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How is the Organization Taking Cloud Strategy in Confidence?
What is the Cloud's Future as Per the Organization
Investment Done
Frequently Asked Questions
What is cloud storage?
What is Accenture Cloud First?
Which cloud is used by Accenture?
When did Accenture start migrating to the cloud?
How Accenture uses the cloud?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

What is Accenture Doing to Demonstrate Our Commitment to the Cloud Space?

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The total volume of data created, copied, and consumed worldwide is increasing rapidly. And will increase upto approx 180 zettabytes in the next five years. The most essential issue is storing this data. The type of storage location depends on the sensitivity of the data. Cloud storage is widely used for storing data off-site. 


In this article, we will discuss the contribution of Accenture in demonstrating its commitment to cloud space. We will discuss the future of the cloud according to Accenture. The investment is made in cloud storage. We will also discuss the future scope of cloud storage in Accenture.

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How is the Organization Taking Cloud Strategy in Confidence?

Everyone can't buy expensive software to store data. So, cloud storage enables data storage in a remote physical location. Anyone can access that data via the internet using any device. Big MNCs like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft make large computing infrastructures for cloud computing. 

To make the cloud strategy confident, Accenture invested $3 billion. They helped their clients exhale in cloud-first businesses. The cloud-first created by Accenture has skyrocketed due to worldwide demand for cloud. This cloud-first is a spectrum of cloud services. The cloud-first helps clients to track their innovation and journey. 

Cloud storage

Accenture provides various solutions for taking confidence in cloud strategy. These are -

  • Cloud Migration - Migrating the data to the cloud. Accenture maintains strong relationships with major cloud players. Migrate, optimize and modernize business and infrastructure applications on AWS cloud. Accenture also helps us to migrate to Google cloud. They provide various tools for a multi-cloud environment.  
  • Infrastructure Service - In today's cloud-based environment, users can run business applications. But traditional infrastructure cannot accelerate changes. Accenture helps you stay away from hardware-oriented infrastructure. They provide intelligent and software-defined infrastructure. These infrastructure services provide a digital workplace, networking, data and cloud center, etc. 
  • Data Transformation - The worth of data depends on its use and accessibility. Accenture provides a data transformation feature where data gains agility and power. Accenture also takes steps toward modernizing data foundation so people can quickly operate with data and the cloud. 
  • Cloud Security - Cloud offers new services and opportunities. The security of cloud services adoption is the most significant barrier. Accenture cloud security services provide- 
    1. Automated native security.
    2. Security Response and monitoring.
    3. Architecture and roadmap for cloud security.
    4. Detection of various options for providing cloud security. 
  • Sustainable Technologies - Accenture helps in sustainability in technology by reducing the native effect impact of technology footprints. Accenture also provides sustainability at scale to support market demand. They create technologies to enable use cases and organizational capabilities. 


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What is the Cloud's Future as Per the Organization

The cloud-based world organization wants to take advantage of cloud services. Accenture created a list of top trends that helps in conceptualizing cloud capabilities. Some of them are-

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The is a strong interconnection between the cloud and AI. The use of cloud computing increases the scope of AI. As cloud provides cost-efficient solutions for hardware and software. Also, AI helps in managing cloud data that can be distributed. 

  • Application Mobility

Application Mobility

An application that requires constant changes always needs an application mobility feature. Benefits provided by this feature include-

  1. Adoption of new technologies without risk of being tied to an obsolete platform. 
  2. The administrator or developer can select a platform to operate the application efficiently. It doesn't require extra training as, well. 
  3. The organization needs to avoid getting stuck on a particular platform. They can migrate to another platform according to the changes. 
  • Human Cloud

Human Cloud

It consists of talent platforms that provide on-demand access for a flexible workforce. These cloud-based platforms provide greater labor, customer service, and quality. The human cloud creates a network of recruiters and workers. It provides multiple resources at a low cost and thus increases the use of the cloud. 

  • Block Cloud

Block Cloud

The centralization of servers gives a security challenge. This is why senior executives of organizations consider cloud computing. This allows developers to redefine cloud computing infrastructure. And due to this, the demand for cloud servers is expected to increase.

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Investment Done

The investment of $3 billion to create Accenture cloud first. This huge investment shows the importance of the cloud. It brings together 70,000 employees and combines their areas of expertise. Also, Accenture generated $11 billion revenue in 2019 and got increased to 25% in 2020. 


Cloud has been one of the brightest spots. And its requirement gets increases during COVID-19. Accenture invested much to bring cloud migration, application, and infrastructure together. Also, COVID-19 helps Accenture in the growth of cloud-first service. Accenture is also planning to change its investment plan for speedy growth. The company also has segmented digital, cloud, and security-related services. The investment of $3 billion includes cloud AI, automation, and tools. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud storage?

A model that provides storage service for data and files over the internet. The user can store, manage and maintain data on the servers. The data stored in cloud storage servers is accessible anywhere. 

What is Accenture Cloud First?

Accenture cloud-first is a cloud computing approach that assumes the adoption of cloud technologies for new platforms, applications and infrastructures. 

Which cloud is used by Accenture?

The top cloud services used by Accenture include- Microsoft, Google and Amazon web services. 

When did Accenture start migrating to the cloud?

Accenture embarked its cloud journey in 2015. At that time, there does not exist any cloud management solutions. 

How Accenture uses the cloud?

Accenture helps organizations takes advantage of new cloud technologies for utilizing trusted frameworks, controls, and services. 


In this article, we have discussed the contribution of Accenture in demonstrating its commitment to cloud space. We also discussed the future of the cloud, according to Accenture. The investment done on the cloud storage and turnover data.

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