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Visual Hierarchy
Hick’s Law
Responsive Design
High-Quality User Experience
White space and clean design
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Web Designing Practices

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Did you know that 94% of your visitors to the website decide in the first 3 seconds if you’re trustworthy, reliable and professional based on the design alone? That’s right, making a positive impression for the first time is very important. Your website is your crucial store-front. We would want customers to come back and enjoy their experience while using our website. Without a professional design that has been optimised for success in the global market, your marketing strategy will sink even before you get started.

We have listed a few important points below to help you get through the vital principles of web designing practices:

Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is one of the most crucial elements through which even an amateur can create a tremendous and somewhat professional design. It is a method of organizing components according to their importance. Certain parts of your website are mattering than the others, and even if all the items on your menu are equally important, you know where you want the user to click first.

You can always start by setting an objective for your website. Rank elements according to your business objective and you’re halfway there.

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Hick’s Law

Hick’s law mentioned that the time it takes for a person to make a decision increases every time you offer an additional option. This can happen in your daily life as well. Every time you visit a shopping store, the time you spend there increases if the store is offering you a lot of options. Similarly, if the visitor sees a lot of choice on your website, it will be easier for him to choose nothing.

To make their experience enjoyable, you have to eliminate choices. And if there is a massive amount of products list that you sell, then provide the visitors with good filter options. It will undoubtedly make them revisit your site and who knows, maybe you can earn a permanent customer too.

Responsive Design

With the evolution of the different screen sizes in the industry including mobiles, tablets, and laptops, it has become a really big issue for the designers to create a responsive web design. The experience of the visitor hugely depends on the device he is using to visit your website. And god forbid if the site is not displayed well to the customer, the majority of them will stop interacting with the website.

It might not come as a big deal to make the web design responsive for the designers, but for the customers, seamless experience is pretty much everything so omitting the particular can cause a considerable loss for the company growth.

High-Quality User Experience

User experience is something, that if it is done right, visitors will stay longer on your website and even revisit it later. It can be possible if you optimize options like fast-load options, eye-pleasing element, correct navigations, and mobile responsiveness.

The few aspects on which you should inevitably focus on to give your customers a seamless experience are:

  • User-focused design research can help you a lot to make the experience of your customers perfect.
  • Content that is relevant and valuable to the target customers can provide your website with substance and can be a significant component of high-quality UX.
  • Consistent communication can also play a huge role in bringing back more visitors. Making the user comfortable and providing them with useful information makes your website interactive and more popular than the others.

White space and clean design

The white area is also known as “negative space.” Knowing how to make the best use of negative spacing is what can create a great design. It is not merely a negative area; the white space enables all the other elements to exist at all. Imagine a page with no white spaces, and there are items, graphics, and images just scrambling together. I can bet you won’t even bother to look at it and in a fraction of seconds, you have already moved on to another website.

Enough spacing can do a great job if done correctly. Your website will look clean and can convey the exact message you are trying to communicate to the target customers.

To conclude, web design might look easy from the outside but knowing these minute detailing is what makes you a great designer. After going through this blog, you can decide for yourself if you want to be just another designer or a great one. We understand that it is a lot to take in. But we at coding ninjas are here to cover you with all the information that you will need to ace the web designing practices to follow.

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