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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Top Machine Learning experts to follow in 2024

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The technological landscape is rapidly changing. Today, we have concepts, ideas, and realities that were a thing of sci-fi creators/ experts’ imagination. We are living in an era where technology is touching (and improving upon) every sphere of our life.

Machine Learning, one of the popular buzzwords these days, is a subset of AI. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning are no more science fiction concepts; these technologies are taking real shape and every day there are advancements in the field. These technologies are revolutionary and can give a new dimension to the way we interact with the machines and the machines interact with us. Several companies have come forward and have invested heavily in AI, RPA, NLP, deep learning, machine learning and AI.

Movies like Tron, Robocop, I Robot, Blade Runner etc. have shown enough how machine interaction takes place and now the time has come when this concept is advancing forward to take some concrete steps in the real world. The world has seen robots like Sophia which is one of the most advanced machines in the world. Machine learning is not only used in the field of technology, but it is being worked upon to be adopted in medicine & healthcare, in the fields of biotechnology, education, transportation, travel, media, finance, retail etc.

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For all the machine learning experts, this year is going to be very exciting. In order for you to stay updated with everything that’s happening in the field of Machine Learning, here’s a list of top Machine Learning experts that you should follow:

  1. Andrew Y Ng — The name which probably every machine learning & AI enthusiast knows, Andrew is a computer scientist and entrepreneur. Being the co — founder of Google Brain and chief scientist of Baidu, his contributions have given a new shape to machine learning. He co –founded Coursera. He was a keynote speaker at AI Frontiers Conference in November 2017. His areas of research include deep learning and machine learning. He authored a book Machine Learning Yearning.
  2. Rachel Thomas — Forbes has listed her in “20 Women Advancing AI Research.” She has co — founded and teaches data science program at University of San Francisco Data Institute. Hacker News has six times placed her writings on the front page. Her works have been translated into Portuguese, Español and Chinese.
  3. Fei — Fei Li — Li is a computer science professor at Stanford University. She cofounded AI4ALL, an NPO which works in the area of AI. Li specialises in the field of cognitive neuroscience, computational neuroscience, deep learning, machine learning, computer vision and artificial intelligence. She is also the co — director of Stanford Vision & Learning Lab.
  4. Andrej Karpthy — Andrej has expertise in image recognition and deep learning. He did his graduation from University of Toronto and PhD from Stanford University. In 2016, he became a part of OpenAI, an AI group as a research scientist. He became the director of artificial intelligence at Tesla in June 2017.
  5. Yann LeCun — A computer scientist from France, Yann’s work area include computational neuroscience, mobile robotics, machine learning and computer vision. In the world of AI and machine learning, Yann is famous for his works on OCR (Optical Character Recognition). He also founded Convolutional Nets. He together with Leon Bottou and Patrick Haffner, created DjVu.
  6. Pedro Domingos — A professor at University of Washington, Pedro is a famous researcher scientist of machine learning. His areas of expertise are data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. He is known for his The Master Algorithm and markov logic network. For his remarkable works in machine learning domain, Pedro was elected an AAAI (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence).
  7. Zachary Lipton — Zachary works as assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University. He has worked with Microsoft Research Redmond, Amazon Core Machine Learning, and Microsoft Research Bangalore. His areas of interest include core machine learning, applications of machine learning and theoretical foundations.
  8. Ankush Singla — An ex-software engineer at Facebook, Ankush is a Stanford University graduate in Computer Science. Having an experience with Amazon other than Facebook, Ankush has got in- depth deep knowledge about Machine Learning and the concepts that revolve around it.

However, the list doesn’t end here but these are some of the experts who are known for their significant contributions in their respective field of research. The dream of making a machine parse any given word is soon coming true. This year, the world is waiting for such advancements in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. We are going to witness more breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and NLP.

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