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Twitter Marketing
Twitter for Business
Twitter Account
Using Hashtags and Trends
Twitter Advertising
Host Twitter Chats 
Benefits of Twitter Marketing
Frequently Asked Questions
What are some of the key performance indicators for Twitter marketing?
What are some of the best practices in Twitter marketing?
Name some of the tools to integrate Twitter on a blog or website.
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Twitter Marketing and how to use twitter for marketing

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Getting noticed by consumers on social media is a marketing strategy used by all businesses today. Social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram help market a product or service to a huge audience base. Twitter lets entrepreneurs share their products, views, promotions, and services with customers. There are close to 300 million active Twitter users. Using effective Twitter marketing strategies can boost businesses.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Marketing on Twitter requires some background work. It is essential to be clear with the following terms. 

  • @: It is used to tag or mention any user on Twitter.
  • # (hashtag): It is used to index keywords on Twitter and find other tweets with the hashtag. 
  • Bookmarks: Bookmarks help you to save tweets for the future. 
  • Direct messages (DM): It allows you to chat privately with another Twitter user. 
  • Follow: Following an account subscribes you to see that user’s tweets in your timeline.
  • Followers: The list of Twitter users following you to learn about your tweets.
  • Twitter Lists: It helps group the Twitter handles you find interesting. 
  • Retweet: Retweeting means sharing someone’s post with your followers.
  • Timeline: It displays the tweets and retweets from the people you follow.
  • Trending topics/trends: It displays the current topics or hashtags that have gained the attention of the majority of users on Twitter.

Twitter research is essential to get to know what your target audience is and what they’re interested in. Based on the research results, create appropriate content to attract your product or service's attention. Keep track of the tweets to your posts and the Twitter timeline that shows the tweets and retweets of who you follow as well as promoted tweets.  

In summary, a Twitter Marketing strategy must involve the following steps:

  1. Research the buyer and customer personas/audience.
  2. Create attractive, interesting and engaging content.
  3. Set up a schedule for your posts.
  4. Analyze the impact of your posts on Twitter.
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Twitter for Business

Here is how you can boost your business using Twitter.

Twitter Account

Create a Twitter account and start making your first connections. Set up your profile and keep it ready to post your content. Your Twitter handle is your username, using which other users can find you to make connections. Add your Website URL beneath your Bio to redirect interested users to your Business page.

After performing thorough Twitter research, create your content and post them as Tweets. This can help gain a lot of followers and increase the audience base. Gain attraction to your profile to get more followers. Having more followers directs more traffic to your website and increases the popularity of your brand. You can audit your Twitter profile by navigating to the Twitter Analytics Page.

Using Hashtags and Trends

Hashtags are combined keywords preceded by the # symbol. Hashtags help group Tweets and conversations on the same topic so people can easily find and follow posts of their interest. It helps organise content and group them into relevant topics.

Twitter hashtags become trending when a particular topic becomes the centre of attention of many Twitter users. Staying up to date with Twitter trends can help you keeps up with the latest market news and highlights. Sprout’s Trends Report helps monitor hashtags, trending topics and influencers in a particular industry on Twitter. Search for trending topics on Twitter using Hashtags and try to promote your business there to influence a greater crowd. 

Twitter Hashtags

Twitter Advertising

Start Advertising on Twitter through Twitter Ads and Promote your Tweets. Twitter ads are an advertising platform designed to enable advertisers to create and launch ads for their target audience across multiple places using various ad formats and features. Add links to your Twitter Ads to direct users to an appropriate landing page on your site. Promoted tweets are tweets promoted through paid advertising to reach a bigger audience. The first step to creating a Twitter Ad campaign is choosing your ad objective. You can build Ad groups to separate details like budget, targeting, and creatives granularly.

Other ways to advertise on Twitter are through Promoted Tweets, Accounts and Trends. Promoted Tweets are labelled as Promoted and appear in the Twitter feed of users who don't follow you yet. Promoted Account ads help attract Twitter users who may be interested in your brand. Promoted Trends help your topic appear on the Trending lists of all users for a particular period.

Set up your Twitter Advertising account here and create a New Campaign based on your Business needs.

Host Twitter Chats 

This helps you interact with your followers and other users who might be interested in what you do. Bring up topics that may be related to your business or your area of expertise. It shows other users and followers how active your account on Twitter is. Make your business known to other users by engaging them actively.

Benefits of Twitter Marketing

  • Twitter allows you to provide quick customer service and support to your customers.
  • It works as a search engine tool to search for possible business competitors and their marketing content. This helps analyse their marketing tactics and ideas.
  • Twitter allows direct conversation with your followers. You can share the latest updates about your organisation and promote your brand.
  • Twitter is an excellent tool to direct traffic to your business website and increase sales.
  • You can form communities and gain supporters for your business and promoters for products. It helps create brand awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the key performance indicators for Twitter marketing?

Some KPIs for Twitter marketing are engagement and interaction with your followers and the number of retweets of your tweet. ‍Finding the tweets that attract more followers is another factor. You can also monitor your website traffic and sales to check your marketing performance.

What are some of the best practices in Twitter marketing?

Audit your Twitter using Twitter analytics to evaluate the performance of your posts. Make sure that you are consistent and active on Twitter. Use correct and appropriate hashtags to represent your business or promotions. Reply to comments and interact with your audience to gain their feedback and opinions.

Name some of the tools to integrate Twitter on a blog or website.

TwitThis lets readers quickly share what they are reading with their Twitter followers. Chirrup can display all the references from Twitter on a given webpage. Twitterfeed can automatically insert tweets into Twitter from any RSS feed.


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