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Last updated: Aug 2, 2022


Trie has the following properties for a set of strings: 1. The root node always represents the null node. 2. Every node's child is arranged alphabetically. 3. Each node can have a maximum of 26 children (A to Z). 4. Except for the root, each node can store one letter of the alphabet.
Introduction and implementation of Trie
This blog will cover the theory, implementation, discussion over time complexity and space complexity of Trie data structure.
Advantages of Trie Data Structure
In this blog, we will look into the advantages of Trie data structure and time and space complexity.
Suffix Tree-Ukkonen's Algorithm HARD
In this article, we will see the suffix tree- Ukkonen’s Algorithm and how it works in the coding to ensure their job.
Substring Check Using Suffix Tree HARD
In this blog, we will check whether a string 'pattern' is contained in another string 'text' or not using a suffix tree.
Delete nodes from trie
This blog covers deleting nodes from trie and covers the basic concepts of trie, code and algorithm of trie operations.
Dictionaries using Tries
This blog introduces you to one of the fascinating data structures, Tries. We will learn how to implement dictionaries using tries.
Pattern Searching using Trie
Implement pattern searching using a trie. Create a suffix tree using all possible suffixes of a given string.
Longest word in dictionary
Learn to find the longest word in a dictionary with all the prefixes present as words in the dictionary.
Implement Forward DNS Look Up Cache
This article is based on DNS caching and how to implement forward DNS look up cache using the Trie data structure.
Implement Reverse DNS Look Up Cache
This article is based on DNS caching and how to implement reverse DNS look up cache using the Trie data structure.
Longest Common Prefix Matching
In this blog, we will learn how we can solve an all-time classic interview problem, “Longest common prefix matching”, using a very interesting data structure, i.e., Tries.
Implement a Dictionary using Trie
This article will cover the approach and the implementation of building a dictionary of words with their meanings using Trie.
Container With Most Water MEDIUM
This blog discusses the container with the most water problem and various approaches to solving this problem.
Longest Common Prefix Using Trie
This article will discuss how to find the longest common prefix using trie, its C++ implementation, and its time and space complexity.
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Aho-corasick Algorithm EASY
This article discusses the Aho-Corasick Algorithm, one of the most famous string pattern matching algorithms.