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Last updated: May 23, 2022

Types of AR/VR Devices

Although Augmented reality is still a new technology, Howard Grub, an Irish telescope maker patented a device called the collimating reflector in the 1900s. Its main purpose was to enable greater accuracy when shooting firearms by augmenting the crosshair view exactly at the user’s target vision. It tried to solve a pertinent challenge of the human eye of being able to focus only on one object at a time. Since then there are numerous categories of devices that shook the tech industry. Augmented reality devices can be broadly categorized into four types-Smart Glasses, Holographic Displays, Handheld Devices and Heads up displays(HUDs).
Smart Glasses EASY
This article discusses Smart Glasses, their types, the technology used, and their advancement.
Holographic Displays EASY
This article, we shall be discussing, we shall be discussing Holographic Displays, interactive holograms, handled AR, Holographic AR, advantages and benefits of holograms.
Handheld Devices EASY
In this blog, we will learn about handheld devices and their comparison with headsets.
Heads up displays(HUDs) EASY
In this post, we will learn about the Heads up displays(HUDs), their features, benefits, and their drawbacks.