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Table of contents
Introduction 🌼
About Capgemini 📽️
What exactly is Capgemini looking for? 🎯
Why should you join Capgemini?🔗
How to join Capgemini ❓
The On-campus Selection Procedure🏹
Eligibility Criteria 
On-Campus Test assessment
Written Test
Group Discussion
Personal Interview
The Off-campus selection procedure 🔎
Capgemini Off-Campus Test pattern
Internship (The alternative way of getting in) 🛣️
What do you need to prepare?🌱
Technical Interview
Coding round
Making a solid Resume using Certifications.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does Capgemini pay?
What kind of work does Capgemini do?
What is the starting salary for a fresher at Capgemini?
What are Capgemini's 7 Core Values?
Who founded Capgemini?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Ways to Get Into Capgemini

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Introduction 🌼

Are you willing to work at Capgemini? If you definitely yes, then you are on the right path. We will provide a complete guide for getting opportunities in Capgemini.

ways to join capgemini

This article will discuss the process and preparation for joining Capgemini, the skills required, roles and responsibilities, and salary insights of an employee at Capgemini.

Let’s first discuss a little bit about the company itself. 

About Capgemini 📽️

Capgemini is the world's most extensive consulting, digital transformation, technology, and engineering services provider. In the growing cloud, digital, and platforms world, the Group is at the forefront of technological innovation to serve the full range of customer prospects.

capgemini logo

Capgemini SE, headquartered in Paris, France, is a global provider of information technology services and consultancy. Capgemini was started in 1967 by Serge Kampf as a business management and data processing firm.

What exactly is Capgemini looking for? 🎯

Following are the key factors that Capgemini looks for:

  • Communication 

Capgemini understands that excellent communication boosts productivity and fosters a positive work atmosphere. Therefore Capgemini seeks candidates who can explain their views concisely yet persuasively.

  • Collaboration

Capgemini seeks team players who promote a productive working environment, and those who maintain a good atmosphere within a team and support outstanding cooperation are valued.

  • Innovation

Because innovation is at the heart of our operations, Capgemini seeks candidates who can combine analytical abilities with the capacity to develop unique and successful solutions. Capgemini values those who can see beyond the problem to identify the answer/solution.

Why should you join Capgemini?🔗

The following points include why you should join Capgemini:

  • Get motivated by your coworkers.

Because of Capgemini's cultural richness, you will always have something to learn from people around you.

  • Your Passion for Travel

Capgemini has 300 offices in 40 countries worldwide. You will have the opportunity to travel or work in various areas.

  • You may rely on Capgemini for professional advancement.

Capgemini is continually evolving, and you should be too. With  Capgemini Group University, Capgemini focuses on team members' personal growth.

  • Find a happy medium for yourself.

You're a human being, and so is Capgemini! Capgemini works hard to ensure its workers have a healthy, pleasant work-life balance.

How to join Capgemini 

As we all know, there are two ways to join a company. The first is by going through off-campus procedures, and the second is by preparing for on-campus processes.

Although we will look for every aspect of preparing for Capgemini, we will discuss the off-campus and on-campus procedures. 

Let's start this by understanding on campus first. 

how to join

The On-campus Selection Procedure🏹

Capgemini conducts Capgemini Campus Recruitment at various colleges and institutions to choose the top students that meet their company's standards. This year recruiting is entirely virtual, but keep in mind that the manner of recruitment is entirely up to the company's management. First, let’s check whether you are eligible to apply to Capgemini or not.

Below are the fundamental requirements which must be met.

on campus


Eligibility Criteria 

Following are the eligibility criteria to get into Capgemini:

Grade 10 

At least 60% is Required

Grade 12

At least 60% is Required


At least 60% is Required


No active backlogs

If you met the above requirements, congratulations, you could take your step ahead.

However, the above requirements are based on the last campus drive, and this depends on Capgemini management and is subject to change. Please visit Capgemini’s official website for more information.

On-Campus Test assessment

The Capgemini India on-campus drive is separated into three rounds, and we will understand these rounds briefly.

  • Written Test
  • Group discussion
  • Personal Interview

Written Test

The test procedure follows:

  • Quants: This consists of fundamental mathematics.
  • Logical reasoning: This part examines logical and critical thinking abilities.
  • Pseudo Code: This portion tests-core programming language skills, mainly from C, C++, OOPS principles, Data Structures, and Algorithms.
  • Essay writing: This section assess your English proficiency. This round's subjects were often technology-related or generic.

Group Discussion

This round is used to assess the student's interpersonal abilities. They will allow you ten minutes to talk on the subject. The interviewer will search for individuals who can confidently discuss more relevant topics. Finally, he will give you five minutes to finish.

Personal Interview

They will assess your behavior and technological knowledge in this interview.

Below are some questions that Capgemini’s interview panel may ask you:

  • Who created the C programming language?
  • In JavaScript, what is the difference between undefined and not defined?
  • What exactly do you mean by data redundancy?
  • What exactly is an entity?
  • What exactly does your father do?
  • What are your plans for the future?
  • Do you wish to further your education?
  • Can you work well under duress?
  • What is your life's ambition?

The Off-campus selection procedure 🔎

Keep in mind that the off-campus selection procedure is different from the on-campus procedure, and maybe eligibility criteria also differ from the on-campus procedure.


Below is the last requirement for off-campus selection.

Grade 10 

At least 50% is Required

Grade 12

At least 50% is Required


At least 50% is Required


No active backlogs

The highest qualification should be


The preceding requirements are based on the most recent campus drive and are subject to change at the discretion of Capgemini management. For additional information, please visit the Capgemini website.

Capgemini expects to recruit efficient and knowledgeable individuals like any other IT firm. They plan to hold the following rounds for this purpose. And the applicants will be hired based on their performance in those rounds. As a result, keep this in mind and work hard. 

  • Online Written (Aptitude)
  • Group Discussion
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Also, remember that Capgemini reserves the right to cancel, skip, or add any additional rounds necessary to recruit an efficient and productive applicant. 

Capgemini Off-Campus Test pattern

The following table includes the off-campus test pattern for Capgemini:




Pseudo Code



Behavioral Competency Examination


Almost 20 mins

English Proficiency


30 mins

Based on a game

4 games

20-24 mins


160 questions and 4 games

100-104 minutes

Skills that they are looking for in you

  • Quick learner and team player
  • Excellent communication abilities (both verbal and nonverbal)
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Ability to engage with cross-functional teams as a good team player

Internship (The alternative way of getting in) 🛣️

Now the third way of getting into Capgemini is by getting an internship and offer letter at Capgemini.


How to Apply for Capgemini Internships

  • To begin, all candidates must go to Capgemini's official website,
  • Then, look for Capgemini Careers.
  • Look for the most recent Capgemini Internship Jobs.
  • Refer to the eligibility requirements.
  • If you believe you are eligible, apply as soon as possible by filling out your information.
  • Click the submit button.
  • Finally, make a printout for future reference.

Students studying B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA, B.A., and B.Com degrees can apply for the internship program. As a result, apply once you have verified the qualifying requirement information. Capgemini will provide a generous stipend to the pupils. There is a possibility of extending your internship procedure based on your skills. Capgemini will encourage students to conduct an internship at their workplace if they pass the test. As a result, prepare thoroughly to pass the selection rounds.

What do you need to prepare?🌱

The following includes key points you should prepare to get into Capgemini:



We go through all of the options to get into Capgemini. However, you may discover that Capgemini is interested in your logical thinking and problem-solving abilities in all three approaches. We recommend you go through our blog on how to get a strong aptitude and prepare to perform well in your actual aptitude test.

Technical Interview

Interviewing is an essential part of the employment selection process. An interview allows the employer to determine whether an applicant's skills, experience, and personality match the job's requirements. Cracking an interview is always tricky, and you must answer all the questions satisfactorily and politely. Capgemini may ask you questions related to your studies which you did in your college. Your knowledge foundation must be strong, but don't worry. Coding Ninja got your back, and we will help with it. We did lots of hard work to prepare the best preparation material; visit our interview questions blog to prepare, and you will be amazed by your result.

Coding round

A coding round often assesses the candidate's ability to solve complicated issues using algorithms and data structures. This round measures your ability to comprehend and resolve a problem in a short time. The Capgemini Pseudo Coding MCQs cover fundamental C input-output and C++, OOPS. Data Structures Questions are also included in the Capgemini Coding Questions. The Capgemini Pseudo Coding Papers Section of the Test Paper is challenging. The questions include C, C++, OOPS, JAVA and data structures. So, as much as possible, practice these themes. Coding Ninja has always had your back when it comes to coding rounds. Refer to the blog to prepare briefly about C programming language and Java programming language

Making a solid Resume using Certifications.

In IT departments, the tech hiring market is hotter than ever, and when a tech recruiter is evaluating your resume, they often start by looking at your certifications. IT certification can boost your confidence, expand your knowledge and increase your reliability and performance. Earning an IT certification requires equal parts dedication and motivation. Coding ninja is always dedicated to helping students, and we have already created a blog to help you get the best IT certifications; go through it and create the best resume.



Refer to the following video to learn how to Prepare and get jobs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Capgemini pay?

Capgemini gives its workers an annual salary of 750,193. Salary ranges at Capgemini range from 305,770 to 1,853,451 per year on average.

What kind of work does Capgemini do?

It is an information technology consulting firm specializing in professional technology and engineering services.

What is the starting salary for a fresher at Capgemini?

For less than a year of experience, the average Capgemini Fresher pay in India is 3.5 Lakhs. Fresher salaries at Capgemini range from 2.4 Lakhs to 4.1 Lakhs. 

What are Capgemini's 7 Core Values?

The values of Capgemini – integrity, courage, trust, freedom, fun, modesty, and team spirit – represent Capgemini's personality and soul.

Who founded Capgemini?

Inspired by these exciting technical and cultural shifts, entrepreneur Serge Kampf determines the moment has come to establish an IT firm. And so the Capgemini tale started.

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In this article, we have discussed most of the vital things you need to know about a Software Test Engineer at Capgemini; a brief idea about Capgemini, the most required skills, a quick roadmap, and how we will help you in this journey.

These articles will help you to explore more about technical roles at Capgemini:

Refer to our guided paths on Coding Ninjas Studio for aptitude preparation. Enroll in our courses like data analyticsdata sciencemachine learningdatabase management, etc. Refer to the mock test and problems available. Take a look at the interview experiences and interview bundle for placement preparations.

Happy Learning!


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