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Ways to Join Facebook🧑‍💻
On Campus Drive at Facebook🧑‍
Eligibility Criteria🕵️
Hiring at Facebook🕵️
Internship Opportunities at the Facebook🖥️
Interview Process
Interview Questions🏫
How to Prepare for Interviews 🧑
Frequently Asked Questions
Is it easy to get a job in Facebook?
What benefits do Facebook employees get?
How long does the Facebook hiring process take?
Does my LinkedIn profile do anything with getting a job at Facebook?
What are Facebook employees called?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Ways to join Facebook

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Everyone on this earth knows about Facebook, and most have an account.

Nowadays, everybody wants to join the "MAANG" acronym for Meta, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google.

We all know that Meta is the parent company of Facebook, and now we can conclude that Facebook is the dream company of everybody.

facebook image

But before this, let's collect some information about Facebook. Facebook is an online social networking or social media platform founded by Mark Zukerberg in 2004 and owned by the American company Meta Platform.

Now let's discuss the different ways to join Facebook.

Ways to Join Facebook🧑‍💻

There are mainly two ways to join Facebook.

  • On-Campus: However, Facebook (Meta) visits only the top colleges in the country and has rigorous interview procedures, including coding rounds, and multiple interviews, followed by a managerial round.
  • Off-Campus: For off-campus, there is a proper procedure to get into the company.

Following are the steps to join Facebook off-Campus.

👉Click on Facebook, which will redirect you to the official page of Meta.

facebook official page

👉Then click on the job section.

👉Search for the different roles in the Jobs.

👉According to the qualification and interests, apply for that role.

👉You have to register yourself if not registered already and then fill out the application form.

👉Submit all the necessary or relevant documents, and after verification, submits the form.


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On Campus Drive at Facebook🧑‍

However, Facebook (Meta) visits only the top colleges in the country. The process is very rigorous.

🏹 The first round includes the resume shortlisting round. Make sure that your cover letter is impressive.

🏹 Then comes the coding round. Here the problems asked are generally application based, ranging from medium to complex.

🏹 Then comes the technical round. This round varies from person to person, and even the number of technical rounds keeps changing each year.

🏹 Then there is a system design round. This depends on your qualification background.

🏹 At last, there is a behavioural round, which discusses your accomplishments, future, hobby, goals and many more.


You all have seen the basic ways to join Facebook. Now let's see the eligibility criteria.


Eligibility Criteria🕵️

👉The candidate must have a Bachelor's or equivalent Degree.

👉They didn't have any active backlogs in their academics during the time of application.

👉Fluent English Communication.

👉Must have strong coding skills.

eligibility criteria

Now, let's discuss the various steps of the selection process for Facebook.

Hiring at Facebook🕵️

The hiring process consists of the following steps:

✅CV Shortlisting/Written Exam

✅Group Discussion

✅Technical Interview

✅HR Interview


Facebook does not conduct any particular hiring events.

Internship Opportunities at the Facebook🖥️

You can apply for the Internship on Facebook by clicking on this link and then check out View Internship.

Let's see what you got in the internship.

  • You'll be paired with a mentor and receive support from your manager. You have access to the entire community to ensure your success.
  • You will get a returning offer if you graduate and seek a full-time position after your internship.
  • They will help you have fun outside work with events, community connections, and other activities.
  • You'll have to contribute to real-world projects in their first week that will benefit you.
  • You'll also get housing assistance for the duration of your on-site internship.


Now let's discuss an essential part of the selection process, i.e., the Interview Process.

Interview Process

Many aspire to be an employee at Meta because of the company's unique culture, which promotes personal and cultural growth. Coming to the On-site Interviews process involves 4-5 interviews with a team of recruiters. Each discussion lasts for about 45 mins. 

  • On-site Interview: For Technical roles, there are two main types of interviews and 2 or more interviews for each type.  
    • Coding on-site interviews involve whiteboarding solutions to slightly more complex data structures and algorithmic problems.
    • System Design on-site interviews: This interview involves high-level design architectures for real-life products. 
  • Hiring Committee reviews: It is the deciding phase of the interview process, where team leaders/ managers will determine whether you're a good fit for their respective teams.



Interview Questions🏫

Now let's discuss some Interview Questions that will help you to join Facebook (Meta).

interview question

The most common questions asked in the interview are:


🎯 Tell us about yourself.

🎯 Where do you like to see yourself in, say, 5 years?

🎯 What interests you about this job?

🎯 Why do you want to work at a company like LinkedIn?

🎯 Why do you like us to hire you?

🎯 What are the strengths and weaknesses you possess?


Technical questions mainly depend on the job you are applying for.


Technical questions will include writing functions about the statements they give you and giving a solution for a particular problem.


🎯 Technical Interview For Placement

🎯 Prepare and Practice for a Mock Technical Interview?

🎯 Top DBMS Interview Questions.

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🎯 Roadmap for Non-Computer Science Students

🎯 Roadmap for Off-Campus Placements

You can watch this video to prepare for Facebook.


How to Prepare for Interviews 🧑

Nowadays, you can prepare for interviews online. Start by making your basics strong. Read blogs like Job in a Product-Based CompanyRoadmap to crack product-based companies Off-campusHacks to Prepare for Off-campus placements in 2021 and many more.


Your coding skills, communication skills, body language, everything matters a lot while you are speaking to the interviewer.

Again you can read books and blogs to improve these skills. Here are some blog recommendations: Hard Work vs Luck: What will help you crack an interviewJob application slip-ups to AvoidDOs and DON’Ts While Appearing for a Technical Interview, and many more.


Once you are confident enough about these skills, you can prepare for technical interviews. You can start with coding challenges online and practice your codes on Coding Ninjas Studio

For interviews at Meta, in the initial technical screening round, ensure your introduction drags the interviewer's interest and aligns it with Meta’s mission. While coding, make sure you explain each and every function you write. Writing comments always attracts the interviewer and leaves a good impression on interviewers. After writing the code, ensure you are explaining the complexity analysis. This shows your good grasp of data structures and algorithms. If you are stuck, feel free to discuss this with your interviewer.

You can also check out Facebook Interview Experience to learn about Facebook’s hiring process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to get a job in Facebook?

Getting a job in Facebook is challenging, but having your basics cleared, being good at coding and having good communication skills can easily land one in Facebook.

What benefits do Facebook employees get?

Employees working in Facebook have healthy work-life balance, get paid sick leaves and enjoy flexible schedules.

How long does the Facebook hiring process take?

Facebook hiring process generally takes 4-6 weeks, including a total of 6-7 interviews.

Does my LinkedIn profile do anything with getting a job at Facebook?

Yes, any recruiter will first see your profile and judge you based on that. So, have a strong profile and clearly summarise your projects and other achievements.

What are Facebook employees called?

Facebook employees are generally called metamates.


Thank you for the time and dedication you have given to this article.

In this article, we have discussed all the required information needed to join Facebook. It is never impossible to get what you want unless you work really hard for it. We hope this article must have helped you and has met all your requirements.

All the best! For the interviews, you will attend in the future. Don't forget to check out our courses that can help you prepare well.

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