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Table of contents
What Is Market Research?
Understanding Market Research
History of Market Research
Example of Market Research
How Market Research Gathers Information
Primary Information
Secondary Information
Benefits of Market Research
Main Types of Market Research
Online Market Research
Paid Market Research Surveys
Market Study
How to Do Market Research
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the four categories of marketing research?
What is an illustration of marketing research?
Why is market research conducted?
How does market research benefit a company?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

What is Market research, and how to do it?

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Market research is a crucial component of marketing management. It is the process of compiling essential data about the market. It helps locate and understand the target markets so products and services can be produced. The technology is also employed to identify and resolve other marketing-related problems.

The market research process consists of these fundamental five steps:

  • Determine and specify the issue or goal.
  • Create a research plan.
  • Gather information
  • Analyze the data
  • Present findings

Let's dive into the article to learn more about Marketing Research.

What Is Market Research?

Market research evaluates the viability of a new good or service through a study carried out with potential customers. Market research enables a business to 

  • identify the target market 
  • get consumer comments and input about their interest in the good or service.

A corporation can conduct this research independently or through a market research specialist. Surveys, product testing, and focus groups are all viable methods. Typically, test subjects receive free product samples or a small stipend for their time. Developing a new product or service requires extensive research and development (R&D).

Market research


Main Points:-

  • Businesses use market research to assess the viability of a new good or service by speaking with potential customers.
  • The business or a third-party market research firm can conduct this research.
  • Businesses may identify their target market. It can receive direct customer
  •  comments and input through market research.
  • Focus groups, polls, and product testing are part of the research.
  • Market research combines primary and secondary information. Secondary information is the information that an outside party has already gathered.
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Understanding Market Research

The market research examines the market for a specific product or service to determine how the target market will respond to it. It includes gathering data for market segmentation and product differentiation. This is used to target advertising campaigns or figure out which characteristics customers value most.

Market research is an essential tool for businesses to understand customer demand. It helps to know what type of products consumers will use. It also helps to keep a competitive edge over other businesses.

To finish the market research process, a company must perform several activities. Based on the market segment being looked at, information must be gathered. The firm must analyze and check the produced data to identify trends that may be used in the decision-making process.

History of Market Research

In Germany, formal market research first appeared in the 1920s. During the same period, the Golden Age of Radio's advertising boom overlapped with a rise in market research in the United States. Companies started to learn the demographics that various radio shows' sponsors revealed.

Example of Market Research

Many businesses use market research to test new products or learn what kinds of goods and services people want but don't currently have.

For example, a business opening a shop may carry out market research to check the viability of its goods or services. If consumer interest is supported by market research, the company can move forward with the business plan. If not, the business should use the market research findings to change the product to align it with consumer preferences.

How Market Research Gathers Information

Market research combines primary information with secondary information. It means data gathered by the company or a hired person is combined with data from an outside source.

How Market Research Gathers Information

Primary Information

Primary data is information that a corporation has gathered or gathered by a person or company that has been paid to do the research. Exploratory and specific research are the two main subcategories of this information kind.

Exploratory research is a less structured choice that uses more open-ended inquiries. As a result, concerns or issues are raised that the business may need to address. Exploratory research is used to draw attention to problems. Specific research provides solutions to these problems.

Secondary Information

Secondary data is information that an outside party has already obtained. It can be demographic data from official census records. It also includes research studies published by trade associations. Findings from another company engaged in the same industry also come under this.

Benefits of Market Research

Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty are achieved through market research. Sometimes it is doubtful whether a product will appeal to every consumer. An intense market research study can help pinpoint the primary market groups and demographics most likely to buy a specific product.

The development of a company's advertising initiatives also benefits from market research. The business can direct its adverts to one network rather than another if market research shows that its customers are more likely to use Facebook than Twitter. They could also focus on upgrading the product rather than lowering pricing if they find that their target market is more value-sensitive than price-sensitive.

Main Types of Market Research

The four basic categories of market research are as follows:-

Primary research includes focus groups, surveys, and polls. 

Secondary market research includes articles, infographics, and white papers.

Qualitative research provides insights into how customers feel and think.

Quantitative research uses data and statistics. It can be website views, social media activity, and subscribers.

Online Market Research

Online market research is that which is carried out via the Internet. Online market research has the same structure as primary and secondary market research approaches. It can be qualitative or quantitative.

Paid Market Research Surveys

In paid market research, a group of people is paid to take part in a study. This may involve participating in research panels, group studies, questionnaires, and other activities. The people are already chosen and receive financial compensation for their time and work.

Market Study

A market study is a proactive examination of consumer demand for a given commodity or service. A market study examines every element of the market that affects the demand for that good or service. Price, location, rivalry, alternatives, and economic activity fall under this category.

Market study

How to Do Market Research

Identifying the study's aims is the first stage of effective market research. Each study should aim to resolve a specific, well-defined issue. For example, a business might look for consumer preferences, brand familiarity, or the relative efficacy of several ad campaigns.

The next step is to decide who will be a part of the research after that. Market research is an expensive operation. So a business cannot waste resources collecting pointless data. The company should establish which consumer groups will be examined in the study and how the information will be gathered. They should also consider the likelihood of statistical mistakes or bias in sampling.

The next stage is to gather the information and examine the findings. This should be simple if the first two steps were correctly carried out. The researchers will collect the survey findings. Then it will record each respondent's ages, genders, and other pertinent information. The outcomes of their research are then explained in a marketing report that analyses this.

The final step involves business decisions being made by firm executives based on their market research. Depending on their study, they can decide to focus on a different kind of consumer, alter their product's pricing point, or adjust other characteristics. Future market research could quantify the effects of these adjustments, and the procedure will start afresh.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the four categories of marketing research?

Surveys, interviews, focus groups, and consumer observation are four categories of market research.

What is an illustration of marketing research?

Searching online for information on a specific subject and keeping track of the most recent statistics published are two examples of market research.

Why is market research conducted?

The market research gives you vital knowledge about your industry and competitive environment. It can inform you of how the target clients and customers you want to reach view your business.

How does market research benefit a company?

The efficiency of your marketing initiatives can be determined by market research. We can create surveys to get consumer opinions on the style and feel of your marketing messaging. Additionally, we may measure consumer knowledge of and response to particular marketing initiatives and campaigns.


In this article, we have extensively discussed Market Research. We have also explained the market research, history, examples, benefits, main types of market research, market study, and more in detail.

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