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About Directi
How to Join Directi?
Campus Drives
Eligibility Criteria
On-Campus Drives
Off-Campus Drives
The interview process at Directi
How to apply in Directi? 
How to join Directi through LinkedIn and Referrals 
Tips and Tricks to ask for referrals
Format of Referral
Sample Questions
Coding Round
Technical Interview
HR Interview
Frequently Asked Questions
How many technical rounds of hiring does Directi conduct?
What are the minimum eligibility criteria for joining Directi?
Is Directi a service-based or product-based company?
Does Directi hire Freshers off campus?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Ways to join Directi

Author Ayush Mishra
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"The first step in joining an organization is to research the company and understand its mission, values, and culture to ensure it aligns with your career goals and aspirations."

Hey Ninja!! This blog is designed to help you to understand the key steps and considerations for different ways to join Directi. Whether you are a graduate or a professional, this blog will provide valuable information and resources to help you succeed in your job search.

Ways to join Directi

About Directi

Directi is a technology company that provides various products and services related to web hosting, domain registration, and web development.

It also provides various tools and resources to help customers manage their online presence, including an online control panel, analytics and reporting tools, and a knowledge base. Individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises worldwide use Directi's products and services.

Directi offers their employees a competitive compensation package and a comprehensive benefits package that include retirement benefits, health insurance, etc.

About Directi
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How to Join Directi?

To join Directi, you can follow these steps:

1. Research the company: Find out more about Directi's offerings, culture, and values to see if it's a good fit for you. You can look at news articles, talk to current or former employees, and visit the company website.

Research the company

2. Browse job openings: Look for current positions that fit your qualifications and interests on the company's careers website or job boards.

Browse job openings

3. Submit your application: Apply online and upload your resume, cover letter, and other necessary documents.

Submit your Applications

4. Get ready for interviews: If your application is chosen, you will be contacted for an interview. Prepare responses to typical interview questions by researching the company.

5. Evaluate the offer: Review the terms and conditions of the offer carefully if you are allowed to accept a job offer. Before accepting the position, make sure you know the pay, benefits, and requirements.

6. Accept the Offer: If you accept the offer and it meets your needs, the business will help you with the onboarding process.

Campus Drives

Campus Drives

Throughout the year, Directi holds several on- and off-campus recruitment drives. In the section after this one, we'll go into more detail on both. However, on-campus and off-campus recruitment drives have the exact eligibility requirements for applicants.

Eligibility Criteria

The requirements for applying to Directi are listed below.

Percentage/CGPA in Class 10th  Minimum 65% or 6.5 CGPA.
Percentage in Class 12th & Diploma.  Minimum 65%. 
Percentage/CGPA in College Graduation.  Minimum 65% or 6.5 CGPA. 
Type of Graduation Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science or a related field.
Backlogs and Arrears No arrears in your graduation.

On-Campus Drives

On-campus drives for Directi are events where the company visits a college or university to recruit students for internships or full-time positions. Following are the details about all the rounds involved in the selection process.

1. Resume Shortlisting:  In this round company will shortlist candidates based on their resumes. The resumes of candidates must have the skills required by the company.

2. Coding Round: This is an online coding competition held on the online platform, and there are typically two to three questions per round. To advance to the following technical rounds, one must pass the most successful test cases possible.

3. Technical Round 1: In this round, typically led by a manager or team leader from Directi, you might talk about your technical expertise, professional experience, familiarity with pertinent technologies, and current business trends. Before proceeding, one should know the course-related topics, such as data structures, algorithms, operating systems, networking, database management, etc. 

It will be divided into two rounds, with questions covering OOPS, RDBMS, and Basic Java.

You might be asked to resolve a few coding problems during the interview. Both technical interviews will last 30 to 45 minutes each.

4. HR Round: In this last round, which consists of a series of questions, the candidate will typically be questioned about past technical projects and experience. Additionally, the round could be more HR-focused and more technical. HR-related inquiries about family history are possible.

Off-Campus Drives

The off-campus placement procedure for Directi typically includes the following steps:

1. Online Application: Candidates need to apply for the job through Directi's careers website or through job portals where the company is recruiting.

2. Online Test: Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria will be given an online test to assess their technical and aptitude skills.

3. Interviews: Candidates who clear the online test will be called for interviews. The interview process typically includes technical and HR interviews.

4. Selection: Candidates who perform well in the interviews will be selected for the job.

5. Offer Letter: Selected candidates will receive an offer letter from Directi outlining the terms and conditions of the job.

The interview process at Directi

The interview process at Directi

The following steps are typically part of the Directi interview process:

1. Resume screening: Reviewing resumes and cover letters to identify candidates who meet the requirements for the position is the first step in the interview process.

2. Initial interview: Candidates who clear the resume screening process will be contacted for a phone or video interview. Usually, a hiring manager or member of the human resources department conducts this interview.

3. Technical interview: Candidates who complete the preliminary interview will be invited to a technical interview. The technical knowledge and experience of the applicant are the main topics of this interview, which a technical team member typically conducts.

4. Onsite interview:  Candidates who succeed in the technical interview will be invited to take part in an onsite interview. Technical questions and behavioral or situational questions are frequently combined in this interview.

5. Final decision: After the onsite interview, the hiring team will review all of the information gathered during the interview process and decide whether to extend an offer of employment.

You can refer to this video to crack Directi Off and On Campus Interviews.

How to apply in Directi? 

Search for job openings in your field of expertise on the Directi career website.

1. Click on the job title to view the job description and requirements.

2. Click on the "Apply" button and follow the instructions to submit your application.

Remember that the process may vary depending on the location and the specific role you are applying for. Make sure to read the job requirements and qualifications carefully and tailor your application to the position you are interested in.

How to join Directi through LinkedIn and Referrals 

How to join Directi through LinkedIn and Referrals

A recommendation from an employee at Directi is an excellent way to land an interview opportunity. You can contact those employed by Directi and request a recommendation. The best way to join Directi is through this method. 

To join Directi through LinkedIn, you can follow these steps:

1. Log into your LinkedIn account by visiting the website.

2. Type "Directi" into the search box and hit Enter. By doing so, the Directi LinkedIn profile will appear.

3. On the company page, click "See all Jobs." You will be directed to a page that lists all of Directi's open positions.

See all jobs

4. View the job description and requirements by scrolling through the job listings and clicking on the position title that grabs your attention.

5. Click the "Apply" button and follow the directions to submit your application if you meet the requirements and are interested in the position.

Apply on Linkedin

6. It's also good to update your LinkedIn profile and highlight your qualifications and experiences relevant to the job you're applying for.

People are busy and might wait to respond or read your message. Send a follow-up email if you have not heard back from them after a few days. Send up to two or three follow-ups over a 10- to 15-day period. If that doesn't help, try asking someone else to recommend you.

Tips and Tricks to ask for referrals

Tips and Tricks to ask for referrals

The following are some points for asking for referrals:

1. Be precise: Be specific about the position you're applying for and the business you're interested in when contacting your connections. Your connection will gain a better understanding of how to assist you.

2. Make the request specific: Describe how you have collaborated in the past or how their knowledge of the business will be helpful to your application to personalize your request.

3. Give context: Describe your relationship and any pertinent details about the business, the position, and how you meet the requirements. They will find it simpler to write a solid recommendation as a result.

4. Be professional: Keep in mind to always speak formally and avoid making your request for a referral, if it sounds too informal.

5. Follow up: After requesting a referral, follow up with the person who made the suggestion and the hiring manager to express your gratitude and find out how your application is progressing.

Format of Referral

The following details should be included in the format of the Referral:

1. Your name and email address: Your full name, email address, and phone number should be included.

2. Name and contact details of the person making the recommendation: This should contain the person's full name, occupation, and employer.

3. A brief introduction should summarize your qualifications and why you are a good fit for the job.

4. A statement of endorsement: This should be a statement that explains why the person providing the referral believes you would be a good fit for the job.

5. Additional information may include any relevant skills, experiences, or qualifications that the person providing the referral would like to highlight.

6. A closing statement: This should thank the person for taking the time to provide the referral and include a call to action for the hiring manager to contact you.

Sample Questions

Sample Questions

Let's see a few examples of selection process questions.

Coding Round

Practice more on coding and problem-solving, as directi will hire an intelligent programmer who has a good understanding of problem-solving.

  • Practice harder questions on arrays, strings, graphs, queues, and other data structures.
  • Practice graph algorithms like Dijkstra, Bellman-ford, Kruskal algorithms, etc.

You can refer to the problem list to prepare for the coding round of the selection process.

To clear the coding test, you need a good command of Data structure and algorithms. But first, get familiar with languages like C++JavaPython, etc. You can also learn the basics of Python DSAJava DSA, or C++ DSA from scratch. Afterward, you should start with competitive programming.

Technical Interview

Here are some sample technical interview questions for Directi:

1. Describe your experience with the software development life cycle and how it applies to the projects you have worked on.

2. Explain how you would approach designing and implementing a large-scale distributed system.

3. Describe your experience with cloud computing technologies such as AWS or Azure and how you have used them in your past projects.

4. Is Kruskal the same as Dijkstra?

5. How can two algorithms created for the same problem be compared?

You can refer to Interview Questions to have a look at the coding questions asked in the interview. You can also expect questions from the latest technologies and DevOps. Visit our diverse sections to get a good grasp of it. Visit our interview questions blog to prepare, and you will be amazed by your result. You can also practice interview puzzles. To ace interviews, you can add IT certifications to your resume. 

HR Interview

Here are some basic questions for the HR interview for Directi:

1. Can you tell me a little bit about who you are and how you came to be in this position?

2. How do your professional aspirations compare to those of Directi?

3. Give an example of a time you had to collaborate with a group to accomplish a task. In what ways did you support the group?

4. What coping mechanisms do you use when under pressure at work?

5. Tell us about an occasion when you had to use your imagination to find a solution.

6. Describe a situation in which you had to cooperate with a challenging manager or co-worker.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How many technical rounds of hiring does Directi conduct?

Directi typically holds two rounds of technical interviews and one round of HR interviews. This technical round is based on problem-solving and Data Structures. Consult the resources listed in the aforementioned sections to get ready for these interview rounds.

What are the minimum eligibility criteria for joining Directi?

Depending on the position and location, different minimum requirements may apply to joining Directi, but generally speaking, the company is looking for applicants with a bachelor's or master's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field typically required for most roles.

Is Directi a service-based or product-based company?

Directi is a product-based company. They are a technology firm that offers a variety of goods and services to individuals and companies. Web services like domain registration, web hosting, email hosting, cloud-based communication tools, and online payment solutions are part of their product line.

Does Directi hire Freshers off campus?

Yes, Directi hires fresher through the off-campus drive. You can read more about each step of the hiring process of an off-campus drive of Directi in the above blog in deep detail to prepare a resume for shortlisting, interviews, and coding round to crack it. 


In this article, we looked at the different ways you can take to work in Directi. The blog also covered Directi's entire hiring procedure in detail. It provided more information about the interview procedure and discussed the value of LinkedIn recommendations for gaining an advantage over competing applicants.

To learn more and be able to work with businesses like Directi, please read the following articles:

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3. DevOps Engineer at Directi

Refer to our Guided Path to upskill yourself in DSACompetitive ProgrammingJavaScriptSystem Design, and many more! If you want to test your competency in coding, check out the mock test series and participate in the contests hosted on Coding Ninjas Studio!

But you have just started your learning process and are looking for questions from tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Uber, etc. For placement preparations, you must look at the problemsinterview experiences, and interview bundles.

We wish you Good Luck! 

Happy Learning!

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