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Table of contents
What is the cloud first strategy?
Aim of Cloud First Strategy
Where is the cloud first strategy implemented?
Advantages of Cloud First Strategy
Disadvantages of Cloud First Strategy
Future advancements in the field of cloud
Frequently Asked Questions
What is cloud computing?
Are cloud services free to use?
What is virtualization?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Cloud First Strategy

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Hey Ninjas!! You must be aware of cloud computing. In recent years, many organizations have adopted cloud first strategy. Are you excited to learn about the cloud first strategy? Today we will learn about the Cloud First Strategy. We will also look into its aim, advantages, disadvantages and future advancements.

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Without further ado, let's get started.

What is the cloud first strategy?

The cloud first strategy is the use of cloud-based services for all operational purposes. It prioritises the use of cloud services over traditional IT systems. Cloud first strategy has established a work-from-home environment. The users can access data, services, tools, and storage from anywhere in the world. Many organizations have shifted to cloud first strategy to come up in the developing environment. 
Government organisations and Tech Companies want to migrate more workloads than ever to the cloud. Cloud resources may reduce costs, boost productivity, make management easier, and provide expert support. The cloud first strategy has spread to the enterprise market, enhancing widespread cloud adoption. Companies like Apple, Netflix, and many more have successfully adopted the cloud first strategy. It has boosted their productivity and enhanced their performance.

It is one of the main factors for the growth of companies.

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Aim of Cloud First Strategy

The cloud first strategy aims to increase the efficiency of the organizational tasks flow. It also aims to migrate from traditional IT systems to cloud servers. It provides an easy, reliable, cost-effective way of performing organizational work as it reduces the cost of physical infrastructure. It heavily relies on the virtualization of infrastructure. The cloud first strategy has also helped the company in accidental data loss. It can easily restore back the data from the servers. 

Where is the cloud first strategy implemented?

The cloud first strategy is basically implemented by IT organizations. Almost all leading technical companies are using the cloud first strategy. Example: Apple, Netflix and Kroger etc. This allows them to store their data over the internet. The employees of the companies can easily access the cloud servers remotely. It reduces costs and increases the productivity and efficiency of the organizational work.

Advantages of Cloud First Strategy

The advantages of the Cloud first Strategy are:

  • Cost Effective
  • Reliability
  • Scalable
  • Collaboration

Let's look into their details.

Advantages of Cloud First Strategy Image

✳️Cost Effective: The cloud first strategy uses cloud services that are highly cost-effective. They are one of the best methods of hosting your infrastructure online at a low cost.

✳️Reliability: The cloud first strategy provides a reliable solution for maintaining your infrastructure online over the internet. You don't need to maintain physical data centers, servers etc. All the work and tasks are performed over the internet. The cloud first strategy also provides a data backup facility. It is helpful when data loss occurs due to hardware issues. You can easily restore your data from where you left off.

✳️Scalable: Cloud platforms are highly scalable. You only need to pay for what you use. You can easily increase or decrease the capacity of resources etc. Increasing the resources will result in higher costs.

✳️Collaboration: The cloud-first strategy has made teamwork feasible. Multiple people can work remotely on the same platform. This increases the productivity of the organizations.

Disadvantages of Cloud First Strategy

The disadvantages of the Cloud first Strategy are:

Study Image

🔷Security: The cloud first strategy had a big concern about security. Many incidents of data loss have been reported in recent times. The data loss also results in the loss of significant data. Hackers misuse such information.

🔷Dependency on the Internet: The data on the cloud servers are stored over the internet. You cannot access these resources in the absence of the internet.

Future advancements in the field of cloud

The cloud first strategy will keep developing and offer numerous future advantages. It has a promising future and will benefit both the host and the client. 

Future advancement image

The cloud first strategy has helped organizations to survive in the technical world. Many services are now available on cloud platforms. The cloud first strategy is crucial for business innovation. Cloud technology has provided new ways of working, managing, and running a firm. The cloud first strategy has increased the dependency on the cloud service models. Various organizations, such as Heroku, Salesforce, and Microsoft Azure, are providing cloud services to users. Users can use the platforms for small-scale implementation. You need to pay to use the services for large-scale implementation. Cloud services are projected to grow by 80% in the upcoming years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer resources used over the internet.

Are cloud services free to use?

Cloud services are free to use for small levels. You need to pay to use cloud service on a large scale.

What is virtualization?

Virtualization is the process of using computer resources to imitate other resources.


In this article, we have extensively discussed the details of the Cloud First Strategy with its advantages, disadvantages and future advancements. 

We hope that the blog has helped you enhance your knowledge of Cloud First Strategy. You can refer to our guided paths on the Coding Ninjas Studio platform to learn more about DSADBMSCompetitive ProgrammingPythonJavaJavaScript, etc. To practice and improve yourself in the interview, you can also check out Top 100 SQL problemsInterview experienceCoding interview questions, and the Ultimate guide path for interviews. Do upvote our blogs to help other ninjas grow. Happy Coding!!

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