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Table of contents
Introduction 🌼
About Apple 📽️
Why should you join Apple?🔗
Ways To Join Apple❓
The On-campus Selection 🏹
The Off-campus selection procedure 🔎
Types of interviews Apple Conduct
Standard Interview Questions Asked by Apple
Assessment Center
Frequently Asked Questions
Is it difficult to be recruited at Apple?
Who is the current CEO of Apple?
What is Apple most well-known for?
What products does Apple offer?
What is Apple's major priority?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Ways to join Apple

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Introduction 🌼

Do you want to work at Apple? If you answered certainly yes, you are on the right track. We will present a comprehensive approach to ways to join Apple.

Ways to join apple ? (Image)

This post will go through the process and preparation for joining Apple, as well as the skills needed, duties and responsibilities, and earning insights of an Apple employee.

Let's start with some background about the company.

About Apple 📽️

Apple Inc. is an American multinational tech company located in Cupertino, California, specializing in consumer devices, software, and online services. Apple is the most significant technological business in revenue (US$365.8 billion in 2021). It is the world's largest firm in terms of market capitalization; Along with Alphabet, Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft, it is one of the Big Five American information technology corporations.


Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne created the Apple Computer Company on April 1, 1976, to build and sell Wozniak's Apple I personal computer. In 1977, Jobs and Wozniak formed Apple Computer, Inc., and the company's next computer, the Apple II, became a best-seller and one of the first mass-produced microcomputers. Apple went public in 1980 and quickly became a commercial success. The business created computers with novel graphical user interfaces, like the first Macintosh, launched in highly lauded advertising that year.

Why should you join Apple?🔗

Apple is fascinated with innovation. Because consumer requirements are constantly changing, Apple ensures that the company can adapt based on the current customer requirements, so they evolve and improve their products. If you want to be a part of something extraordinary, you should join Apple. Let's see the ways to join Apple.

Why Apple

Ways To Join Apple

As we all know, there are two ways to join Apple. The first method is to go through off-campus methods, and the second is to prepare for on-campus procedures.

Although we will look at every part of Apple preparation, we will focus on the off-campus and on-campus methods. However, there are limited ways to join Apple because Apple hires people who surpass their competitive interviews and tasks.

Let's start with an understanding of on-campus procedures.

The On-campus Selection 🏹


Apple does not typically hire from India but from institutions such as Stanford University, UCLA, and others. However, it did appear in 2017 for recruiting purposes at (INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) IIIT Hyderabad. They typically hire people based on experience, expertise in the field, references, and good academic performance.

The Off-campus selection procedure 🔎

It is not simple to become an Apple employee, and you must be a competitive applicant to obtain your ideal career at Apple. So, if you follow these instructions to get employed at Apple, you can start a fantastic career with the computer giant.

  • Create an excellent resume

Your CV for an Apple position should be exceptional. However, because the hiring manager will have to go through many resumes, you should make your resume concise and easy to read. Your CV should demonstrate that you have relevant professional experience and skills. Take note of your educational history and any qualifications you hold.


  • Establishing connections

Building a solid network in the IT business is one of the most excellent methods to gain a job at Apple. If you want to work at Apple, you should attend tech networking events and meet people with connections to the firm. Networking is one of the most acceptable methods to get your foot in the door.

Apple's recruiting supervisors get thousands upon thousands of employment applications. So, your job application will stand out if you receive a recommendation from someone within the organization. As the adage goes, it is not what you know but who you know.


  • Try to maintain an excellent academic record in your undergraduate or score more than 8 CGPA to reflect your hard work.


  • Competitive programming aims to provide source code for computer programs that can handle specific tasks. The great majority of programming contest challenges are mathematical or logical. We recommend you participate in such contests.


  • Try to attain genuine certification in the field you are interested in; this will increase your chances of selection. Coding ninja will help you select the proper certification; we suggest you read our blog.


  • Work on several projects for different employers.


  • Make your Linkedin account more attractive by adding references and the responsibilities you handled throughout your work/ project.


  • Employers use aptitude tests to measure candidates' talents in various testing forms. Aptitude exams will assess your ability to complete tasks and respond to workplace conditions. This covers, among other things, problem-solving, prioritization, and math abilities. Make sure to work on your aptitude skills.



Either apple will contact you, or you need to contact them no matter what; you will go through the following rounds of the selection procedure. You will be chosen for the interview if your application is attractive and outstanding to the recruiting team.

  1. CV Shortlisting
  2. GD (Depends on the number of candidates)
  3. Personal/Technical Interview
  4. HR

You must apply for the position using Apple's online career portal.

Types of interviews Apple Conduct

Animated Interview Image

Typically, the Apple interview process consists of three stages: a phone interview, an assessment exam, and the final interview.

  • A phone interview

This is your opportunity to exhibit your interests and talents that would make you a good fit for the post. It will be done over the phone based on expertise (CBI). We urge that you think about other projects you've worked on, both professionally and academically, and examine what your role was, what you accomplished, and how you tackled any challenges. You should also expect traditional interview questions about your schooling, interests, and background.


  • The Online Assessment Test

If you pass the phone interview, the next step in the Apple interview process is to take an online assessment exam. This will assess your ability to collaborate with others and indicate how you would behave as an Apple employee.


  • The final Interview

Finally, you will be chosen for a final interview if you pass the assessment exam. In this interview, you will meet with a director or a team in person and be allowed to explain why you should be picked for the job in further detail. You will also be permitted to ask questions regarding the position, so prepare by brainstorming potential questions and replies. You may be required to interview with more than one team with whom you would work directly or indirectly. Lunch is considered an extension of the interview, and you will be questioned by other staff throughout that time.


Moreover, if you want to know more about the experience of applicants who went through the interview, you can go through our blog on interview experience at Apple.

Standard Interview Questions Asked by Apple

  • What is anything you are very proud of? Why?
  • Which Apple device is your favorite? Why?


  • How would you handle a problematic client?
  • What will you miss most about your present job if you take a position at Apple?


  • Tell me about a time when you argued with your boss. How did you manage the conflict? What happened in the end?

The above are some of the basic interview questions. Furthermore, you can read our blog related to interview questions and interview puzzles for more knowledge to crack the Apple Interview. 

You can also practice a wide range of Apple Interview Questions from our problem list section.

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Assessment Center

Assessment Center Image

Some applicants must use the Apple Assessment Center to complete their activities. This allows them to network with current workers and understands the company's ideals more. Candidates may be requested to participate in role-playing activities and be ready to respond to questions such as "Why do you want to work at Apple?" and "How do you deal with conflicts with teammates?"

Group activities: These activities are meant to put your teamwork skills to the test. Your capacity to address crucial challenges and persuade people to listen to your views will be evaluated.


Written Test: This exercise will need you to develop a response to an unknown case study topic. It will be included in the candidate brief that you will be given.


Refer to the following video to learn how to make your resume better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to be recruited at Apple?

Apple is one of the biggest companies in the electronics industry, attracting talent from all over the world. Its technical interview procedure is challenging - just 2% of engineers who apply make it through the first round of interviews.

Who is the current CEO of Apple?

Timothy Donald Cook is an American business leader and engineer who has served as Apple Inc.'s CEO since 2011. Cook previously worked as the company's chief operations officer under Steve Jobs, the company's co-founder.

What is Apple most well-known for?

Apple is a well-known hardware and software corporation best recognized for its computer line, the iPod, iPhone, and unique product marketing tactics.

What products does Apple offer?

Apple's product lineup consists of the iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. It provides a wide range of consumer and professional software programs, including iOS, macOS, iPad, and watchOS, as well as iCloud, AppleCare, Apple Pay, and accessories.

What is Apple's major priority?

Apple's primary goal is to make products that improve people's lives. This entails not just creating whole new product categories, such as the iPhone and Apple Watch, but also constantly innovating within existing ones.


We have covered ways to join Apple in detail in this article. We hope this blog has helped you better understand Apple's Hiring process. You may read the following articles to learn how to answer in an interview. Check out our articles on Ace the Interview and How To Prepare For A Technical Interview to learn more. For more knowledge, check out our blog on:

You can also consider our competitive programming course to give your career an edge over others!

Thank you!

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