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Importance of Updating WordPress
Before Updating WordPress
Upgrading WordPress
Update WordPress Automatically
Update WordPress Manually via FTP
Update WordPress via the WP Admin 
Frequently Asked Questions
What happens if I don't replace my WordPress website online
Is it safe to update the WordPress database?
How do I know if WordPress is set up?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Updating WordPress

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In this blog, we’ll learn how to update WordPress and Updating WordPress and retaining it up to date is a vital part of strolling any WordPress website. I’ll explain how to do it manually and mechanically in this article!

Once your WordPress website is up and running, we need to keep it often to keep it afloat.

This is in which updating your WordPress website online will become essential. Ignoring the update message for your WordPress dashboard can lead to compatibility issues, malfunctions, or even an entire webpage online breakdown.

Importance of Updating WordPress

Once your WordPress web page is up and running, you want to hold it regularly to preserve it afloat. This is in which updating your WordPress website will become necessary. Ignoring the update message in your WordPress dashboard can lead to compatibility issues, malfunctions, or even a total website breakdown.

Fixing the troubles is hard, so it’s better to take preventive actions ahead. You must constantly update WordPress to the modern-day model. When a new edition of WordPress is to be had, you'll acquire an update message in your WordPress Admin Screens. To replace WordPress, click on the link on this latest version.

Source: Blogvault

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Before Updating WordPress

The most critical thing you need to do before upgrading WordPress is to create an entire WordPress backup, even if you have a self-operating WordPress backup plugin installation.

You nonetheless want to ensure that you create a brand new backup and store it competently in a far-flung vicinity.

 A complete WordPress backup includes the whole thing.

  • Your WordPress database
  • All your pics and media uploads
  • Your WordPress plugins and themes
  • Core WordPress documents


This step is vital as it will let you repair WordPress from backup if something goes incorrect. Once you've created a whole backup and saved it on a unique location (your pc or cloud garage like Google Drive), you could flow directly to the subsequent step.

Upgrading WordPress

Update WordPress Automatically

The most secure way to update WordPress is to let WordPress contend with it for you. In your WordPress dashboard, you’ll see a notification whilst a more recent version is available, plus more than one different area where the desired update is flagged:

Source: Webdesign

There’s additionally a link in the bottom right of the admin pages just in case you miss all of the above!

Follow any of those hyperlinks, and also, WordPress will take you to the updates page, where you may click the Update Now button. In doing so, today's model of WordPress could be fetched from wordpress.Org and installed behind the scenes.

Update WordPress Manually via FTP

This method is essential for you to use FTP to upload WordPress documents manually. You can use this while the primary approach is not operating for some reasons. First, you may need to download the modern model of WordPress. Go to the WordPress download web page and click on the Download button.

Your browser will now download WordPress in a zip record. Once downloaded, you want to extract the zip record. Inside you'll see a WordPress folder. This folder incorporates all the WordPress documents you want for the update. Next, you want to open your FTP patron and hook up with your website. Once connected, go to the WordPress folder you just extracted from the zip file inside the neighbourhood files column.


Source: wpbeginner

In the faraway files column, visit your internet site’s root folder. This folder could be public_html or named after your internet site’s area name. Inside this folder, you will see your WordPress documents and folders.

Source: wpbeginner

Select all files within the WordPress folder for your pc and then right-click to pick out Upload. Your FTP client will now start syncing WordPress documents out of your laptop for your website.

However, your website already has older versions of the files with the same name. You can request what you need to do with the one's documents. You need to pick ‘Overwrite’ and test the box next to ‘Always use this action ’.

Source: wpbeginner


This will make sure that all WordPress documents on your website are changed by employing the newer versions of the papers.

Once the upload is completed, you need to visit the admin location of your WordPress site. This step is vital as, on occasion, a more modern WordPress model may also need to replace your WordPress database.

                                                   Source: wpbeginner

In that case, you may see a page citing that a Database update is required. Click on the ‘Update WordPress Database’ button to retain.

That’s all; you have effectively updated your WordPress internet site. For specific extra steps, see our guide on the way to manually update WordPress thru FTP.

Update WordPress via the WP Admin 

This is one of the most straightforward take-aways to updating your website to the modern-day WordPress version. This guide update system is handiest a click away, and the installation method will only take a few minutes.

All you need to do is log in to your WordPress admin dashboard. Then, check if there is a brand new WordPress release on the top web page of the WordPress admin dashboard. Click Please replace now to initiate the internet site replace. The Updates page will open, in which you’ll press the Update Now button once more.

Source: hostinger


For minor updates, the success message alongside the plugin and topic update-alternatives will seem. However, you may see a welcome display with an in-depth precis of what has been upgraded for essential releases.

Welcome screen of the new WordPress version.

Source: hostinger

Now you may update all of your themes and plugins to make sure they may be well-matched with the latest version of WordPress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don't replace my WordPress website online

Security updates of the WordPress internet site are a prerequisite for your website's safety. For some cause, website online proprietors frequently agree that hackers will not attack their website online, but this isn't the case. It is not possible to delay updating the security gadget, as at a minimum, it may cause: excessive hazard of hacking and statistics robbery.

Is it safe to update the WordPress database?

Updating the database may be essential in WordPress if you regularly personalise your website. It is also one of the essential steps whilst you update WordPress manually. Additionally, even though WordPress is one of the high-quality website constructing systems, your website would possibly encounter one or more problems.

How do I know if WordPress is set up?

Log in to the WordPress dashboard and head to Dashboard -> Updates. It will display the presently established version of WordPress, and the contemporary WordPress model launched.


This blog extensively discussed backup in Updating WordPress topics and their implementation in a jam in WordPress software/tools. In this weblog, you’ve learned a way to competently update WordPress via manual and automatic strategies without breaking your website – it’s a have to-have skill for an internet site owner.

Updating your website online enables enhanced security and fixing bugs. A nicely-functioning website will entice more site visitors and boom your conversion prices.

For updating, you’ll want to check if there are any upcoming WordPress releases, perform a backup, clean the website cache, and perform PHP improvements. Additionally, deactivate plugins before updating to the new WordPress version to prevent record errors.

We hope this blog has helped you magnify your knowledge regarding backup in WordPress. If you want to learn more, examine our articles on code studio, attempt test series, read interview experiences, etc.

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Happy Coding!”


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