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What is Project Object Model?
Uses of Project Object Model
Configuration Details
Minimum Requirements
Additional Elements
Frequently Asked Questions 
What is Super POM?  
What is the POM XML model?  
POM is which type of framework?
How to create a POM file?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

What is the Maven Project Object Model?

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The objects, activities, and related properties of a system are represented visually by an object model. A design system and an object model can be combined to establish a unified user interface for a system's higher-level constructs.

What is the Maven Project Object Model?

Maven's basic unit of work is called a POM. It is an XML file with details about the project's config that Maven will use to build the project. In this article, we will learn about the Maven Project Object Model.

What is Project Object Model?

The POM includes details about the project and different configuration settings that Maven uses to build the project (s).

The goals and plugins are also included in POM. It was referred to as a project.xml file before Maven 2. But it has been renamed to pom.xml since maven 2 (and in maven 3 as well).


Uses of Project Object Model

To execute a task or goal, Maven uses the POM. Maven follows the given steps:

Step 1: Read the pom.xml file in the current directory.

Step 2: Download the configuration information.

Step 3: Executing the task or goal.

Configuration Details

The following are some of the configurations that can be defined in the POM:

  • Project Requirements.
  • Goals.
  • Plugins.
  • Developers.
  • Build Profiles.
  • Description.
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Minimum Requirements

The following are the minimum requirements for a POM:

  • artifactId:  It is the id of the artefact (project). This is the project's official name. The artifactId identifies the artifact's position in the repository along with the groupId. For example, Maven-articles in all article-related projects.
  • groupId: It is the id of the project’s group. This is typically unique inside a company or a project. For example, all articles-related projects are included in the com.Coding Ninjas Studio.library codingninjas group.
  • project: It is the root of the project. You need to specify the primary schema.
  • modelVersion: It should be set to 4.0.0
  • Version: It refers to the version of the object under the specified group. For example:
    com.Coding Ninjas Studio.library:maven-articles:1.0
    com.Coding Ninjas Studio.library:maven-articles:2.0


Here is an example of the POM:

  <artifactId>Coding Ninjas Studio-app</artifactId>


Every project should have its own POM file, it should be mentioned. The project element and the three required fields groupId, artifactId, and version are required in every POM file.

GroupId:ArtifactId:Version is the repository's nomenclature for projects.

Additional Elements

In addition to the minimum requirements, you can also add some additional elements to the pom.xml file. These elements are as follows:

  • Dependency: It outlines the project's dependencies.
  • Name: The maven project's name is defined by name.
  • Packaging: It specifies the type of packaging, such as jar, war, etc.
  • Scope: This Maven project's scope is defined by scope.
  • URL: It specifies the project's URL.


Here is an example of the POM file with additional elements:

  <artifactId>Coding Ninjas Studio-app</artifactId>

  <name>Coding Ninjas Maven Articles</name>  



Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Super POM?  

Maven's default POM is the Super POM. Unless explicitly stated, all POMs extend the Super POM, which means that the POMs you made for your projects inherit the configuration defined in the Super POM.

What is the POM XML model?  

It is an XML file that is located in the project's base directory as pom.xml. The POM includes details about the project and different configuration settings that Maven uses to build the projects.

POM is which type of framework?

POM is a fusion of data-driven, modular, and hybrid frameworks. It's a method for logically arranging the scripts to make it simple for the QA to maintain the code without difficulty and aids in avoiding redundant or duplicate code.

How to create a POM file?

Selecting a project, including the Group Id, Artifact Id, Version, Packaging type, and file name, into the appropriate fields, is all required to create a new Maven POM.  You can add dependencies by clicking the Next button to create a POM file.


We discussed the Maven Project Object Model. We discussed the uses of POM in Maven and the config details of the POM. Further, we discussed the minimum requirements of POm along with an example. We also covered some additional elements of the pom file.

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