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Top IoT based Indian Companies
Top IoT based Companies in World
Top IoT Recruiters in India
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the complete form of IIOT?
The Amazon Echo IOT device is triggered by which command?
What are PWM signals used for in IoT development boards?
How many pieces does the Open IoT Architecture have?
Which service must IoT gateway provide?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Top IoT Companies And Recruiters

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IoT development has become a part of everyone's daily routine. It helps link devices to a computer network in an "intelligent" and integrated manner. Companies can use these connections to gather and exchange data, operate machines and remotely create device rules. IoT development services range from simple embedded connectivity to complete platforms with AI-powered analytics.

Top IoT based Indian Companies

IoT companies in India can assist start-ups and enterprise businesses with custom IoT development services. These services can help them provide visibility over devices, monitor their operational efficiency, and set up processes by integrating IoT apps, cloud services, mobile devices, and physical objects into a hyper-connected ecosystem built around end-users. From manufacturing to transportation to banking and healthcare, almost every business benefits from IoT developers.

Hyperlink InfoSystem


Hyperlink InfoSystem offers a wide range of digital development services to its worldwide clients, including IoT development, blockchain development, game development, salesforce development, and other services.

Tech Mahindra


By offering innovative and customer-centric information technology experiences, Tech Mahindra symbolizes the connected world, allowing Enterprises, Associates, and Society to RiseTM. Tech Mahindra focuses on helping end-to-end digital transformation for global clients by using next-generation technologies such as 5G, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Alix Innovations



Alix Innovations is India's premier internet of things firm. It's a software and product engineering firm specializing in producing Internet of Things (IoT) products and services for various industries, including smart cities, smart homes, industrial IoT, intelligent buildings, semiconductors, etc. Their knowledge in M2M, Cloud, Mobility, IoT, and Big Data enables them to deliver reliable solutions in various industries and areas.

Throughout the IoT development cycle, they provide specialized services to product developers, system integrators, and service providers. Consulting, engineering, application development, data analytics, support, and maintenance are all services they offer. They also assist in decreasing the product life cycle timeline by utilizing novel techniques during the development phase.



Capgemini began as a small business five decades ago. It is a leading multinational corporation providing professional consulting, technology, and outsourcing services. IT is consulting, managed services, and bespoke software development are all services offered by the company.

Altizon Systems


Altizon Systems is an Indian internet of things business supported by Wipro that creates IoT solutions. Altizon is a major Industrial IoT platform vendor with over 100 Enterprise users. 




Another big name in India's internet of things industry is IBM. They offer IoT solutions such as:

Enterprise asset management- They help to minimize cost and risk while increasing efficiency by combining IoT, AI, and analytics.

Facilities management- Accelerates the analysis of fetched data, allowing for better, faster, and more informed decisions.

By controlling requirements, quality, and compliance, systems engineering aids in cost reduction.

IoT platform- Uses secure data, analytics, and cloud capabilities to help manage IoT devices and make more effective decisions.

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Top IoT based Companies in World

So far, we have discussed the top IoT-based companies in India. Now let's look at the leading IoT-based companies in the world.




Google has begun to offer goods for the IoT. Brillo, the "underlying working machine for the internet of factors," was launched with a developer preview at Google's I/O conference.

Also coming this autumn is Weave, a (move platform) ubiquitous language aimed at allowing Brillo devices, cellphones, and the internet to communicate with one another.



The main news of the zone was Microsoft's claim that it could make Windows 10 IoT-ready.

For example, Windows 10 might be used as a development device for the Raspberry Pi 2. The software behemoth unveiled a slew of new gadgets that would run on the company's forthcoming running device.

Furthermore, Microsoft and Toshiba, a Japanese electronics giant, have launched a new internet of things (IoT) relationship.



Bosch is a market leader in automotive and industrial equipment, consumer goods, and building systems. Bosch works via 440 companies in 60 countries; its primary lines include mobility (auto) systems, from diesel/hybrid drive through the steering, starting motors and generators, electronics, and brakes.

Bosch provides Industrial IoT infrastructure, platform as a service, application infrastructure and middleware, analytics and modeling, functional applications, and other services.

Micron Technology


Micron provides the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of silicon-to-semiconductor solutions, beginning with fundamental DRAM, NAND, and NOR Flash memory and progressing through SSDs, modules, MCPs, HMCs, and other semiconductor systems. This technology is the foundation of a cutting-edge computer, consumer, business server and storage, networking, automotive, industrial, and mobile technologies.

Micron Technology's Technology Stack depicts the company's involvement in the IoT technology stacks of cybersecurity and privacy, processors, and edge intelligence.



Siemens is Europe's largest engineering firm. Siemens offers expertise throughout the electrification value chain, power production to power transmission, and the effective utilization of electrical energy.

Siemens' Technology Stack depicts the company's involvement in the platform as a service, analytics and modeling, functional applications, cybersecurity and privacy, networks and connectivity, processors and edge intelligence, sensors, and automation and control IoT technology stacks.

Top IoT Recruiters in India



One of the top data science recruiters around the globe is Amazon. Several essential processes of Amazon India rely on data scientists, including supply chain optimization, fraud, and false review identification, multivariate testing, and inventory and sales forecasting. Advertising optimization and HR analytics are two further applications of data science.



Since 1845, Deloitte has provided consulting, financial advising, tax, audit, and enterprise risk. Deloitte employs data science in several multi-disciplinary analytics initiatives. Deloitte's data scientists take complicated and huge data and make it easy to understand for clients.



Due to the company's rising scale of operations and increasing volume of data, Flipkart, another e-commerce behemoth, has a great demand for data scientists. Flipkart's data scientists concentrate on critical business insights to improve the Net Promoter Score. They develop and manage data that is based on the domain's information.




This US-based multinational corporation provides networking, cloud computing, and SaaS services in India. Citrix is working on several data science initiatives to assist the firm get a competitive edge in the market by leveraging data to aid decision-making and forecast outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the complete form of IIOT?

Industrial Internet of Things

The Amazon Echo IOT device is triggered by which command?


What are PWM signals used for in IoT development boards?

Actuators employ them to receive analog input.

How many pieces does the Open IoT Architecture have?

Seven pieces

Which service must IoT gateway provide?

Protocol abstraction

Computing and I/O performance

Integration communication capability.


IoT tends to improve information availability drastically and will undoubtedly impact businesses and organizations in practically every industry worldwide.

As a result, most technology businesses' strategic objectives, regardless of their sector emphasis, are anticipated to include discovering methods to utilize the potential of the IoT.

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