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Last updated: May 20, 2022

Types of Data Warehouse Architecture

There are three main types of Data warehousing architecture single-tier architecture - which aims to minimize the data volume. There should be no duplicate records in the data warehouse only single layering. It mainly focuses on generating a dense collection of data and reducing the amount of data storage, two-tier architecture- differentiates the physically accessible sources and data storage. Three-tier architecture has a top layer, reconciled layer, and the layer of the data warehouse, it contains both data warehouses and the data marts. 
One-Tier Architecture EASY
In this article, we will cover one-tier architecture and its applications.
Two-Tier Architecture EASY
In a two-tier system, the database is stored on the server, and the interface installed on the client is used to access the database.
Three-Tier Architecture in DBMS EASY
In this article, we will wxplore the fundamentals of three-tier architecture in database management systems: presentation, logic, and data tiers.