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Ways To Get Into TCS
On Campus Drive
Off-Campus Drive 
Eligibility Criteria
TCS Application Procedure
TCS Hiring Process
Round 1: TCS Online Assessment Test
Part A: Foundation Section 
Part B: Advanced Section 
Round 2: TCS Technical Interview
Sample Questions
Round 3: TCS HR Interview
Sample Questions
Ways to Join TCS Through LinkedIn And Referrals 
Preparation Guide And Resources
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the minimum eligibility criteria for joining TCS?
How many Technical Rounds does TCS conduct to hire candidates?
Does TCS hire off-campus?
Is TCS a service-based or product-based company?
How much money do TCS NQT graduates make?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Ways To Join TCS

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There's no way one has not heard about TCS. It is one of the top names in mind when discussing IT companies✨. TCS is an acronym for Tata Consultancy Services. Its headquarters are in Mumbai. It provides consulting services and IT solutions to its customers. 

ways to get into tcs

There are multiple opportunities that TCS provides to the candidates and multiple ways to join TCS😌. In this article, we will cover the ways to join TCS. Also, we will provide you with all the resources you need to prepare for TCS OA(Online Assessment) and interviews. Let us now see the ways to join TCS. 

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Ways To Get Into TCS

TCS hires all year long🤩. The two ways to join TCS as a fresher are through on-campus and off-campus drives.

On Campus Drive

Like every other on-campus drive, in this, the company shows interest in hiring candidates from the college🏫. It is one of the ways to join TCS.

on campus drive for tcs

On campus, drives make it easier for freshers to apply for jobs. TCS gets in touch with the Training and Placement cell of the college and asks for the information of the interested candidates. The next steps remain the same for the on-campus and off-campus drives, which we will discuss later in the article😌.

Off-Campus Drive 

One of the other ways to join TCS is through the off-campus drive. The only difference between the on-campus and off-campus recruitment process of TCS is that the candidates need to search for the vacancy and apply themselves, unlike on-campus drives. It is one of the other ways to join TCS. The number of rounds, eligibility criteria, and selection procedure remains the same😌. While applying off campus, applying through referrals can give you an edge. 

Now that we have seen the ways to join TCS as a fresher, let us discuss the eligibility criteria. 

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Eligibility Criteria

As stated above, the eligibility criteria for on-campus and off-campus drives remain the same. 

✔️ The interested candidate must have either a bachelor's or a master's degree in engineering or a related field.

✔️ The candidate must have at least 60% or equivalent throughout the academics. If the candidate applying is from the final year, TCS specifies that the offer will be valid only if, at the time of joining, the candidate has at least 60% after completing the course. 

✔️ TCS allows a maximum of one backlog, either active or dead. Also, if the candidate has a backlog, they must clear it before joining TCS.

✔️ TCS allows an education gap of not more than 24 months. If the candidate mentions the academic gap, they must present valid documents to support the gap. 

✔️ Candidates enrolled in part-time and correspondence courses are not allowed.

✔️ Candidates having a work experience of a maximum of 24 months are eligible to apply for the roles open to freshers. 

TCS Application Procedure

Doesn't matter which of the ways to join TCS you are opting for. To apply for a job in TCS, the candidate must follow the following steps👇:

1️⃣ First, the candidate has to log in to the TCS Next Step Portal

TCS Next Step Portal screenshot

2️⃣ Then, the candidate will have to register and apply to drive.

3️⃣ The candidate should choose the IT category and then must fill in the details in the form that opens up.

TCS Next Step screenshot

4️⃣ After filling out the form, Submit the application and click Apply For Drive.

Submit the application screenshot

5️⃣ Now, the candidate will be asked to choose the test mode. Choose your test mode, either in-center or remote, and then click Apply.

💡 Also note once you confirm/choose your mode of the test, you will not be able to make any changes. 

After completing all these steps, go to the Track Your Application tab to check whether you have successfully applied for the drive or not.

TCS Hiring Process

TCS conducts TCS NQT hiring tests for the candidates. Based on the performance in this test, the candidate gets shortlisted for either the digital or ninja profile. The pay for both profiles is different; everything else remains the same. Let us now look at the various stages of the hiring process:

Round 1: TCS Online Assessment Test

The online Assessment Test is the first round the candidate has to appear for the recruitment drive. It is an elimination round. It is an online proctored exam. 

online assessment for tcs

The test occurs on the TCSion platform. The duration for this test is 166 minutes. This test consists of two parts: 

Part A: Foundation Section 

This part consists of questions about traits, numerical ability, verbal ability, and reasoning ability. These sections have a specific time limit, as in the table below.

section A with time durations

Also, you cannot move back to the previous question once you have visited them. The questions in this section range from easy to medium level of difficulty.

Part B: Advanced Section 

In this part of the paper, there are questions to test the candidates' quantitative, reasoning, and coding skills. The number of questions in the quantitative and reasoning section might differ, but there will be 2 coding questions. One of the coding questions will be of easy level and the other of medium level. This part also has all the sections timed. The timing for the sections is as in the table👇:

section B with time durations

Here are some resources✨ you can refer to for preparing for the online assessments and interviews.

Data Structures and Algorithms

Competitive Programming

Guide to C++

Guide to Python

Interview Puzzles

Interview Questions 

Aptitude Questions

IT Certifications

Java Guide

Miscellaneous Topics

After clearing round 1, selected candidates will receive emails for the next rounds of the recruitment process.

Round 2: TCS Technical Interview

In this round, typical technical interview questions will be asked. It is a one-on-one interview round. The technical interview round lasts for about an hour. 

interviews at TCS

The interviewer in this round gets to know about your technical interests by asking questions from different technical aspects🧐. You can refer to these resources to get yourself interview-ready. 

How to Prepare For Service Based Companies

Interview Questions

Interview Experiences of Popular Companies

Sample Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions: 

  • What is your preferred programming language?
  • Explain your projects.
  • Why did you use a particular tech stack for your project?
  • What other tech stack would you consider for your projects?
  • Explain method overloading and overriding.
  • What is a copy constructor?
  • Explain the difference between call by value and call by reference.
  • What do you understand about global and local variables?
  • Explain different types of joins.
  • SQL Queries.
  • Advantages of indexing in a database.
  • After clearing the technical interview, the candidate will be asked to appear for the HR interviews.

Round 3: TCS HR Interview

In this round, there are general HR interview questions. This round is also a one-on-one round. The interview typically lasts for half an hour or so. In this round, your communication skills will matter the most👌. Your interest in the company and your attitude towards approaching a problem will be judged in this round.

Sample Questions

Practice these questions well before your interview:

  • What do you know about TCS?
  • Why TCS?
  • What is failure to you?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • How do you cope with disappointments?
  • Will you be able to relocate?

Make sure you prepare some questions for the interviewer as well. Questions can revolve around the work culture, the position you will be joining, or any other query. Let us now talk about referrals that can give you an edge in recruitment.

Must Read TCS CodeVita

Ways to Join TCS Through LinkedIn And Referrals 

LinkedIn, as we know, helps us expand our professional network. We can easily search for TCS job opportunities on LinkedIn. We can directly apply through LinkedIn for the opportunities. Also, we can get referrals from TCS employees to get called directly for the interviews. 

referrals for tcs

Developing a network can help you in getting referrals. Also, people can guide you in preparing for the tests and the interviews. Be confident in reaching out to people. Prepare a formal message about why they should refer you😌. Show your interest and let them know your skills when you text people for referrals.

Follow the official TCS LinkedIn page to get updates about new opportunities and programs. 

Here’s the official LinkedIn page for TCS. You can explore ways to join TCS here as well: Link.

Preparation Guide And Resources

Consistent efforts and regular practice can lead you wherever you want. We have curated the best resources you can refer to while preparing for TCS job opportunities👇. 

Coding Mock Tests

Interview Problems

Top Problem Lists

Coding Competitions

Competitive Programming

Python Basics

Basics of C++

Java Basics

Guide For Coding Interviews

Product Based Companies

Free Coding Competitions

Preparation Guide For Service-Based Companies

Business analyst skills

Also, have a look at this video to add skills that will make your resume outshine:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum eligibility criteria for joining TCS?

The minimum criteria for joining TCS is that a candidate must have at least a bachelor's degree in engineering or a related field with no active backlogs at the time of joining.

How many Technical Rounds does TCS conduct to hire candidates?

TCS generally conducts 1 technical and 1 HR round of interviews. To prepare for these interview rounds, refer to the resources given in the above sections.

Does TCS hire off-campus?

Yes, TCS hires off-campus and on-campus as well. TCS hires all year round for multiple positions. Keep an eye on the openings on their official career website.

Is TCS a service-based or product-based company?

TCS is a service-based company with its headquarters in Mumbai. It provides consulting services and IT solutions to its customers. 

How much money do TCS NQT graduates make?

The pay for TCS NQT graduates ranges from approx. 3.36 LPA (Ninja) to 7 LPA after benefits (Digital).


In this article, we learned how a candidate could join TCS. We learned about the on-campus and off-campus recruitment processes of TCS. We also discussed the interview rounds a candidate must go through before joining TCS. Checkout more articles about TCS:

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Happy learning!

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