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What is IoT?
Top Applications of IoT
Frequently Asked Questions
What is IoT?
Is Siri an IoT?
What is the difference between IoT and AI?
What are the three components of IoT?
What is the first IoT device?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

What IoT offers

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In today’s modern era, we have gone very far with technology. We are seeing such exemplary technology innovations which were unimaginable a few years ago. Humans have evolved technology better than themselves. Now we cannot even imagine our lives without technology. It has become an indispensable part of our lives, and IoT is undoubtedly one of its significant components. IoT has brought tremendous change to our daily lives. Let’s dive deeper into IoT and what it offers to us!



What is IoT?

Internet of Things(IoT) refers to devices connecting and sharing data with other Internet devices. Example - Google home voice controller, smartwatch, etc. IoT has been gaining popularity for the past couple of years, and now it is silently shaping our future. IoT results from the brilliant human mind aimed to lead a convenient and comfortable life with less labor work and lower chances of human errors. This led to the invention of smart devices that communicated with each other and made informed decisions using Machine learning and Deep learning. IoT can lead to efficient operation management, improved work safety, better business opportunities, improved productivity, a more trustworthy image of the company, etc. We all have experienced IoT devices like smartwatches, smart televisions, etc. Below are some of the top IoT devices you might have missed.

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Top Applications of IoT

  • Wearables
    Wearables are always a hot topic in any industry. These devices help in various industries like fitness, wellness, etc. Smart wearables include smartwatches that allow users to answer calls, track fitness, heartbeat, stress, sleep, etc. Smart rings are rings that have all the functionalities of a smartwatch in the shape of a wearable ring.
  • Smart homes
    Smart homes are indeed one of the best applications of IoT. Different IoT devices are present in smart homes that can include smart surveillance, locks, voice-controlled lights, smart refrigerators that can automatically order eggs when finished, etc., to name a few. It is cool to use an IoT device in your electricity meter to keep track of your daily activities and monitor different devices’ everyday use with ease.
  • Smart cities
    Smart cities refer to internet connectivity to not just the people but also the devices for an easy lifestyle. Indeed smart cities are a dream come true where we can have smart wastewater management systems, traffic management systems, etc. We are constantly working towards transforming cities into smart cities!
  • Traffic management
    Traffic management can be significantly improved using IoT. We can monitor the traffic conditions at a specific place to save time and look for alternative routes. We can also analyze the traffic data to check if some corrective measures can be taken to prevent traffic.
  • Wastewater management
    Wastewater management using IoT is a big boon to the authorities for effective planning. Using IoT devices, we can keep track of the amount of waste produced to be appropriately processed, and future planning can be done accordingly. Smart analytics can predict the prospective wastewater amount, and measures can be taken for efficient management. 
  • Farming
    We have a promising future with so many developments happening for farming tools. With smart drip irrigation techniques, understanding of crops, smart gardening, and automatic monitoring of farms using drones, we aim for a productive yield for farmers with lesser concerns.
  • Self-driving cars
    We all know about Tesla's self-driven cars. Recently, news was going around that a woman gave birth to a child in a fantastic self-driving vehicle. Self-driving vehicles use sensors and devices connected to the cloud for intelligent decisions leveraging Machine Learning and complex neural networks. But we all know that self-driving cars require loads of security because one mistake can take the lives of multiple people nearby.
  • Healthcare industry
    A smart toothbrush is an excellent example of an IoT device in the healthcare industry. It uses a motor that provides you with speed and positions and guides you on how you can improve your oral hygiene.
  • Hospitality industry
    IoT offers services like climate control devices and central heating systems to aid the hospitality industry. 
  • IoT retail shops
    If you haven’t seen the video of Amazon Go, you must check it out right away. This is a fantastic technology bridging the gap between retail and online stores. Here, if you pick any item, it will be automatically added to your cart, and if you change your mind, it gets deleted from your cart. Moreover, you don’t need to stand in billing queues but instead just step out of the store. 



Frequently Asked Questions

What is IoT?

Internet of Things(IoT) refers to physical objects connecting and sharing data with other devices using the Internet. Example - Google home voice controller, smartwatch, etc.

Is Siri an IoT?

Yes, Siri is included in voice world IoT.

What is the difference between IoT and AI?

Internet of Things(IoT) aims to interact with devices using the Internet, whereas Artificial Intelligence(AI) aims for the devices to learn from the data and experience.

What are the three components of IoT?

The three components of IoT include the sensor, connectivity, and people.

What is the first IoT device?

The first IoT device was the Smart Toaster, which could be controlled using the Internet.


This article discussed IoT, how it impacts people, and IoT applications.

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