts, bankers, and other money-focused professionals.

Individuals and businesses use financial analysts to make educated investment and credit decisions. They employ many financial tools, but spreadsheets are the most effective for evaluating various financial data sets. As a result, Excel has become a requirement for this position, so it’s one of the top careers in MS excel.

Loan officers, who often work for banks, credit unions, and mortgage businesses, make a median annual pay of $63,040 and have an employment outlook of 8%, which is higher than the national average.

Analysts of Market Research and Digital Marketers

Data science is hardcore marketing's masquerade. Professional market researchers rely on their ability to collect, manipulate, and evaluate field data, which needs creativity and analytical thinking. Excel spreadsheets are a must-have tool for this personnel when compiling and analysing data. Marketers look for new market possibilities and employ various strategies to reach and convert consumers, such as search engine optimisation (SEO). They also use charts, graphs, and other data visualisations to persuade executives of the campaign's impact and return on investment.

Construction Managers, Project Managers, and Project Coordinators

Project managers may be found in various areas, with construction and the IT industry being the most common. They define standards, allocate worker responsibilities, monitor budgets, and work tirelessly to keep things on track and budget. While they frequently utilise specialist software, Microsoft Excel is one of the first tools they go for when they need to do various jobs quickly, so it’s one of the top careers in MS excel.

The statistics in the preceding paragraphs pertain to construction managers. In the Bureau's occupational handbook, software project managers, also known as Computer and Information Systems Managers, make a median annual pay of $142,530 and have an employment outlook of 11% (faster than average).

Managers of Sales, Marketing, Training, and Administration

Sales and marketing are known as the "numbers game". Thus, they require numbers. When it comes to numbers, spreadsheet software is up there with them. Meanwhile, training and administration necessitate the planning, scheduling, and organisation of many objects and resources, frequently involving expenditures and deadlines. Excel, unsurprisingly, can help you make sense of it all when money and time are essential. Managers rely on Excel to accomplish their critical tasks, ranging from financial modelling and data analysis to market research and inventory management.

The statistics listed above are for administrative managers. Sales managers earn a lot more, $124,220, than $113,340 for training and development managers.

Excel Jobs From Home

In today's digital workplace, remote employment options are in high demand, and Excel specialists and masters are highly needed in the gig economy.

Excel's insanely vast capabilities and feature set have become unrivalled after more than three decades of use, feedback, and development. Its sophisticated capabilities can crunch massive amounts of data to provide business insights, and its graphical support allows for visually appealing data visualisations.

Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of utilising these capabilities. This influx of remote Excel job advertisements on employment and recruitment sites like, talent markets like Upwork, and classified ad sites like Craigslist adds to the supply.

Metadata analysis, spreadsheet-based report development, enrollment counsellors, data entry support, virtual assistants, help desk technicians, and internet research are among the occupations listed on these websites under "remote Excel jobs" (and "Excel jobs from home").

Microsoft's decision to make its productivity suite available as a cloud service boosts collaboration, promotes mobility, and strengthens the remote work environment. It allows officially qualified Excel superstars (who can construct hygienic macros and produce clever pivot tables) to function similarly to freelance software engineers skilled in specific computer languages such as Java or Python.


1. Why MS Excel is essential to learn in today's life?

The capacity to do bulk arithmetic computations is maybe the essential feature of MS Excel. It can many mathematical operations on integers using an extensive programme full of equations, and it can quickly re-do it if a value is modified or added. This tool may be used to create swiftly yearly sales and other spreadsheets for a business.

2. What is the prerequisite to learning MS Excel?

Learning MS Excel has no prerequisites, but for seeking top careers in MS excel, you should have command over MS excel.

3. How do you get started with Microsoft Excel if you're a beginner?

Beginners who wish to learn MS Excel should begin with the basics. After you've mastered the fundamentals of MS Excel, you may go on to more complex topics and then look for careers in MS excel.

4. Why is Excel utilised in the business world?

Users may use Microsoft Excel to spot trends and organise and classify data into functional categories. Human Resources services, such as sorting worked hours and arranging employee profiles and costs, are also performed by Excel, which aids organisations in better understanding the structure and activities of their personnel.

5. What exactly does a financial analyst do?

A financial analyst assists firms in making business or investment choices based on their expertise in the industry and analyses of market trends, business news, and the company's financial status. Financial analysts can work for institutions like banks, investment firms, and enterprises.

Key Takeaways

This article has discussed all the top careers in MS excel. We also discussed different jobs with their pay scale and how much they are needed in the market today. Microsoft Excel is a widely used computer application. You could have used it at work or school, but chances have you just utilised it for the most basic functions. 

Excel abilities, on the other hand, are more vital than ever. Those who understand using Excel will be better positioned to get a higher-paying job. Knowing how to convert PDF to Excel will help you improve your chances.

We hope that this blog has helped you enhance your knowledge regarding Chart Axes. If you want to learn more, check out our article on Must have Excel SkillsHow to create Calendar in Excel and Introduction to Charts.

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