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📃 Introduction
🧐 About ZS Associates
🛣️ Different Ways to Join ZS Associates
For Freshers
For Experienced
On-Campus/Off-Campus Selection Drive
💻 Round 1 - Online Test
💻 Round 2 - Behavioral Assessment Round
💻 Round 3 - Interview Rounds
🏢 On-Campus
🏘️ Off-Campus
📚 Resources for Preparation
🔥 Interview Resources
🔥 Aptitude Resources
🔥 Other Technical Resources
Frequently Asked Questions
What is unique about ZS Associates?
What is the full form of ZS?
Do ZS offers work-from-home for employees?
What are the roles offered by ZS Associates?
Is ZS product based?
What type of company is ZS?
What is ZS campus beats?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Ways to join ZS

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📃 Introduction

Aren't you frustrated seeing people on Linkedin and Twitter bagging offers from top companies? Don't worry; we will provide a clear roadmap that many ninjas follow to bag offers from top companies like ZS Associates.

ways to join ZS

In this blog, we will learn the different ways to join ZS Associates, its complete off-campus/ on-campus selection process, and how to apply for various roles at ZS Associates.

But before discussing the different ways to join ZS Associates, let's know some facts about ZS Associates.

🧐 About ZS Associates

ZS Associates is a professional service, management, and consulting company. ZS Associates offers services to clients in the private equity, healthcare, and technology sectors. The company was established in 1983. It was established by two professors from Northwestern University who created sales force alignment models. Even today, ZS offers a variety of professional services, many of which are supported by advanced analytics, in addition to sales force alignment services.


Let’s see the different ways to join ZS Associates.

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🛣️ Different Ways to Join ZS Associates

ways to join

There are multiple ways to join ZS Associates that are broadly categorized into two categories:

For Freshers

⭐On-campus Drive: ZS Associates hires through an on-campus drive every year by visiting various Engineering colleges and universities for different roles. Interested candidates can apply through this drive.

⭐Career Page: You can visit the official career page of ZS Associates and apply there for different roles you are interested in.

⭐LinkedIn: Some senior employees usually post different openings for their team; candidates can take a referral from the current employee working at ZS Associates and apply for the job role. Also, you can visit the LinkedIn page of ZS Associates. Navigate to the Jobs section. You can find multiple job opportunities. Directly you can apply via LinkedIn. 

For Experienced

⭐Career Page: You can visit the official career page of ZS Associates and apply there for different roles you are interested in.

⭐LinkedIn Referal: You can take a referral from the current employee working at ZS Associates and apply for the required job role.

Let’s see how ZS Associates hire through their On-Campus/Off-Campus drive.

On-Campus/Off-Campus Selection Drive

Every year, ZS Associates visits various engineering colleges in India to hire freshers candidates for different job roles:

  • Business Operations Associate
  • Decisions Analytics Associate
  • Business Technology Analyst

In this section, we will be discussing the recruitment process of ZS Associates. The recruitment process consists of three rounds. The three rounds are as follows:

1️⃣ Online Test

2️⃣ Behavioral Assessment Round

3️⃣ Interview Round

💻 Round 1 - Online Test

The online test is conducted on the Hirepro platform (Hirepro is an assessment company). This online test consists of three sections they are as follows: 

  • Quantitative Aptitude 
  • Logical Reasoning 
  • Verbal Ability

Cut off for the written test:

  • It is 70% for non-IITs, implying that candidates must rank in the top 30% to continue to the next level.
  • For IITs, however, the cutoff is merely 60%, and they also receive a higher salary.
  • No negative marking scheme for all the sections.

💻 Round 2 - Behavioral Assessment Round

This round is taken on the Talview platform. It is an online video interview round.

This online interview lasts roughly 40 to 50 minutes and includes 3 written questions as well as 8 video questions. Most of these questions are guesstimates, brainteasers, and behavioral questions. In this round, there are no questions regarding market size.

Video questions: In this round, candidates will be redirected to the question prompt. Candidates will have 30 seconds to think and form points about it. After that, candidates will have 3 minutes to answer. The answer will be recorded and sent for evaluation. 

💻 Round 3 - Interview Rounds

The last round will be divided into three more sub-rounds. Following are the details of each interview round.

1️⃣ Case Round: In this round, students must be able to analyze a business case independently. The candidate has to understand the client's issues in a case study. Also, he has to tell the approach for the client's issue. The interview will be for 30 minutes.

2️⃣ Behavioral Interview: This round will be based on your resume. Also, the candidate must be able to solve structures and unstructured problems (puzzles, guesstimates, and bread teasers). 

3️⃣ Fit Round: In this round, the candidates will get a chance to meet the senior ZS manager. The manager will discuss the career path, ZS vision in general, and, most importantly, growth.

🏢 On-Campus

For the On-Campus process, the company will be visiting your college. The training and placement cell of your college will help you out in the application process. The recruitment process will be the same as we have discussed above.

🏘️ Off-Campus

The procedure of the Off-Campus process is slightly different from the On-Campus process. However, the recruitment process will be the same.

In the Off-Campus process, you will need to visit the career portal of ZS. Go through all the jobs available. Select the job profile for which you want to apply. Then click on apply and fill in the required details. 

You can also reach out to employees of ZS Associates on LinkedIn for referral and then apply for a particular job profile.  

📚 Resources for Preparation

Here are some links given below it will help you in your preparation:


🔥 Interview Resources

✍️Interview Questions: It is always essential to go through the interview questions before applying to any role in the company.

✍️Interview PuzzlesThese interview puzzles will help you quickly get your answers. You will be able to understand the interviewer's point more precisely.

✍️A Complete Preparation Guide for Coding InterviewsTo help you with preparations, coding ninjas have a comprehensive guide to help you in your interviews.

✍️Interview Experiences of top tech companies for practiceHave a thorough read of the interview experiences of different candidates.

🔥 Aptitude Resources

🧮Permutations and Combinations: Get familiar with permutations and combinations.

🧮ProbabilityGet the best and most asked Probability aptitude questions.

🧮Ratio and Proportions: Learn ratios & Proportions for your aptitude preparations.

🧮Data Interpretation: Easily learn the Data Interpretation topic.

🧮General Aptitude: Prepare your aptitude for every exam.

🧮Tips and Strategies: Get the best advice and strategies to solve aptitude problems.

🧮Percentages: Get knowledge of percentages, the most asked aptitude problems.

🧮Time and Work: Learn Time& Work aptitude problems.

🔥 Other Technical Resources

🤖Mobile Technologies | Learn & PracticeLearn about Mobile Technologies and their related technology.

🤖Web Technologies: Knowledge of web technologies will help you further.

🤖Python with Data Structures and Algorithms: Learn the basics of Python with data structures and algorithms.

🤖Java with Data Structures and AlgorithmsLearn the basics of Java with data structures and algorithms.

🤖DBMSKnowledge of Database Management Systems is a must for an Engineer.

🤖Computer Networks: Computer networks and layers of the OSI model play an important role.

🤖Operating System: Knowledge of different operating systems should be there.

🤖Data ScienceLearn the fast and most demanding field of Data Science at Coding Ninjas.

🤖Data Structures and Algorithms | Learn & PracticeGet Strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms.

You must watch the video given below, which will help you to reach ZS Associates:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about ZS Associates?

ZS Associates has been a pioneer in using science and practical experience to solve challenging marketing and sales force issues for the past 30 years.

What is the full form of ZS?

It is likely that ZS Associates takes its name from the founder's initials, with 'Z' standing for Zoltners and 'S' for Sinha.

Do ZS offers work-from-home for employees?

Yes, ZS Associates offers work-from-home for employees.

What are the roles offered by ZS Associates?

There are many roles that ZS Associates offers. Some are associate software engineers, test engineers, analytics associates, data scientists, security engineers, etc.

Is ZS product based?

ZS is a multinational professional services company that uses in-depth sector knowledge, cutting-edge analytics, technology, and strategy to develop solutions for clients that are practical.

What type of company is ZS?

ZS is global management consulting and technology firm.

What is ZS campus beats?

Campus Beats is ZS's campus engagement program in India. Students are hired from top engineering colleges through this program.


In this blog, we went through the ways to join ZS Associates. We learned about ZS Associates, the recruitment process, On-Campus, and Off-Campus application process, and if you would like to learn more, check out our articles on

Refer to our guided paths on Coding Ninjas Studio to learn more about DSA, Competitive Programming, JavaScript, System Design, etc. Enroll in our courses and refer to the mock test and problems available. Take a look at the interview experiences and interview bundle for placement preparations.

Happy Learning Ninja! 🥷

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