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About Salesforce 
Requirements for Applying
Documents Required
Ways to Join Salesforce
On Campus 
Online Assessment Test
Technical Interview(2-3 Rounds)
HR Interview
Internship at Salesforce
How To Apply?
Resources for Preparation
Sample Interview Questions 
Coding Resources
Interview Resources
Aptitude Resources
Frequently Asked Questions
How challenging is it to crack a Salesforce interview?
Does Salesforce hire college grads?
How should I get ready for a technical interview?
Does a Salesforce developer need to know how to code?
Does becoming a salesforce developer sound right?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Ways to join Salesforce

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Do you want a job at Salesforce? If yes! 🙌 you are at the right place. This article will provide a complete guide on ways to join Salesforce

Ways to join Salesforce

We will go through both on-campus and off-campus drives of Salesforce and various hiring events conducted by Salesforce. So, fasten your seat belt for the journey. Let us dive deep into the topic. But before going to Ways to join Salesforce, let's have a brief introduction to Salesforce. 

About Salesforce 

Salesforce, a leading technology company, ranks globally as the 61st most prominent company, valued at over US$153 billion.


Former Oracle employee Marc Benioff founded Salesforce, which soon became well-known as one of the largest companies in the world. Salesforce went public in 2004. By the end of the 2009 fiscal year, Salesforce had grown significantly, becoming the first provider of cloud services. 

Let's move to find the different ways to join salesforce.

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Requirements for Applying

Let's first get familiar with the eligibility criteria of Salesforce:

Requirements for Applying at  Salesforce

Documents Required

🔑Original 10th and 12th-grade mark sheets (copies of these will be required during the interview).

🔑Updated candidate's resume.

🔑Passport-sized photograph.

🔑An original identification (ID) proof  issued by the Indian government(adhar Card, Voter id, Pan Card, Passport, etc.).

Ways to Join Salesforce

You will be glad to know that Salesforce hires year-long. On-campus and off-campus drives are the two options for undergraduates to join Salesforce.

On Campus 

This section will look into on-campus procedures that help you get selected for a particular job profile. The company is interested in employing college graduates in every other on-campus drive. 

on- campus

Salesforce contacts the college's Training and Placement unit and requests the contact information of any interested individuals. 

This section will walk you through the various ways to join Salesforce.

Online Assessment Test

This is the first stage of the Salesforce hiring process. Grammar and IQ are tested here as per the company's requirements. This section includes questions on data sufficiency, data interpretation, statement reasoning, syllogism, time, permutation and combination, number series, speed and distance, algebra, synonyms and antonyms, sentence correction, numerical reasoning, inductive logical thinking, verbal reasoning assessments, Coding questions on Data Structures and Algorithms, personality evaluations, etc.

Technical Interview(2-3 Rounds)

If you qualify the online test, which is the first round, then you go for a technical interview. Here the interviewer checks your programming skills and knowledge of data structures, DBMS, computer networks, etc.

The candidate should also be prepared for the technical round to answer questions from the domain engineering subject from the previous year's interview, including questions on PythonJAVACC++OOPSDBMSDSA, and specific coding languages.

technical interview

For Round 2, the interviewer will ask questions from your resume, such as your projects, internships, and whether you are interested in a particular job profile or not. Some aspects that will help you get a good score in this round are knowing at least one programming language, computer fundamentals, and awareness of the latest technologies. Based on the role, you should choose an area of interest.

HR Interview

You will be eligible for the HR interview if you pass the technical interviews. You will be tested here to determine whether you are the best fit for the company.

hr interview


The off-campus drive is another method of joining Salesforce. The main distinction between Salesforce's off-campus and on-campus hiring procedures is that, unlike on-campus drives, candidates seeking off-campus positions must find the openings and submit their applications. 

off campus

It's one of the other methods to apply for positions at Salesforce. The number of rounds, prerequisites, and selection process are all unchanged. When applying outside campus, getting recommendations can offer you an advantage.

**The off-campus hiring process rounds are similar to Salesforce's on-campus hiring process.

Internship at Salesforce

We've seen two ways to join Salesforce so far. Another one is here. Salesforce offers a summer internship program: Futureforce.

Salesforce offers a summer internship: Futureforce is a world-class university recruitment program.

Internship at Salesforce

Futureforce University Recruiting is committed to developing the next generation of professionals. Interns and recent graduates work on real projects and learn how business operates, allowing them to impact the company's future direction. The company also offers a trusting environment that supports early career development through mentorship and networking opportunities, direction to company leaders, and a diverse range of skill workshops.

Salesforce is a values-driven organization at the forefront of the future workplace. Company recruits are exposed to an inclusive culture, collaborate with a candidate globally, and contribute to the community through paid volunteer time off.

For more information, visit the salesforce Internship career website.             

How To Apply?

You can visit the Salesforce career page to apply for the job profiles you are interested in.

how to apply

And then, search for the job profiles you want to apply for. Select the job and then click on the apply button. 

Resources for Preparation

There are times when the question wording and format could be more precise. The multiple-choice answers will try to confuse you, and the questions may include a sentence or other details wholly unrelated to the main query.

Attempting the following questions will help you understand the pattern of questions asked in the interview rounds.

Sample Interview Questions

➡️ Explain four significant concepts of OOP in java.

➡️ Why are pointers not in java?

➡️ Can we implement multiple inheritances in java?

➡️ How is method overloading different from method overriding?

➡️ Why indexing in SQL is proper?


The following links will help you to prepare for Salesforce:

Coding Resources

This section will help you in every round to have a job, especially for coding and technical rounds.

🎯 Data Structures and Algorithms. 

🎯 Competitive Programming.

🎯 C++ | Learn & Practice.

🎯 Python | Learn & Practice.

🎯 C | Learn & Practice.

🎯 Java | Learn & Practice.

🎯 Diversified Section | Learn & Practice.

Interview Resources

This section will help you to clear the technical rounds where the interviewer may ask you puzzle questions to check your thinking ability.

🎯 Interview Puzzles | Learn & Practice.

🎯 Interview Questions | Learn & Practice.

🎯 IT Certifications | Learn & Practice.

Aptitude Resources

This section will help you to clear the first round, i.e., the online test.

🎯 General Aptitude

🎯 Data Interpretation 

🎯 Percentages  

🎯 Time and Work

🎯 Permutations and Combinations

🎯 Probability 

🎯 Ratio and Proportions 

🎯 Order and Ranking

🎯 Cause and Effect

🎯 Error Detection and Correction 

🎯 Aptitude | Learn & Practice


The mock exams are ideal for helping you determine whether you're prepared for the real scenario and for familiarising yourself with the format of the questions and how the information you learnt can be applied to a real-world scenario. Check out this video.

We hope that you learn about all the ways to join Salesforce.🙌

Frequently Asked Questions

How challenging is it to crack a Salesforce interview?

Getting a job with Salesforce is a medium challenge. You can succeed in any Salesforce role with the right preparation plan. You can review the list of required skills and work on them if you want to work at Salesforce.

Does Salesforce hire college grads?

Yes, you may apply to Salesforce if you are a recent graduate. Salesforce employs both newcomers and seasoned engineers and developers.

How should I get ready for a technical interview?

Studying the job application can help you become ready for technical interviews. It is crucial to take note of the necessary skills and then practice them. Before your interview, you might brush up on interview questions by reading free courses available at coding ninja.

Does a Salesforce developer need to know how to code?

Salesforce requires coding skills for developer positions. Therefore, you might choose the salesforce developer profile if you're looking for an IT career.

Does becoming a salesforce developer sound right?

There is a demand for salesforce developers right now, which is predicted to increase for at least the next ten years. Additionally, compared to other IT positions, salesforce developers make more money on average.


This article discussed the Ways to join Salesforce. We discussed the Salesforce Hiring Procedures, How to Apply for Salesforce Internships?, and Preparation strategies.

Want to learn more about the Salesforce positions, follow the links given below:

📈 DevOps Engineer at Salesforce.

📈 Systems Engineer at Salesforce.

Are you planning to ace the interviews with reputed product-based companies like AmazonGoogleMicrosoft, and more? 

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Happy Learning!!

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