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How to Join Flipkart
For On-Campus Drives
Off-Campus Drives
On-Campus Selection Process🏆
Hiring Events that Flipkart Conducts🎯
Off-Campus Interview Process🏆
How to Apply?🔥
Sample Interview Questions🧾
Grab Internship Opportunities at Flipkart🚀
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Flipkart?
Does Flipkart hire Freshers off Campus?
What does Flipkart aim for?
How many interview rounds are there at Flipkart?
How does Flipkart works?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Ways to Join Flipkart

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Want to join Flipkart? If yes! Then this article is for you. In this, we will be discussing different ways by which you can get a job at Flipkart. Founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007. It starts its early sales with online books and currently holds 100 million products across 120+ categories. It has more than 1,20,000+ registered users, and in 2016, it became the first Indian app to cross  50 million downloads.

Ways to join Image

The company has an R&D development centre, that is present in Israel. It has product coverage in 80+ categories with more than 150 million products. The company has more than 350 million customers over the globe.

How to Join Flipkart

Flipkart is an Indian company it visits IIT NIT'S and some known tier 1 colleges. To get a job at Flipkart, You have multiple options. There are different ways by which you can grab a job at Flipkart. On-campus, Referrals, events, and Off-campus drives are some ways through which Flipkart hires candidates.

How Image

For On-Campus Drives

The easiest ways to join Flipkart is through the on-campus drives. Every year Flipkart visits some of the known colleges like Madras, Kharagpur, Delhi, Kanpur, Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi, Bombay, Guwahati, Roorkee, and Hyderabad for recruiting students every year. It visit some of the elite tier-1 colleges as well. If you are from one of the colleges you can contact your training & placement cell and get a chance to sit in the hiring process. Preparation-guide-for-cracking-the-college-placements

Off-Campus Drives

The alternate ways to join Flipkart is through Off-campus drives. Every year Flipkart conducts off-campus recruitment drives to hire students. Students who found themselves eligible and worthy can go to their career page and fill out the application form for their desired role. Another way is to go through LinkedIn and see the opportunities for off-campus placements.

You can also join Flipkart by referrals. Referrals are one such ways to join Flipkart. You can get referrals from the Company employees and directly apply for the position you want.

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On-Campus Selection Process🏆

Flipkart gives a glorious chance for fresher to start their career. Flipkart conducts the on-campus selection process as follows. 

On campus

Eligibility Criteria 

10th Marks 60% Marks 
12th Marks 6.5 GPA
Type of Graduation Graduation and Post Graduation in BE, B.Tech, ME, M.Tech
Graduate No active Backlogs

During the on-campus process, there are 4 rounds altogether.

1st Round: Online Coding test 

  • In this round, you are asked to solve 3 coding questions in the span of 90 minutes. 
  • The questions will be related to DP(Dynamic Programming), Strings, and DSA. 
  • The question will be in a story format and needs to pass every test case.  
  • The level of difficulty will be medium to hard.

2nd Round: Technical Round 

  • The second round will be the technical round. 
  • This is a F2F personal round. In this round, you are asked to solve two coding questions. The interview will be for 1 hour. 
  • You are expected to solve every test case and give the best and most optimized code for the problem. 
  • The difficulty level will be medium-hard.

3rd Round: Technical Round 2

  • The third round will also be the technical round. In this round, you are asked to solve three coding problems. 
  • The interview will be mostly 1.5hrs  - 2 hours long depending upon the candidate. 
  • You are asked to solve all these questions and are expected to give the most optimized solution. The questions are mostly DSA problems. 
  • The difficulty level will be medium-hard.

4th Round: HR Round

  • The last and final round will be the HR round. 
  • This will also be the technical theoretical round. 
  • In this, you can expect questions related to your work experience, project-related questions, and your achievements. 
  • You may be also asked about the clubs and societies you have worked in your college. The interviewer may be also asking you theoretical questions related to your engineering subjects. 

Hiring Events that Flipkart Conducts🎯

There are hiring events that Flipkart hosts to hire engineering students from all over the colleges. 

Flipkart Events

💥Case-Study Competition: Flipkart hosts a case-study competition for engineering students named Flipkart-Grid. Flipkart Grid is one such ways to join Flipkart. The GRid Engineering campus challenge from Flipkart gives a chance to talented students to solve real-world problems in the e-commerce industry. This challenge has been running for the past four years. The winning team gets a direct chance to participate in the internship recruitment process and receive a pre-placement offer.

💥Runway program: Flipkart conducts an off-campus challenge for women in engineering. This hiring is for the 2nd year women candidates. The competition has real-life challenge problems and networking questions. The selected candidates get a chance to do an internship at Flipkart and receive a PPI(Pre-Placement Interview).

Off-Campus Interview Process🏆

Flipkart gives all engineering students from Tier2 and Tier3 colleges an equal opportunity to grab a job at Flipkart. 

Off campus

The company hires the student's through off-campus drives also. You can also get hired through referrals, but the candidate's selection process remains the same.

You will be undergoing a total of four rounds.

1st Round: Aptitude Test

⚡The candidate is asked to solve 30 aptitude questions in 30 minutes. 

⚡The level of questions can be medium-hard

⚡You can expect the questions from permutations and combinations, time and distance, percentage, Venn diagram, logical reasonings, and other sections.

2nd Round: Technical Round 1

⚡In this round, there is an online coding test that is held at Hackerrank. 

⚡The level of difficulty will be easy- medium.

⚡You can expect three coding questions that have to be solved in the 60-minute time span. 

⚡The first two coding questions are of easy level and the last question is of the medium level. 

⚡You can expect coding questions from the topics like strings, arrays, matrix, recursion, backtracking, tress, LinkedList, graphs, and related topics. 

3rd Round: Technical Round 2

⚡The next round is Technical Round 2. It is also a face-face personal interview.

⚡You are given a problem statement and expected to solve it from scratch with the covered error handling.

⚡You will have 90 minutes to solve the entire problem statement.

⚡You can expect questions on hashtable, find Pythagorean triplets, and related topics.

4th Round: HR Round

⚡The final and the last Round will be the Hiring Manager Round

⚡You can expect questions from your experiences, the projects you’ve worked on, and the technologies you are involved with.

⚡you can expect questions from your engineering subjects and some of the managerial questions.

How to Apply?🔥

Apply Image

To get a job at Flipkart, You can apply through their career page or through LinkedIn.

Flipkart Career Page: Flipkart Careers

Directly applying from their careers website is one such way to join Flipkart

Referrals: Referrals are another such ways to join Flipkart. The employees of the company can refer you for a position and you can get a chance in the recruitment process.

LinkedIn page: LinkedIn Flipkart Page  

Directly applying from the LinkedIn page is another way to join Flipkart. Flipkart regularly shares its job openings on LinkedIn.

Sample Interview Questions🧾

Below here we have some of the sample interview questions which will help you in your interview preparations.

📰 Longest Palindromic Substring

📰 Min Steps to One

📰Valid Sudoku

📰Rat In a Maze All Paths

📰Implementation: HashMap

📰Number of Flips

📰Order of People Heights

📰Cycle Detection In Undirected Graph

Grab Internship Opportunities at Flipkart🚀

Don't worry about Learning. Coding Ninjas have an entire structured course prepared just for you. You can start your learning journey with them. Prepare yourself well, and You're good to go. Coding ninjas have ample amount of resources that will help in your preparation.

   Interview Resources

    Coding Resources

   Aptitude Resources

   Other Technical Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flipkart?

Flipkart is an e-commerce Indian company founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007. It became the first Indian app to cross  50 million downloads.

Does Flipkart hire Freshers off Campus?

Yes, Flipkart hires a lot of candidates through off-campus drives every year. Flipkart also conducts various events to give all students equal opportunities to garb jobs at Flipkart.

What does Flipkart aim for?

Flipkart has a mission to provide a soothing and delightful customer experience.

It aims to provide a hassle-free shopping experience to customers.

How many interview rounds are there at Flipkart?

Flipkart conducts four rounds altogether. The first three are technical rounds and the last is the managerial round.

How does Flipkart works?

Flipkart work on a B2C model that is Business to consumer model.


This blog extensively discussed ways to join Flipkart. The on and off-campus drives are one such ways to join Flipkart. The hiring events and internship opportunities are other ways to join Flipkart. We also went through some sample questions to help in your preparation. Get yourself well prepared for your interview by visiting the blogs mentioned below:

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Refer to our guided paths on Coding Ninjas Studio to learn more about DSA, Competitive Programming, JavaScript, System Design, etc. Enrol in our courses, refer to the mock test and problems; look at the interview experiences and interview bundle for placement preparations.

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