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Table of contents
Introduction 🤗
What is LinkedIn? 😲
Before applying to LinkedIn 🧑‍💻
How do I apply for LinkedIn? 🕵️
Applying on the Website 🖥️
Applying via On-Campus 🏫
Applying via Off-Campus 💻
LinkedIn Recruitment Process 🧐
Internship Opportunities at LinkedIn 🏢
How much does LinkedIn Pay? 💸
Hiring Events 🥳
Prepare for Interviews 🧑
Sample Interview Questions 💁
Frequently Asked Questions 
Does LinkedIn offer relocation opportunities?
How long is the waiting period for getting a job at LinkedIn after being selected?
Does LinkedIn hire freshers?
Does my LinkedIn profile do anything with getting a job there?
Is only Easy-Apply available to apply on LinkedIn? How else can I apply to LinkedIn?
Does LinkedIn provide any benefits to employees?
Where can I read more about LinkedIn's achievements and events?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Ways to Join LinkedIn

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Introduction 🤗

Hello There!

You have come to the correct place to know how to land a job or internship on LinkedIn. This article consists of everything you need, from interview preparation to attending events to networking with people. 

Hello from LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn? 😲

LinkedIn is a social media-like platform solely made for recruiters and job seekers. Along with this combination, you can also find people's experience in a company and how they are successful in what they do. 

LinkedIn Banner

You can meet many people from different companies and message them to get guidance and feedback for your work. There are a lot of founders, entrepreneurs, and motivational speakers on LinkedIn from whom you can enhance your mind. You can also apply for jobs on your LinkedIn Profile. Remember this: many big and small companies trust LinkedIn to get the best candidate they want and hire them.

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After Job

Before applying to LinkedIn 🧑‍💻

Before applying to LinkedIn

You will have to do some things before applying to LinkedIn, and in this section, I will tell you all about it.

First, ensure which domain you want to work in once you have chosen the profession. Look at the requirements for the role you wish to apply for. Start preparing for that and if the job you are applying for involves coding, start taking up coding challenges and attending hackathons and other coding events.

Secondly, make your portfolio as strong as possible with all the work samples and projects you have done that relate to the job you are applying for.

Lastly, make a strong resume and cover letter and be prepared to apply for the job and the interview process that comes after

How do I apply for LinkedIn? 🕵️

Applying to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very huge company that is based in Sunnyvale, California. It has offices all over the world in large numbers, and there are thousands of people applying for LinkedIn every day. Only a few get through it and step into those offices, and we would like you to be one of them and follow the steps mentioned throughout the article, and you are good to go!

Before you apply for any company, check the company's background, the work they have done, and the people they are associated with. Of course, I agree that LinkedIn is a vast company, and tracking employees is difficult. But, you can choose the office you want to apply to and start connecting with them and talking to them.

Where will you do this? You do it on LinkedIn! Yes, you heard me right. You start applying to LinkedIn by connecting and contacting a fellow LinkedIn talent acquisition or Human Resources Personnel to gather information about the applications. 

By doing this, you can get guidance from an employee working in that company, hear their interview experience and take tips from them to ace your interview. And most importantly, you will meet new people who once dreamed of getting into LinkedIn, and they did. They can be those motivational speakers to you.

After doing this, of course, because the company is so vast, and you happen to have just met them, you will not be able to get a referral. You will have to apply directly on the Website.

Applying on the Website 🖥️

Applying on Website

First, go to the LinkedIn Careers website.

LinkedIn Career Homepage

You can scroll down to look at the employees' experiences and the benefits of joining LinkedIn.

Next, you have to go through the tabs on the navigation bar to learn about Linkedin in detail, their teams, and their locations. 

You have to go through their resources to stay updated about the company's events and new achievements. This will help you know the company better and make you look good in front of your interviewers. They will ask you about the company to know you are up to date with them and their new improvements. This is one of the things that'll make them feel like you are their ideal candidate. 

You will land on this page if you click "students" on the navigation bar. Here you can apply for internships and entry-level jobs. So if you are using LinkedIn straight out of college or while still in college, this page will be helpful to you.

LinkedIn Student Career

The "Search jobs" button can be clicked if you have industry experience.

Search Jobs page

You can choose the location, your domain keyword on the top, and the job you want to apply for.

Job description page

Here, I have chosen a job, for example. It shows all the details about the job given and the level of the applicants they want.

When you click on apply, it'll open an easy-apply link. The easy-apply link is a button on the LinkedIn job description where you can apply directly in the form presented when the button is clicked. There is no hassle filling out many forms or sending emails to the recruiter.

Once this is done, your application is sent, and all you have to do is wait for the reply.

Applying via On-Campus 🏫


Before you go on applying, let's first understand what it is:

On-campus Hiring happens within your college or university; companies come to your college or university in the "Placement Drive." Placement drive means that the company will go there, set up a seminar and a few aptitude tests, and hire students per their performance. 

On-Campus jobs are applied in college. Your college will have a Training and Placement Officer (TPO). During the final year of college, you will be given placement training and will start to get updates on job openings. You can also request companies with your TPO.

Ensure you have more than 60% in your bachelor's, 10th, and 12th classes. Have no backlogs when you are applying for the jobs.

Applying via Off-Campus 💻

Off-campus applying

Now that we know about On-campus jobs let's see about off-campus.

Off-campus Hiring is where students hunt for jobs independently.

The application process is the same. Students will have to write an aptitude test and coding challenge. Still, the only difference is that the student CVs get through the resume round quickly compared to off-campus ones.

Ensure you have more than 60% in your bachelor's, 10th, and 12th classes. Have no backlogs when you are applying for the jobs.

LinkedIn Recruitment Process 🧐

Applying is step one of the whole process you will be entering. You need to understand the process.

Recruitment Process

You can also get a phone interview before the online round to ask some resume-related questions.

The technical round can happen in 2 rounds, or you will have to attend all 4 rounds. It depends on your performance in the rounds you follow.

Off-campus happens in the same way as well. You will have to apply on the Website offering Linkedin jobs and wait for the link for the test. And then, follow the steps above.

Internship Opportunities at LinkedIn 🏢


As mentioned in the "Applying on the Website" section, you can go to the Students and choose Student Internships. You can select your domain there, and if there is any opportunity, you can apply to it.

You can always connect with an employee on LinkedIn working in the domain you want to apply. And you can show what you have done so far in terms of projects and activities you have done while you are studying. They can ask you why you want to work on LinkedIn. They can guide you through getting an internship at LinkedIn.

How much does LinkedIn Pay? 💸


Job Title Base Salary / Average Salary (per annum) Salary Range (per annum)
Interns Rs. 6.3L Rs.5.6L - Rs.7L
System Engineers Rs. 9.5L Rs.15,65,377 - Rs.24,67,359
Software Engineers Rs.31,10,000 Rs.17.5 lakhs to Rs.51.0
Software Developer Rs.32.9 lakhs Rs.13 lakhs - Rs.60 lakhs
SDE (Software Development Engineers) Rs.14.93.813 Rs.5,99,832 to Rs.23,87,795 

**The above figures mentioned are subject to change.

For more information about the salaries, you can always search online for the position you want.

Hiring Events 🥳

Searching for events

There is this website Meetup. Meetup is a platform where you can search for events and attend them. The events can be online or offline. Just search for "LinkedIn" on the search bar, and you can choose an event in the list. Search for events on Coding Ninjas. You can also search for these events on Facebook events or just by searching on google.

Events Calendar

Another way you can attend hiring events is by looking up newspapers, magazines, and hoardings for "Job Fairs." Job fairs are vast fairs where every company puts up a stall. You can go to the LinkedIn stall to enquire about their job opportunities and apply to them on the spot.

Prepare for Interviews 🧑


You can prepare for interviews online. Start by making your basics strong. Read books about interviews and working in a company like LinkedIn. Read blogs like Job in a Product-Based CompanyRoadmap to crack product-based companies Off-campusHacks to Prepare for Off-campus placements in 2021, and many more.

It is essential to know that it is not only your coding skills that matter in this process of getting the job. Recruiters judge you by communicating with them, i.e., without breaking in between or repeating yourself and how you present yourself and your projects. Your body language matters a lot while you are speaking to the interviewer.

Again you can read books and blogs to improve these skills. Here are some blog recommendations: Hard Work vs. Luck: What will help you crack an interviewJob application slip-ups to AvoidDOs and DON'Ts While Appearing for a Technical Interview, and many more.

Once you are confident enough about these skills, you can prepare for technical interviews. You can start with coding challenges online and practice your codes on Coding Ninjas Studio. On Code Studio, you will get a problem a day, and you can solve them and improve your coding skills.

Sample Interview Questions 💁

Interview Questions

The most common questions asked in the interview are:

🎯 Tell us about yourself.

🎯 Where do you like to see yourself in, say, 5 years?

🎯 What interests you about this job?

🎯 Why do you want to work at a company like LinkedIn?

🎯 Why do you like us to hire you?

🎯 What are the strengths and weaknesses you possess?


Technical questions mainly depend on the job you are applying for.

Technical questions will include writing functions about the statements they give you and giving a solution for a particular problem.


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You can also watch our youtube video Strategies To CRACK PLACEMENTS And INTERNSHIPS, Along With CAREER GUIDANCE.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does LinkedIn offer relocation opportunities?

LinkedIn is a Global company that has its branch spread across countries. Hence it would be possible to relocate given you have the potential to get the job.

How long is the waiting period for getting a job at LinkedIn after being selected?

The waiting period is around 41 days.

Does LinkedIn hire freshers?

Yes, you can apply to LinkedIn as a fresher, and also you can apply for an internship as well.

Does my LinkedIn profile do anything with getting a job there?

Yes, any recruiter will first see your profile and judge you based on that. So, have a strong profile and clearly summarise your projects and other achievements.

Is only Easy-Apply available to apply on LinkedIn? How else can I apply to LinkedIn?

You can apply to LinkedIn via LinkedIn through easy-apply. Email your updated CV and Motivation Letter ( Cover Letter) to the employee you have contacted on LinkedIn. You can also apply on-campus and off-campus. Also, you can apply through,, and sites through which you can apply for jobs.

Does LinkedIn provide any benefits to employees?

Linkedin provides all employee benefits, from health insurance and EAP to Education reimbursement and paid parental leaves. Do you know they even give a week-long holiday for the new year?

Where can I read more about LinkedIn's achievements and events?

You can visit the LinkedIn careers website, click on resources, and read about LinkedIn's new achievements and events.


In this article, I have enclosed all the required information about how to get into your dream job on LinkedIn. Hope it does not sound as scary as people make it seem. It is never impossible to get what you want unless you work really hard for it. I wish this article has helped you and has met all your requirements.
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All the best! For all the interviews you will attend in the future. Don't forget to check out our courses that can help you prepare well.

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