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Introduction is an online design company that offers a basic website builder, professional web design services, domains, emails, web hosting, and more. offers various online business services and tools with a basic website builder with 150+ templates for professional websites and eCommerce stores. This platform allows decent customization options. It serves as a one-stop-shop for things that we need to create a professional website. So, let's get started with the article and learn more about and its usage, advantages, and disadvantages.

How to use

Using is anything but seamless. The back-end or admin dashboard includes all of's services. This consists of the tools we have access to, with the site editor interspersed with ads to purchase additional services. We can create a website by clicking on the "CREATE SITE" button in the top right corner, as shown in the image below.


Account Dashboard


The button will direct us to a page where we can choose templates for our website from the available options. The template library has over 150 professional templates. We can also let generate a basic layout for us or go to the template library. asks us a few basic questions about the theme and type of business we run, then directs us to a page with suggested templates. The template library looks like the image shown below.


Template Library


We can choose any template based on our needs. Once we have selected a template, we'll be taken to the website editor. website editor


The site editor offered by has some excellent features. Let's discuss them below:

  • Documentation. The Get Started tutorial walks us through all of the basic functionality of the site builder, making it a perfect choice for anyone who hasn't built a website before.
  • View testing. We can view how our site will look on a desktop, tablet, or phone. This makes it easy to ensure that our website is responsive.
  • Easy access to help. We have two small buttons at the bottom left corner. One directs us to the knowledge base. And the other opens a chat window where we can reach out to the customer service.

Now, let's start working on the site using the site editor:

Moving, adding, and editing content

The site editor is a block editor, which means all the individual pieces of content are organized in block elements that can be moved across the page using drag-and-drop functionality.

To add a block, click the "+" button at the top of the sidebar. This will open the block library to the "Features" area. We'll find everything we need to build a simple web page here, including text, headers, images, forms, and tables. 


Site editor with block menu


We can customize any block by clicking on the block element and defining its properties. We may change the positioning of the block elements on the web page by the drag and drop feature for the elements.

Creating pages

With the site builder, we get the "Pages" option. This will open a sidebar menu with a list of pages. We can also add three types of pages here:

  • Blank pages
  • Duplicates of existing pages
  • Pages with a different template from our main site template

Blank page in the site editor

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Advantages of comes with lots of advantages. A few of them are as follows:

  • Access to a variety of multi-page and single-page website templates.
  • Block editor has all the basic and advanced blocks.
  • The site editor allows customization of the blocks.
  • Affordable pricing

Disadvantages of

The disadvantages of are as follows:

  • We cannot create a site without using a template; this limits our ability to create something truly unique.
  • We do not have SEO tools for the most basic plan.
  • Essential features are expensive to unlock.
  • The site editor feels clunky.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is good for beginners? is a good choice for beginners. The site builder is comparatively easy to work with, although sometimes it can feel clunky. We must say that first-time designers may find an easier time with more streamlined site builders, like Weebly, Wix, etc.
  2. What is the pricing of the site builder? offers three pricing plans which start at $10 per month. We can try out the platform for an offer price for our first month.
  3. Does offer a free trial? does not offer a free trial. However, we can get the platform at discounted pricing for the first month. We can pay just $1.95 for the first month to build a basic site or $3.95 for an online store.
  4. State the comparison between and
    Features of are as follows:
    a.) offers services at an affordable price.
    b.) It has better security features.
    c.) It offers industry-specific solutions for businesses.
    d.) The site builder has all the basic features.

    Features of are as follows:
    a.) Managing and installing all themes and plugins.
    b.) Manage all pages and posts.
    c.) Manage all reusable blocks with the Gutenberg block editor.
    d.) Manage, create, and delete all users and user roles.
    e.) Moderate and manage all comments.
    f.) Design, code, create.


In this article, we have extensively discussed an introduction to and its advantages and disadvantages.

We hope that this blog has helped you enhance your knowledge on an introduction to the and its advantages and disadvantages, and if you would like to learn more, check out our articles on Content Management System(CMS)Installing WordPressFeatures of WordPressWebflow. Do upvote our blog to help other ninjas grow. Happy Coding!

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