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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Ways to Join Uber

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In this article, we will learn the different ways to join Uber. If you are thinking about how to get into Uber, don't worry. Coding Ninjas always have your back!

ways to join uber

This article will discuss the different ways to join Uber. We will also see how and where we can apply for Uber. So without any further waiting, let's get started!

About Uber

Uber is the platform that works as the smartest and largest cab platform for passengers. It has reached millions of users as of now. Uber provides an app where passengers can book their rides to travel within the city or intercity rides as well.


The Uber app is available for both Android as well as Apple. It charges the commission to the drivers based on the rides. Uber provides its services in more than 890 cities and 71 countries.

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How to Join Uber?

Uber has competitive interview processes, so to succeed in it, it is a good idea to know about their interview processes so that you know exactly what to expect, and it will help you plan accordingly.

You will notice some of the similarities between the interview process of Uber and other MAANG companies out there, but they have some different things which you need to pay attention to. 

As we know, there are two ways to join Uber, like other companies. The first is by going through on-campus, and the second is by preparing for the off-campus process.

Although we will look for every aspect of preparing for Uber and all the ways to join Uber, We will discuss the on-campus and off-campus procedures.  

Let's start!

On-Campus Selection Process

The simplest way to join Uber is through on-campus drives. The company conducts campus recruitment at various colleges to choose the top students. First, let's check whether you are eligible to apply to Uber or not.

Eligibility Criteria 


Grade 10

Need at least 65%

Grade 12

Need at least 65%


Need at least 65%


No active backlogs

Off-Campus Selection Process

The alternate way to join Uber is through Off-campus drives. The selection process of Uber includes multiple rounds of interviews. Whoever clears the first round will move to another round. The interview rounds are as follows:

  • Online Test
  • Two rounds of Technical Interviews
  • Hiring Manager Interview
  1. Online Test: This is an online test of 60 minutes duration given to everyone who applies for Uber.
  2. Technical Interview: There are two different types of technical interview rounds that you need to clear one by one. Once you clear the online assessment, you will be eligible for the first technical round. You can also check how to prepare for mock technical interviews in the preparation strategy section.
  3. Hiring Manager Round: This round is mostly based on the resume, and the duration is around 50 minutes.

Job interviews are sometimes different for students and working professionals. To check the difference between them, you can refer to the article here.

Preparation Strategy

preparation strategy

Let us look at how we can prepare for the interview rounds. You can prepare for an uber interview with the help of the below-mentioned resources:

How to Crack Interviews

Let us look at some ways which will help you prepare for the interviews in a better way.

Write Code

The interviewer mainly tests your problem-solving skills in the technical interview rounds. The candidate can easily crack this round with good practice in writing codes well in advance. Focus on some well-known algorithms and their implementation in real life.

Computer Fundamentals

This tests how much a candidate understands the basics of computers and related concepts. This majorly involves the following concepts.

Data structures and algorithms

DBMS (Database Management System)

Operating Systems

Computer Networks


About Project
Be thorough with the projects that you have mentioned in your resume. You must know the tech stacks used and the proper functioning of the project. The interviewer can also ask questions regarding the application of the project in real life.

Coding Languages

You must know at least one coding language in which you can code the solutions for the problems given to you. It can be CC++Java, or Python.

HR Interview

The tips and tricks to ace this round are as follows.

Know about the company.

This is the least that the interviewer expects from you. You must know about the company, its goals, and future plans.

Show enthusiasm for the job.

You must show enthusiasm that you are willing to get this job. You need to behave well and show them that you want to work with their company.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are an important part of any interview. To ace the HR interview round, you must work on your soft skills and do your best.

How to Apply?

how to apply

Through Career Page

To get a job at Uber, You can apply through the career page of Uber's official website.

Through LinkedIn and Referrals,

We have seen two ways to join Uber, and then you can also join Uber by referrals. Referrals are one such way to join Uber.

You can get referrals from the Company employees and directly apply for the position you want.


Employee Referrals

One of the best ways to make a manager look at your Resume more closely when you're applying for jobs is through a job reference. Here are some strategies for obtaining recommendations.

Use LinkedIn to Find Referrals: Begin by looking up contacts at the company on LinkedIn. Enter the name of the company you wish to learn more about in the search bar. Then, You can see the complete list of the contacts in your network who might be able to assist you.

Explore Your Network: Ask your professional contacts or friends if they know someone within the organization who could assist you in getting an interview.

College Placement Cell: If you are a recent graduate, see if the career services or alumni office of your college can put you in touch with former students who are already employed by the business you're interested in.

Sample Questions

Let us look at the types of questions asked in Uber's interview.

Uber Technical Interview

Add Two Numbers Problem

Word Break Problem

Maximum in Sliding Window Problem

Sudoku Solver Problem

Unique Binary Search Trees Problem

Coin Change Problem

Minimum Element in a Sorted and Rotated Array Problem

Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters Problem

Uber Behavioral Interview

What interests you about joining Uber?

How will your friends describe you?

What would you work on if you were asked to start working today?

Tell me about a time when you attempted something new but failed.

Tell me about a time when you've been able to showcase your leadership skills.

Tell me about a time when you didn't agree with your senior management.

Tell me about a difficult situation and how you've overcome it.

Describe a time when you had to prioritize your tasks.

What skill would you choose if you could be an expert at any skill?

Describe a time you had to stand up for your beliefs.

Resources For Preparation


You can also check out the links below to prepare for your interviews. These Resources will help you in the ways to join Uber that we have seen earlier.

Interview Resources

You can refer to the below resources to prepare for your interviews:

Uber Interview Experience: You can check out different interview experiences for Uber to prepare yourself.

Test Series: You can refer to the test series to learn and practice different mock tests for different companies.

Problems: You can check out different types of problems asked in different company interviews.

Problem Lists: This will help you to know about different problems asked in a company and prepare them.

Interview Bundles: Check this to get a complete bundle to prepare for your interview.

Interview Puzzles: You can refer to this to learn and know all about Interview Puzzles.

Interview Questions: Check this to learn about different Interview questions and how to answer them.

Technical Resources

You can refer to the below resources to learn programming and related concepts:

Data Structure and Algorithm: You can refer to this to learn all about the data structure and algorithms.

Competitive Programming: You can refer to this to learn all about competitive programming.

C Programming: You can refer to this to learn all about C programming.

Python Programming: You can refer to this to learn all about Python programming.

Competitive Programming Course: Refer to this to learn all about competitive programming with this course.

Python and DSA Course: Refer to this to learn all about Python DSA with this course.

Java DSA Course: Refer to this to learn all about Java DSA with this course.

Miscellaneous Resources

IT Certifications: You can check this to learn about different IT certifications and learn information about them.

Contests: You can refer to this and take part in the contest.

Guided Paths: You can refer to this to learn different programming languages with certifications.

Aptitude: You can refer to this to learn and know about aptitude preparation.

Diversified Section- a complete section to dig into the pool of variegated technical articles.

You can check out the below video to learn more about this:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Uber?

Uber is the platform that works as the smartest and largest cab platform for passengers. It has reached millions of users as of now.

How can one apply for a specific job profile at Uber?

One can apply for a specific job profile through the career page of the official website of Uber.

How many rounds were conducted in Uber for freshers?

For freshers, Uber conducts a total of four rounds. These are online tests, two coding interviews, and Hiring Manager rounds. 

What is the most important skill one should have to crack any Interview? 

The crucial skill one needs to have for an interview is communication skills along with domain knowledge.

Does a good resume play a vital role in selection?

The most crucial factor that recruiters consider before interviewing is your resume. So, It is essential to have a good resume with self-made projects and experience.


In this article, we have discussed the ways to join Uber. Starting with a brief idea about Uber, the on-campus and off-campus processes, and their eligibility criteria.

Along with the ways to join Uber, we discussed how to prepare yourself. You can refer to the below articles also:

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Happy Learning Ninja!

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