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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Uber Preparation Guide

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These days our journeys are made a lot easier because of Uber. Want to go anywhere but don't have a vehicle? Book an Uber, and you are ready to go. 


In this blog, we will explain the Uber preparation guide. After reading this blog, you will have no doubts about Uber as a company. We will cover everything about its job roles, eligibility criteria, and a lot more to state. So what are you waiting for? Let us dive deep into the topic now!🤗 

About Uber😎


Uber Technologies is a company based in San Francisco. Uber has expanded a lot as a company and provides several services now. Some are mobility, food, courier, and package delivery services. For Uber mobility services, Uber offers several options to customers for rides depending on their requirements. Uber has expanded in more than 70 countries now. Uber was founded by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick back in 2009.

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Life At Uber💻

life at uber

Before discussing the Uber preparation guide, let us first look at what it is like to work at Uber. Uber has grown as a tech giant and is a dream company for many technological sophomores. Uber tries to provide a healthy work environment for its employees. Let us look at some of the perks that Uber provides to its employees.


The employees have access to food and snacks in the office. They earn credits every month that they can use in Uber eats.

📌Family Care

Uber understands that family is essential. Hence, you do not have to worry about emergency cases in your family.


Uber provides its employees with healthcare reimbursements to remain healthy and put in their best shot in every task.

📌Financial Stability

The employees have access to the Uber employee stock purchase plan. This helps the employees manage their finances.


Uber provides its employees with leaves whenever required. Also, Uber provides paid vacations for employees.

Roles Offered At Uber😎

In the Uber preparation guide, let us look at the roles offered at Uber along with their responsibilities.

Software Engineer💻

The task of a software engineer at Uber is to work and develop the software in the company. The task can also include improving the already existing software. The employees have to manage the traffic on the app. The employees work with the real-time applications of the software. The skills required for this role are as follows:

📌Spark, Java



📌PySpark and PyTorch

📌BigData, and Hive


🎯The candidate has to work with technologies like Hadoop and Spark.

🎯Work with cloud technologies.

🎯Improve or develop the backend services in JavaC++, etc.

🎯The candidate has to build scalable systems.

🎯The candidate should be efficient in testing and debugging the software.

Product Designer⭕

The task of a product designer includes handling the issues that the customers face while using the app. The candidate should be efficient in the design of the product and should have complete knowledge of the product and its working. The candidate will work with technologies like Androidios, Figma, etc. The candidate should be able to draft prototypes in an organized manner.


⭕Work on the design of the products.

⭕Think about problems and solve them efficiently.

⭕Work with the UI/UX of the application.

⭕Work on the prototypes and sketches of the designs.

Program Manager💻

The task of a program manager is to derive solutions from the ideas of Uber to help people. The program manager conveys the flow, plans, and data to the project partners. The program manager also derives some conclusions from the given data or analysis. The candidate must have strong critical thinking and analytical skills. The candidate must also be able to communicate effectively with the team.


📌Evaluate certain project risks and convey them to the project partners.

📌Share the frameworks that improve project performance.

📌Supervise the progress of a project and convey it to project partners.

📌Design experiments to test a particular feature or project and derive some solutions.

Machine Learning Engineer😎

The primary task of a machine learning engineer is to study the data or data models and draw some conclusions from them. The candidate should be able to use ML-based solutions to solve some real-life problems that customers face. The candidate should also scale the ML-based systems. The skills required for this role are PythonC++ or JavaTensorFlowSQLdeep learning, etc.


📌Use machine learning algorithms to solve real-world problems.

📌Improve the ML infrastructure of the company.

📌Suggest changes for model development, deployment needs, etc.

Eligibility Criteria📃


Moving forward with explaining the Uber preparation guide, let us see the eligibility criteria for the roles at Uber.

⭕The candidate should pursue a BTECH degree in computer engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, or related fields.

⭕The candidate can also have an integrated dual degree.

⭕There should be no active backlogs.

⭕The candidate should have some experience building some projects.

⭕The candidate should be proficient in at least one programming language like C++Java, Python, etc.

Uber Recruitment Process and Test Pattern📃

recruitment process

Now, in the Uber preparation guide, let us look at the recruitment process of Uber and the test pattern. The recruitment process of Uber generally comprises the following rounds:

Online Test

⭕Technical Interview

⭕Design Round

⭕HR Round

Online Test

The motto of the online test is to analyze the problem-solving skills of the candidates. In this round, the candidates are given two or more coding questions. They have to solve these questions using data structures and algorithms. The test is conducted on online test platforms, generally Hackerrank. To crack this round efficiently, the candidate must be efficient in at least one programming language like C++Java, or Python.

Difficulty Level

📌Medium to Hard

Technical Interview

This round comprises 4-6 face-to-face interviews. In this round, the candidates are generally asked coding questions for which they have to code the solutions. The interviewers might also ask you questions based on your previous work experience or projects that you have mentioned in your resume. The interviewers can also ask questions about computer fundamentals like operating systemscomputer networks, OOPS, etc.

Difficulty Level

📌Medium to Hard

Design Round

In this round, the candidates are tested based on their ability to design distributed systems. The candidates have to design a model for the given problem and also scale the model. You can be asked questions based on load balancingcaching, and related concepts.

Difficulty Level

📌Medium to Hard

HR Round

In this round, the candidate's general personality, and work ethic are tested. Generally, interviewers ask behavioural questions or situational questions. The interviewers might also ask you some puzzle-based questions to test your presence of mind. Some of the questions are mentioned below:

⭕What are your strengths and weaknesses?

⭕What has been the most challenging situation in your work experience?

⭕Why do you want to work with us?

⭕Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

⭕Would you relocate if required?



In this part, we will examine the syllabus of some famous roles at Uber.

Software Engineer

📌Programming languages like C++Java, or Python.

📌Web Development is important to learn for the official purposes of making websites and understanding them.

📌Computer fundamentals like operating systemsOOPS, and computer networks.

📌Data Structures and Algorithms help you solve many real-life problems.

📌Aptitude sharpens your general knowledge and understanding of the problems.

Machine Learning Engineer

Data Science helps you to understand and work with data.

Data Analysis helps to derive conclusions from data.

Artificial Intelligence is important to automate certain tasks.

Python forms the base for machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.

Statistics is important to understand general trends and patterns in a data set.

Data Analyst

Data Structures and Algorithms solve realistic problems efficiently.

Probability and Statistics help in analyzing the trends or changes in data.

✍Data Collection helps to gather information in a well-organized manner.

The study of data visualization is important to curate data to make it easy.

Data Analysis helps in analyzing data for further use.

Python or R is important for software development, data analysis, data visualization etc.

SQL is important to maintain and understand databases.

Product Designer

Figma is a tool that helps you create designs or rough sketches for your prototype.

Prototype Designing refers to the process of drafting your prototype right from the initial stage.

Sketching prototypes means creating an outline for the prototype.

You can also check out Data Analyst vs Data Scientist here.

Preparation Strategy😎

preparation strategy

A good preparation strategy and studying from the right resources can help you crack your dream job at Uber. Let us look at how you can prepare for Uber.

How to Crack Interviews Effectively💻

Let us look at some ways to help you prepare for the interviews:

📌Computer Fundamentals

Be completely thorough with the computer fundamentals and their concepts. This majorly involves the following concepts:

📍Data structures and algorithms

📍DBMS (Database Management System)

📍Operating SystemsComputer Networks


📌Practice Writing Code

Practice as many questions as possible and write their code. Start from the brute force approach and then proceed to the optimized approach. This will help you get better at your problem-solving skills.


Be thorough with the projects you mentioned in your resume. You must know the tech stacks used and the proper functioning of the project. The interviewer can also ask questions regarding the application of the project in real life.

📌Coding languages

You must know at least one coding language to code the solutions. It can be C, C++Java, or Python.

HR Interview✅

The tips and tricks to ace this round are as follows:

📌Study the company

You must know about the company, its goals, and its plans.

📌Be prepared

There are generally some fixed questions that the interviewer asks in the HR round. So browse the internet and be prepared with the answers to those questions already. 

📌Know about the role

A candidate should also study and be well prepared for the responsibilities and other things about the role they are interviewing for.

Resources For Preparation📃

Now, in this Uber preparation guide, let us look at some of the resources that will help you prepare for the role.

Resources To Crack Interviews💻

Attempt Unlimited Coding Mock Test Series Online (FREE) 

Practice Interview Problems of top tech companies 

Boost your uber interview preparation with curated problem lists

Interview Preparation Resources for Software Development Engineer

Learn Competitive Programming Course

Basics of Python with Data Structures and Algorithms

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Interview Preparation Course

Basics of Java with Data Structures and Algorithms

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Free Coding Competitions

Other Resources📃

📌Preparation Guides 

📌Web Technologies 

📌Mobile Technologies


📌Software Engineering

📌Data Structures and Algorithms 

📌Competitive Programming 

📌IT Certifications

📌Interview Questions 

📌Diversified Section

Interview Experiences💻

In this section, we will look at the interview experiences of some candidates who applied to Uber. This will include the experiences of both candidates, selected and rejected. This will help you gain a better understanding.

📌Uber Interview Experience by Ishtmeet Singh

📌Uber Interview Experience for Experienced 

📌Interview Experience by | Feb 2020 (Exp. 0-2 Years)

📌Uber Interview Experience by | On Campus - Dec 2020

📌Uber Interview Experience by Kumudarani Mahanta 

📌Uber Interview Experience 

You can also prepare with Uber Interview Questions for the TCS interview and crack it in first go.

You can also check this video for more information:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I apply for a job at Uber?

You can apply for a job on Uber on Uber’s career page.

What type of company is Uber?

Uber is a transportation and technology services company.

Which technology is used by Uber on the backend?

The server of Uber is known as Bedrock. It is built on Express.js.

Which technology is used by Uber for tracking the rides?

Uber uses artificial intelligence technology to track rides and determine their arrival time. One such technology is DeepETA which uses deep learning.

On what programming languages is Uber built?

Uber is built using programming languages such as Go, Java, NodeJs, and Python.

Which database is used by Uber?

Uber uses a NoSQL database for storing data of the users and rides.

What is the duration of the complete hiring process for Uber?

Generally hiring process at Uber takes about 2-3 weeks.


In this blog, we discussed the Uber preparation guide. We first saw Uber as a company followed by life at Uber. We had a sneak peek into the roles at Uber and their eligibility criteria. We also saw the recruitment process of Uber and some resources to prepare from. Finally, we looked into the interview experiences of some candidates.

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