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Custom illustrations
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Asymmetrical layouts
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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Web Designing: The Emerging Trend of 2024

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Web designing trends are always changing – old trends of yesterday make way for the emerging trends of today. If you wish to be a successful web designer, you should try to keep up with the latest web design trends

Here are some of the most emerging of Web designing trends that have emerged and gained traction in 2024! 


While it is a known fact that netizens display a greater affinity towards visual content, static images are outdated – animation and animated videos are the hottest buzzwords of the town.



With animated clips, animated images, and animated GIFs, you can attract the attention of your target audience while at the same time getting your POV across to them. Animated content makes your website look much more alive and interesting to the viewers.

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Lately, many online websites have begun to incorporate tiny pop-up windows on their landing page. These pop-up windows are called ‘chatbots’ that allow users to chat and communicate with the brand/company representative. So, whatever queries you may have, you can ask these chatbots and get an immediate response to your queries. Cool, isn’t it?

Chatbots are an excellent option to boost the real-time interaction with your customers and for online companies that have to answer customer queries on a daily basis. In such situations, you can program a chatbot to provide answers to certain commonly asked questions and for all other kinds of questions, the chatbot can be programmed to provide the next best assistance such as the details of how to get in a personal call with a company representative.

Custom illustrations


We’re almost through 2024, and if you still think that incorporating stock images into your website is enough to engage your target audience with visual content, you are terribly mistaken.

It’s time to invest in custom illustrations!


People are not attracted to visual content blindly – they look for originality. Thus, if you customize your illustrations in accordance with your products and services, it creates a wonderful and unique experience for your viewers. And the great thing is that there are numerous apps and tools with which you can design brand-centric images and illustrations.

Bold fonts


Fonts are one of the most underrated aspects of a website’s outlook, but if you are wise enough, you know that fonts cannot be ignored. Now, unique, bold, and neat fonts are apparently a big hit with the online audience.

By using a bold font in a neat layout design, you can draw more attention to the words on your web page. Web designers are, thus, increasingly resorting to Typography so as to impart the website’s textual content with more depth and gravity.

Bold colors

What better than bold and vibrant colors to stand out in the crowd?



Web designers today are increasingly using bold and bright color combinations in websites to make them visually appealing. Bright yellows, fluorescents, purple, blue, and crimson, to name a few, have been some of the hottest color choices throughout the year. Add a dash of such colors to your text and voila – your website will be jazzed!

Asymmetrical layouts

By now you must have understood that web design is all about innovation and unique presentation of content, be it textual or visual.



In the past, flat and symmetrical web design layouts were a hit. However, tables have turned now, and the recent shift is towards 3D and asymmetrical layouts. The reason behind this is that asymmetrical designs have a sense of unusual mystery to them which makes them unique and appealing to the onlooker’s eye.

Floating navigation

Usually, websites have the navigation option fixed in one place on their landing page – the top corner. However, web designers are now experimenting with Floating Navigation, wherein the navigation bar is always accessible and visible, even if you are scrolling down across the page.



Not only is this innovative, but it’s also practical as you don’t have to keep scrolling up the page to access the navigation option.

Bottom line – all the emerging web design trends have one thing in common, that is, the end user (a viewer or a potential customer). The end goal here is to develop and incorporate such designs that make the web experience smooth and unique for the users.

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