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UGC-NET Computer Science November 2017 Paper-II Part-2

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UGC NET or NTA-UGC-NET is the examination for determining the eligibility for the assistant professor and/or Junior Research Fellowship award in Indian universities and colleges. National Testing Agency examines on behalf of the University Grants Commission. In this article, we will cover questions 26 to 50. We have covered questions 1 to 25 in the first part of UGC NET Nov 2017 PAPER-II Part-1.


26. Which of the following devices takes data sent from one network device and forwards it to the destination node based on the MAC address?

(1) Hub

(2) Modem

(3) Switch

(4) Gateway

Answer: 3

Explanation: According to the definition of Switch.


27. __________ do not take their decisions on measurements or estimates of the current traffic and topology.

(1) Static algorithms

(2) Adaptive algorithms

(3) Non-adaptive algorithms

(4) Recursive algorithms

Answer: 3

Explanation: Non-adaptive algorithms do not base their decisions on measurements or estimates of current traffic and topology.


28. The number of bits used for addressing in Gigabit Ethernet is __________.

(1) 32 bits

(2) 48 bits

(3) 64 bits

(4) 128 bits

Answer: 2

Explanation: The Ethernet frame is a packet that transmits data from one station to the next. Each frame is made up of bits that are organized into different sections. The four key fields are the destination Ethernet address field, source Ethernet address field, data field, and frame check sequence field. The address fields are 48 bits long. The size of the data field ranges from 46 to 1500 bytes. The frame check sequence field is a 32-bit Cyclical Redundancy Check (CRC) that validates the frame's bits to ensure that the frame arrives intact.


29. Which of the following layer of the OSI Reference model is also called the end-to-end layer?

(1) Network layer

(2) Datalink layer

(3) Session layer

(4) Transport layer

Answer: 4

Explanation: The transport layer is in charge of end-to-end communication in the OSI paradigm.


30. The IP address __________ is used by hosts when they are being booted.





Answer: 1

Explanation: IPv4, has numerous applications, one of which is that it is utilized when systems boot.


31. Consider the following program fragment in assembly language :

          mov ax, 0h

          mov cx, 0A h

doloop :

          dec ax

          loop doloop

What is the value of ax and cx registers after the completion of the doloop?

(1) ax=FFF5 h and cx=0 h

(2) ax=FFF6 h and cx=0 h

(3) ax=FFF7 h and cx=0A h

(4) ax=FFF5 h and cx=0A h

Answer: 2

Explanation: cx is a counter register, therefore the loop will continue until cx!=0; the content of cx is 0Ah, A=10 in hex; statement doloop: dec ax; decrement value of ax cx times loop doloop; just add (ax + (-cx)) => 000 0000 0000 0000 + ( 2's compliment of cx = 1111 1111 1111 0110)

=> 1111 1111 1111 0110= FFF6, cx =0000h


32. Consider the following assembly program fragment :


mov al, 11010110b

mov cl, 2

rcl al, 3

rol al, 4

shr al, cl

mul cl

The contents of the destination register ax (in hexadecimal) and the status of Carry Flag (CF) after the execution of the above instructions are :

(1) ax=003CH; CF=0

(2) ax=001EH; CF=0

(3) ax=007BH; CF=1

(4) ax=00B7H; CF=1

Answer: 1

Explanation: stc cy=1 


mov cl 2 

rcl al 3 

rcl in 8086 rotates through carrying to the left

Now, after rotating left by 3 bits(through carry) 

al=10110111 and cy=0

next instruction os rol al 4 

rol in 8086 asks you to rotate left by the number of bits specified. Here we have to shift the contents of al by 4 bits.

So, Now al-01111011, cy=1

The next instruction is shr al, cl 

shift right contents of register al by cl i.e 2 

so,al =00011110

Next, mul cl


33. Which of the following regular expressions, each describing a language of binary numbers (MSB to LSB) that represents non-negative decimal values, does not include even values?

(1) 0*1+0*1* 

(2) 0*1*0+1* 

(3) 0*1*0*1+ 

(4) 0+1*0*1* 

Where {+, *} are quantification characters.

Answer: 3

Explanation: When we represent a number in binary form, we have a 1 in the LSB for odd numbers and a 0 in the LSB for even numbers.

As a result, only the language generated by option (3) 0∗1∗0∗1+ will have a 1 in the LSB. As a result, there will be no even numbers in this language.


34. Which of the following statements is/are TRUE? 

(a) The grammar S → SS | a is ambiguous. (Where S is the start symbol) 

(b) The grammar S → 0S1 | 01S | ε is ambiguous. (The special symbol ε represents the empty string) (Where S is the start symbol) 

(c) The grammar (Where S is the start symbol) 

  • -> T/U$
  • -> x S y | xy | ϵ
  • -> yT

generates a language consisting of the string yxxyy.

(1) Only (a) and (b) are TRUE.

(2) Only (a) and (c) are TRUE.

(3) Only (b) and (c) are TRUE.

(4) All of (a), (b), and (c) are TRUE.

Answer: 4

Explanation: (a) S→SS | a 

This grammar is ambiguous. Take, for example, the string aaa. We have two options for generating this string:




(b) S→0S1 | 01S | ϵ 

This grammar is also ambiguous. String 01 has two different derivation trees. S→0S1→01 and S→01S→01 

(c) This statement is also TRUE. Generate string yxxyy from the given grammar:- 


So all three statements are TRUE.


35. Match the description of several parts of a classic optimizing compiler in List - I, with the names of those parts in List - II:

List - I

(a) A part of a compiler that is responsible for recognizing syntax.

(b) A part of a compiler that takes as input a stream of characters and produces as output a stream of words along with their associated syntactic categories.

(c) A part of a compiler that understands the meanings of variable names and other symbols and checks that they are used in ways consistent with their definitions.

(d) An IR-to-IR transformer that tries to improve the IR program in some way (Intermediate representation).

List - II

(i) Optimizer

(ii) Semantic Analysis

(iii) Parser

(iv) Scanner

Code : (a) (b) (c) (d)

(1) (iii) (iv) (ii) (i)

(2) (iv) (iii) (ii) (i)

(3) (ii) (iv) (i) (iii)

(4) (ii) (iv) (iii) (i)

Answer: 1

Explanation: The parser is a component of the compiler that is in charge of syntax recognition.

The lexical analyzer employs a scanner (or tokenization).

The consistency and definition of syntax are evaluated during semantic analysis.

The IR program is improved with the help of an optimizer.


36. In a Distributed system, the capacity of a system to adapt to the increased service load is called ____.

(1) Tolerance

(2) Scalability

(3) Capability

(4) Loading

Answer: 2

Explanation: Scalability refers to a distributed system's ability to handle the growing load.


37. In the __________ disk scheduling algorithm, the disk head moves from one end to another end of the disk, serving the requests along the way. When the head reaches the other end, it immediately returns to the beginning of the disk without serving any requests on the return trip.

(1) LOOK

(2) SCAN

(3) C - LOOK

(4) C - SCAN

Answer: 4

Explanation: When a circular scan head moves in one direction and serves requests along the way, it returns to the beginning of the disc without serving any requests on the return trip.


38. Suppose there are six files F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6 with corresponding sizes of 150 KB, 225 KB, 75 KB, 60 KB, 275 KB, and 65 KB respectively. The files are to be stored on a sequential device in such a way that optimizes access time. In what order should the files be stored?

(1) F5, F2, F1, F3, F6, F4

(2) F4, F6, F3, F1, F2, F5

(3) F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6

(4) F6, F5, F4, F3, F2, F1

Answer: 2

Explanation: Sort the files in increasing order of file size to optimize access time.


39. Which module gives control of the CPU to the process selected by the short-term scheduler?

(1) Dispatcher

(2) Interrupt

(3) Schedular

(4) Threading

Answer: 1

Explanation: The dispatcher is the module that assigns CPU control to the process chosen by the short-term scheduler. In kernel mode, it receives control as a result of an interrupt or system call.


40. Two atomic operations permissible on Semaphores are __________ and __________.

(1) wait, stop

(2) wait, hold

(3) hold, signal

(4) wait, signal

Answer: 4

Explanation: The atomic operations available on a semaphore are wait and signal.


41. Software does not wear out in the traditional sense of the term, but the software does tend to deteriorate as it evolves, because :

(1) Software suffers from exposure to hostile environments.

(2) Defects are more likely to arise after the software has been used often.

(3) Multiple change requests introduce errors in component interactions.

(4) Software spare parts become harder to order.

Answer: 3

Explanation: Software does not wear out, but as the environment and needs change, it becomes less useful/effective and more prone to errors.


42. Software re-engineering is concerned with :

(1) Re-constructing the original source code from the existing machine (low-level) code program and modifying it to make it more user-friendly.

(2) Scrapping the source code of a software and re-writing it entirely from scratch.

(3) Re-organising and modifying existing software systems to make them more maintainable.

(4) Translating source code of existing software to a new machine (low-level) language.

Answer: 3

Explanation: Software re-engineering is the investigation and modification of a system in order to re-create it in a new form. In other terms, software re-engineering is a software development process that is carried out to increase the maintainability of a software system.


43. Which of the following is not a key issue stressed by an agile philosophy of software engineering?

(1) The importance of self-organizing teams as well as communication and collaboration between team members and customers.

(2) Recognition that change represents opportunity.

(3) Emphasis on rapid delivery of software that satisfies the customer.

(4) Having a separate testing phase after a build phase.

Answer: 4

Explanation: List the primary issues emphasized by an agile software engineering philosophy:

The value of self-organizing teams

Collaboration and communication among team members and customers

Recognize that change is an opportunity

The emphasis is on the timely delivery of software that meets the needs of the customer.


44. What is the normal order of activities in which traditional software testing is organized?

(a) Integration Testing

(b) System Testing

(c) Unit Testing

(d) Validation Testing

Code :

(1) (c), (a), (b), (d)

(2) (c), (a), (d), (b)

(3) (d), (c), (b), (a)

(4) (b), (d), (a), (c)

Answer: 2

Explanation: Traditional software testing is organized as follows:

Unit testing, integration testing, validation testing, and system testing are all part of the process.


45. Which of the following testing techniques ensures that the software product runs correctly after the changes during maintenance?

(1) Path Testing

(2) Integration Testing

(3) Unit Testing

(4) Regression Testing

Answer: 4

Explanation: Regression testing is a type of software testing that ensures previously produced and tested software continues to work in the same manner after being altered or interfaced with other software. Software enhancements, patches, and configuration changes are examples of modifications.


46. Which of the following Super Computers is the fastest Super Computer?

(1) Sun-way TaihuLight

(2) Titan

(3) Piz Daint

(4) Sequoia

Answer: 1

Explanation: According to the newly announced semiannual Top 500 ranking of supercomputers, Sunway Taihulight has been declared the world's fastest supercomputer. The National Research Centre of Parallel Computer Engineering and Technology in China created it (NRCPC). It is intended for use in climate, weather, life sciences, advanced manufacturing, and data analytics research and engineering. The TOP 500 list is widely regarded as one of the most reliable rankings of the world's supercomputers. 


47. Which of the following statements about the ERP systems is true?

(1) Most ERP software implementations fully achieve seamless integration.

(2) ERP software packages are themselves combinations of separate applications for manufacturing, materials, resource planning, general ledger, human resources, procurement, and order entry.

(3) Integration of ERP systems can be achieved in only one way.

(4) An ERP package implemented uniformly throughout an enterprise is likely to contain very flexible connections to allow charges and software variations.

Answer: 2

Explanation: Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software package that is used by businesses to manage production, materials, resource planning, general ledger, human resources, procurement, and order entry.


48. Which of the following is not a Clustering method?

(1) K - Mean method

(2) Self Organizing feature map method

(3) K - nearest neighbor method

(4) Agglomerative method

Answer: 3

Explanation: k-means clustering is a vector quantization method derived from signal processing that is widely used in data mining cluster analysis

Map That Self-Organizes SOM (Self-Organizing Map) is a data visualization tool. SOM also illustrates the concept of clustering by grouping related data together.

The k-nearest neighbor's algorithm (k-NN) is a non-parametric classification and regression approach.

Agglomerative hierarchical clustering is a bottom-up clustering technique in which clusters contain sub-clusters, which have sub-clusters, and so on.


49. Which of the given wireless technologies used in IoT, consumes the least amount of power?

(1) Zigbee

(2) Bluetooth

(3) Wi-Fi


Answer: 2

Explanation: Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that is widely utilised in the Internet of Things (IoT). It is a wireless ultra-low energy solution for IoT devices that consumes the least amount of power when compared to existing Bluetooth networking standards.


50. Which speed up could be achieved according to Amdahl’s Law for an infinite number of processes if 5% of a program is sequential and the remaining part is ideally parallel?

(1) Infinite

(2) 5

(3) 20

(4) 50

Answer: 3

Explanation: According to Amdahl's law, an endless number of processes can be accelerated:

S = 1 / (1-P), where p denotes the parallel component of the program.

Given, that the sequential portion of the program is 5%.


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What is the purpose of the UGC NET Exam?

UGC NET is an abbreviation for University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test. It is a national-level test used to evaluate eligibility for lectureships and Junior Research Fellowships (JRF) in Indian institutions and colleges.

Can I apply for UGC NET after completing a PG diploma?

A PGDM is equivalent to a master's degree. So, if you hold a PG Diploma from a recognized university, you are eligible to apply for the exam.

What is the minimum age for applying to the UGC NET Exam?

According to the UGC NET Eligibility, there is no age limit for assistant professors, but candidates for JRF must be at least 31 years old.

Will distance learning be accepted for the UGC NET?

Yes, distance education is acceptable for the UGC NET Exam, provided you are enrolled in a UGC accredited university/institute.

What is the UGC NET syllabus?

The NTA administers the UGC NET Exam in two parts: General Paper-1 (common to all topics) and Paper-2 (subject-specific). The syllabus for each Paper 2 subject varies. You can view the entire UGC NET Syllabus.


In this article, we have extensively discussed some of the previous year's UGC NET questions. We have covered questions 1 to 25 in the first part of  UGC NET Nov 2017 PAPER-II Part-1.

We hope that this blog has helped you enhance your knowledge regarding the UGC NET questions and if you would like to learn more, check out our articles on UGC NET Nov 2017 PAPER-II Part-1UGC NET ExamNET Application formPSU Recruitment through GATE, and GATE Books For CSE.

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What is the purpose of the UGC NET Exam?
Can I apply for UGC NET after completing a PG diploma?
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