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Last updated: Jun 13, 2022

Trends in IoT

IoT is a comparatively new field and it’s growing day by day, there’s a lot of research going on in this field now and various subfields have emerged from it. What will be the future of IoT and the human race, is there more to come? Or have we peaked already in technological advancements? Will electric cars take over by 2030? Will there be robots like Star Wars? These questions may come to our mind, so this section is designed to specifically answer such questions and tell us more about the current and future trends in IoT!!
Electric Vehicles and IoT EASY
n this article, we discuss Electric vehicles and how they use IoT.
IoT and Smart Farming EASY
This article discusses smart farming and role of IoT in it.
IoT in rural development
In this article, we extensively discuss the role of IoT in rural development, its benefits and its applications
IoT and Home Automation EASY
This article discusses the IoT, Home Automation, and how IoT is involved in Home Automation.
IoT in Healthcare
In this article, we extensively discuss the role of IoT in healthcare, its benefits and its applications.
IoT in Workspace Safety EASY
This blog will discuss the importance of the internet of things in maintaining workplace safety, along with its use cases and future scopes.
IoT in media and entertainment
In this article, you will understand what IoT is and learn about its essential role in media and entertainment
This article aims to understand the IIoT.
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